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Weren't they the Dinobots?

posted by dng at 04:53 AM on June 08

I don't know if the Metaphilter fork project is still going - I had to drop out earlier, and haven't gone back yet. I assume its still going, although it might just be Tracy (who runs monkeyfilter) and her husband still working on it. Also, supposedly Metaphilter has problems when trying to run two separate sites (sportsfilter and the locker room, say )from the same database (tracy made a post on her weblog here about the problems she was having). Metaphilter/monkeyfilter also doesn't yet allow you to view users old comments and posts. So, all in all, I don't know how useful Metaphilter would be to you, rcade.

posted by dng at 01:03 PM on June 07

I'd like to be able to sort threads by most recent commented in. I have no idea if thats easy, or even possible, though.

posted by dng at 12:38 PM on June 05

Really BigCalm? Can I just take a moment to say that Peter Taylor is a cunt and I hate him?

posted by dng at 01:55 PM on April 28

Yay, forks is back. Now we find out if he's going to get angry that someones muscled in on his turf.

posted by dng at 01:49 PM on April 11

I like to imagine that the Pantheon, being old and vengeful Gods, drink only the purest blood of innocents, and feast upon the souls of virgins. I expect they don't, though.

posted by dng at 10:20 AM on April 09

Dungeons and Dragons scares me. Thats for the real geeks, surely.

posted by dng at 05:01 PM on April 08

Isn't a large part of the controversy in the UK happening because this is an upper crust activity? Yeah, this is revenge for them fuckers banning my cock fights and dog fights.

posted by dng at 05:46 AM on April 07

No, no, yes

posted by dng at 12:09 PM on April 06

I just want to know how this site is too politically correct, and the proof of that is that no one cares when rcade says something offensive. But thats probably a question for another day... I do think this site is quite pleasant though, and pleasingly articulate for a sports site. Look at this wonderful thread, which was previously linked here on sportsfilter, for proof of the usual rage and hatred and idiocy which typifies sports websites. Or maybe thats just football fans. Also, I have no problem with your comments, rcade. (But then I rarely frequent the threads you post in, I suppose, so my opinion is pretty worthless, probably.) And it is good to have at least a couple of the pantheon still around.

posted by dng at 02:16 PM on April 04

They've closed sign ups again, now, anyway.

posted by dng at 05:56 AM on April 03

Brendan Donnelly, pitcher for the Anaheim Angels, broke his nose in 20 places while shagging fly balls last week, Shagging means fucking in Britain, so that sentence scares me somewhat.

posted by dng at 01:20 PM on March 29

I doubt it, squealy - they sound more like robots to me.

posted by dng at 01:56 PM on March 25

Delete, and look seriously at SportsFilter. This series of articles promotes a particular weblog site which claims 1,000 members. So, do we also list every Yahoo group as soon as its membership hits 1,000? How about individual usenet groups? They done smackdowned us good...

posted by dng at 01:08 PM on March 25

I can't really comment on 10pin bowling being a sport - although the Big Lebowski certainly made it look like one. But good old fashioned bowls, on the other hand, being the flagship part of BBC2's sports covergage for pensioners: Sport Athletes: No

posted by dng at 12:07 PM on March 03

Not a sport Not athletes

posted by dng at 05:02 AM on March 01

Boxing clearly has all sorts of problems with management and titles and organizations, etc. None of that explains how it alters the activity inside the ropes so much that what is a sport when done for free is not a sport when the participants are compensated. That was what I tried to explain in my initial comment: At the professional level, where the best boxers in the world routinely refuse to fight each other, or only fight once a year - I'd say no. Too corrupt, too little structured competition. At the amateur level though, wher ethey actually have world championships on a regular basis, I'd say yes. I'm not trying to piss anyone off, and it might well be biased by my current dissatisfaction with the sport (ha!). But I think the point about structured competition is important - I don't really consider Harlem Globetrotters matches sport, say, although they are playing the same game as the NBA. And currently, painfully, a lot of professional boxing seems to be little better than exhibition matches, against hand picked boxers you know your top fighter is going to beat.

posted by dng at 12:12 PM on February 23

Definitely athletes. Sport - well... At the professional level, where the best boxers in the world routinely refuse to fight each other, or only fight once a year - I'd say no. Too corrupt, too little structured competition. At the amateur level though, wher ethey actually have world championships on a regular basis, I'd say yes. I never seem able to give a stariaght answer on these - sorry, forks. Put me down for a no on sport, I suppose. (I'd like to say that I do love boxing - although I don't get to see much of it, in that I don't have satellite TV - and its sorry current state kind of saddens me.)

posted by dng at 01:42 PM on February 21

Well, boxing would be a sport if it wasn't fixed.

posted by dng at 02:53 PM on February 14

For now and forevermore, golf IS a sport but I'm damned if I know if golfers are athletes. You people are too damn complicated. In the event of a tie, don't you get to cast the deciding vote, forks?

posted by dng at 09:52 AM on February 14

Not a sport - its just an exhibition event, really Not athletes, really.

posted by dng at 06:49 AM on February 14

Man U have conceded 8 goals in three games ( against three fairly shit teams as well) without Rio Ferdinand - I never realised Rio was so good.

posted by dng at 05:24 PM on February 11

Sport Sometimes athletes, sometimes not.

posted by dng at 01:20 PM on February 07

Southend United vs York City. Although I hesitate to call it an event. It was barely even sport.

posted by dng at 09:37 AM on February 05

Oh, and I'd go for a probably with the jockeys/athletes question, if forks'll allow me too. The horses I have no idea about - I mean I assume they do loads of training and everything, but do they actually know that they're competing, because competition is probably the most important aspect of whether your an athlete or not.

posted by dng at 06:12 PM on January 30

Anything which only exists for people to bet on is not a sport, I'd say.

posted by dng at 05:32 PM on January 30

It depends - sometimes the club recieving the player will pay the wages, but often, especially when its a premier league club loaning out a youngster to get expereince at a lowere league club, the premier club will still pay his wages. Leeds, as far as I know, were paying the wages of the players they'd got in on loan - Roque Junior earnt 1 million in his 5 months there - so i assume they were paying Pennant, too.

posted by dng at 10:47 AM on January 30


posted by dng at 06:33 PM on January 29

David Mellor, followed by Richard Littlejohn, kind of killed off 606 for me. I probably haven't listened to it for about five years.

posted by dng at 04:58 AM on January 27

Graham Taylor is the worst. Why in the world would anyone want to listen to Graham Taylor?

posted by dng at 04:40 AM on January 27

I agree with squealy.

posted by dng at 05:58 PM on January 26

any event where you can be totally shitfaced and still perform well should not be considered a sport Well, that rules out football.

posted by dng at 06:05 AM on January 24

It was probably that post (by jerseygirl?) complaining about somebody elses misogyny in a Kobe Bryant post, from a couple of days ago.

posted by dng at 01:01 PM on January 05

Boobs. They never get in the way. As an overweight male, I know that unfortunately sometimes they do.

posted by dng at 07:15 PM on December 05

and fork brought blogging to the next level: hyper-blogging forks columns scare me silent. All I can do after seeing them is quietly mouth "What the fuck..? How? One person? Time? How?" And sob. That is to say - rock on, forks.

posted by dng at 01:42 PM on December 05

I expect still the I gave in which be able customize the price... of another way I followed austere That comes from here.

posted by dng at 07:09 AM on October 24

Cheers everyone. I'll try them when I go in on monday.

posted by dng at 06:37 AM on October 17

This site gets blocked now at my university for some reason. Due to gratuitous and wanton violence, it claims. And its all here, and in this thread. (Although, it doesn't seem all that gratuitous to me. In one of his fpp, he leads in with "Here's that Wyshynski guy again" - and yet he still has the nerve to claim it isn't self linking. Burn him I say. That'll show him. Show him good.)

posted by dng at 05:09 PM on October 16