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I'm a huge baseball fan, and have been to many games. I'm a really big New York Yankee fan, but im a true Texas Ranger girl at heart. My favorite player ever is Johnny Damon! love that guy...even if he does have a weak arm, i still believe he will contribute to the yanks in great ways. Mark Teixiera and Micheal Young are 2 other players that i love, and hopefully we will see a great season out of the Rangers.

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Cheerleaders grounded by new rules

I can't believe some of u people saying that cheerleading isnt a sport. It is most definatly a sport and a very physical one at that. I never cheerleaded, but i watched my sister cheerlead, and the things they had to do. IT WAS CRAZY! There is a lot of physical and a whole heck of a lot of mental aspects that go into that sport, its not all about shaking you butt and trying to look cute while wearing a little skirt. Those of you who don't call it a sport, i would like to see you get out and do some of the things they do. I'm sure that would 360 your opinion. as it goes for cheerleaders to stay grounded at games...i think thats ridiculous! It's a risk you take in cheerleading, and they know that! People fall, and get hurt, it happens! let em fly!

posted by JDsGurl18 at 01:34 AM on March 12