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Of those on the list: Cycling Boxing Hockey Soccer Swimming Basketball Football Volleyball But that's purely speculative, since I've only tried to be even mildly competitive in one of those (basketball). I agree that rowing is crazy-hard. The ESPN Page2 ranking of its difficulty is laughably misinformed. Scores under 3 (out of 10) for hand-eye and agility? While exerting at absolute maximum level, rowers make non-stop adjustments to everything from the relative pressure of their feet on the tie-ins to the depth of the oar as they haul it through the water. Doing all that, in time with 3 or 8 others, under variable conditions like a river, while lactic acid boils your muscles, is damned difficult. After a race, even the monster, Olympic-grade guys look like they're about to puke. Some do. Also, being an Iowa boy, I should mention that wrestling makes athletes that are astounding for their overall conditioning. A wrestling practice/workout is about as exhausting a regimen as can be imagined--it goes on just forever. When I was a kid in b-ball camp at the U of Iowa, we used to watch, in awe, as the wrestlers carried each other up and down the steps of Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Those guys are maniacs.

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I'll suit up. my handle: fatchance.

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