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February 12

Ask SpoFi: Best stat lines ever?:

I'm looking for the best stat lines ever, in any sport. I was looking for info on NBA quadruple-doubles, and I thought it would be neat to see amazing stat lines from other sports. To get it started, here's the most impressive NBA line I could find:

Hakeem Olajuwon, March 3, 1990, Houston vs. Golden State
29 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, 11 blocks

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October 19

Most disciplined posting record?: I think it's awesome that kire waited 1217 days between registering on June 19, 2002 and making his first comment yesterday.

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August 01

Ask Spofi: how is "hit by pitch" scored in baseball?: I'm listening to the Braves and Pirates game, and looking at the box score, but I can't figure out how they note the HBPs. Zach Duke hit Jeff Francoeur earlier and Tim Hudson hit Freddy Sanchez just now. Neither one is showing up as a walk or error. How are they scored?

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May 20

March 09

Ask SpoFi: Do any of you use MLB's Gameday Audio? [more inside]

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October 21

SpoFi Yahoo Fantasy NBA post-draft trash talk. Bragging, regrets and laments - we've got it all.

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August 13

With the concerns that were voiced in this thread, plus the continued personality conflicts in the baseball league, a new NFL Fantasy Football league seems like a good idea. I set up a new league, but this is my first playing, and Iíll be traveling most of September, so I donít think Iíd be a good choice for commissioner. Anybody want to step up?

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