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October 17

Favorites or Likes for comments?: Hey there old friends. I'm back lurking here. I'm even logged in, so I can see the (# new) thingy after the comments number. I don't have much to contribute, but 5 years of Facebooking have endeared to the simple "Like" action below each comment and I'm instinctly looking to click it when I read a comment that makes me chuckle. MetaFilter has a similar feature with their Favorites. Is this at all a possibility for SpoFi?

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August 02

Expos fans on the run!: Three of my friends and I will be driving around the Great Lakes for a week, and going to at least one baseball game per day. We still love baseball, even though we got screwed over by Loria and Selig. If any local Spofites would like to join us either at the games or after, we'd certainly welcome them with open arms and some French love words. More inside.

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June 15

I found my beret while packing: so I took this, in honor of this thread. Wish you were here, chico.

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May 03

Respect for the dead: the Josh Hancock thread has turned into a meta-discussion about what is acceptable discussion of a sports figure's recent death. Shouldn't we have this discussion here, instead?

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February 28

Boston meetup?: I'm hopping on a busload of Habs fans Saturday morning. Destination: the Canadiens-Bruins game at Financial Institution Center. I have free time before and after the game. Any of you Boston Spofites up for a drink with a strapping young French Canadian lad? Manifest yourselves!

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January 05

World Junior Hockey finals: In a classic duel, Canada takes on Russia. Watch it live online thanks to TSN. Swing by the Campfire for a friendly chat: enter here if you have an account, or here for guest access. Puck drops at 1:30PM EST. Screw work!

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November 23

I wants me a pony: when are the full archives (SpoFi and Locker Room) coming back?

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October 14

Banned topic proposal: I just want to bring up chicobang's suggestion for discussion outside of a specific thread. Player salaries and deservedness thereof: done to death on SpoFi?

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May 12

New Yorkish Meetup (ish): tomorrow! (More inside.)

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April 17

Follow the link: this (soon to be deleted) discussion leaves me with the impression that not a lot of people actually read the linked pieces before commenting.

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March 30

Images in comments: in favor or against?

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February 22

Olympic Hockey game time chat: Come join us here while the Locker Room doesn't accept new comments.

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August 26

September 14

Fantasy hockey, anyone? It's at Yahoo, it blows, I know. Live draft is in the morning, it blows, I know. But still, let the game begin! League ID: 37276 Password: spofi Hope to see you all there for some good, clean fun!

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March 18

Numerous user profile page oddities... The link on "# comments in Locker Room" leads to a list of all user's comments, Locker Room and main Sportsfilter alike. The link on "# links in Locker Room" tries to lead to a page on, ending in a 404.

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February 28

Fake tags trouble! I wanted to end my curling comment with a nice [/hissy fit]. (Replace the square brackets with angle brackets.) Each time I previewed it looked differently, and the actual post is ugly barfage. [more inside]

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