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October 12

SpoFi Growth?: I see that a new member made an FPP today and that brought a question to mind: are we still growing as a site? How do new folks find us? etc. etc.

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July 01

Do you do that Google+ thing?: Anybody using Google+? If so, circle dirkly rirkle me.

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December 09

Diaspora - The Friendster Killer: Anyone using Diaspora yet? If so, become my "friend." I also have five invites if you'd like to join.

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October 26

Arguing Politics During My Vasectomy: So it's last Friday, and I find myself at Planned Parenthood in Jacksonville, lying flat on my back with my pants around my ankles, trying to find my happy place. A urologist begins handling up on my junk, explaining each step in the process with the unabashed enthusiasm of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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August 02

Ask the Admins.:
Dear Admins,
Let's say I want to post a new FPP, but I don't want the post title to link anywhere. Well, if you don't include a URL in the box provided, it forces your post title to be a link anyway; it just links it back to SpoFi. Is there a way around this? I'm sure that people need a post title for their newsfeeds and what not.


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May 04

Ask SpoFi.: Anybody know where I can find NHL playoff stats by round?

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April 13

Where the hell is everybody?: Giving up on the site? Eastern Orthodox? Booze 'n pills binge? Nazi orgies? Posting has been incredibly light this past week. We're not losing members are we? Maybe everybody is outside, enjoying the Spring weather, like I should be. Well, I am going to a Carolina Mudcats game this afternoon. The Montgomery Biscuits are in town. The Biscuits...what a great mascot. Hafta to get a t-shirt.

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March 12

Stats guy drops by.: I posted a link to this guy's stats site and he dropped by to say "Hello." Unfortunately, he doesn't add anything new, but it's still cool that he payed us a visit.
If that's not your cup a tea, then maybe you should ask A 1920s Baseball Fan what to do about it.

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June 06

What's wrong with Campfire?: It says that my user account has been frozen.

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May 04

Link Dump!!!1!!one: This SI article is probably too meta for a front page post. Apparently Ron Wilson, head coach of the San Jose Sharks, "pisses excellence."

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April 11

Read post.: When did y'all tack on the "Read post" link at the end of a FPP? And what purpose does it serve? Just curious.

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December 03

Yet Another Link Dump:: This play by Erik Cole ( video) has to be in the running for play of the year. Warning: NSFBF (Not Safe For Bruins Fans). You also have to watch a commercial first.

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April 25

Category request: Is there a possibility that we can get the Auto Racing category renamed as Motor Sports? Or just make a new category named Motor Sports? Please.

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March 13

Pick Flick (well, erkno11, in this case): I don't know what I voted for, but I chose SpoFi's very own Eric Knott anyway.

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January 27

New post links stopped working.: Is the pantheon working on a new death ray that necessitates disabling the new post links for each thread?

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January 07

Pope-squatting is not the most unnecessary word of ought five?: K Fed beat out pope-squatting? I demand a recount! A recount that gets the rcade inspired word more than two votes that is. Wait, I seem to recall that rcade had no intention to profit from registering that domain. Wanker of the day nominee for the American Dialect Society folks? American Derelict Society is more like it! Am I right ladies? HA! Most Unnecessary WINNER: K Fed: Kevin Federline, Mr. Britney Spears. 48 man date: when two heterosexual men engage in an activity together without romantic implications. 10 pope-squatting: registering a domain name that is the same of a new pope before the pope chooses his new name in order to profit from it. 2 reverse logistics: a process by which you de-supply a warehouse or distribute stored merchandise. 34

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November 09

Locker Room Link Dump: I believe it's time for a new link dump as it has been a long while since one has been offered up. I was perusing the mothership's AskMetafilter room and found this pretty cool question with some great answers. Well, except for one answer. That one was gaytardedly craptastic.

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June 23

Ask SpoFi: Any other SpoFites have NHL season tickets or on a team's email list? I got a mailing from the Hurricanes head office (inside).

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March 10

Ask Las Vegas SpoFites (or those that really know their way around): Are there any SpoFites in Las Vegas? [mi]

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February 06

February 02

January 24

January 17

January 10

NFL Pick 'Em Round 1 Results.: Plus Round 2 schedule. [MI]

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January 06

2005 SpoFi NFL Pick 'em Contest: NFL Playoffs: First Round Predictions [MI]

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