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smithers- sweet. i'll be away for the weekend starting now, but i'll throw a couple of mixes together on sunday and email you for your addy. they'll be in the mail monday. fb- austin city limits is a tv show. i acquired the show via lossless BT trading. here's the text file that came with the fileset: ---- This Tom Waits show was treed on Rust Christmas 2000. I got my copy from Bob C, who recorded the show off cable TV, administered the tree and created the cool coverart jpegs. Thanks, Bob! I think the source would be: cable TV>Marantz CDR-630>cdr>EAC>shn EAC with V0.9pb7 & Shn with MKW V0.96f by Steve G Text below is taken from Bob's info on the tree. Description: The show is from a recent rebroadcast of Tom Waits' appearance on the "Austin City Limits" television show that was originally recorded on 5 Dec 1978 in Austin, TX. It fits on one CDR, with a total time of approximately 53 minutes. I think the performance is nothing short of amazing, but I'm a long-time Waits fan, so I may be slightly biased. Sound Quality: I ran the cable straight to my audio cdr burner (a Marantz CDR-630 pro model), so the sound is about as clean as a television signal gets. The sound quality is in the A to A+ range, perhaps depending a bit on how finely tuned your ear is. Track Listing: 1. Burma Shave (11:17) 2. Annie's Back In Town (2:25) > 3. I Wish I Was in New Orleans (5:17) 4. A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun(7:42) 5. On The Nickel (6:11) 6. Romeo Is Bleeding (5:07) 7. Silent Night (0:43) > 8. Christmas Card From A Hooker in Minneapolis (4:04) > 9. Silent Night Reprise (1:04) 10. Small Change (9:40) Final Word: Remember, the purpose of this tree (or any tree, for that matter) is to spread the music around. No one should profit in any way (cash or blank discs) from this endeavor. Keep on keepin' on, Bob Gotta Turn Up the Sound --- i also have an incredible 5 CD tom waits collection called 'tales from the underground'. it's a must have for tom waits fans. here's the info on that. i'd be more than happy to spread these bootlegs around for free. they deserve to be heard.

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advanced copy of the beaties.

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sure have... if you're looking for loud, hard and raging...i'd say my collection prolly gets the loudest with either NWA, the white stripes or southern coulture on the skids.... i sure could use some heavy metal. or some hard rock.

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well to give you an idea of what i've been spinning the last couple of days: the band - music from the big pink (remastered) califone - heron king blues tom waits - austin city limits anders osborne & big chief monk - bury the hatchet wild tchoupitoulas - the wild tchoupitoulas the beastie boys - to the 5 boroughs the shins - chutes too narrow medeski martin & wood - it's a jungle in here wes montgomery - the verve jazz sides basically...a whole smorgasboard of stuff. i've got plenty of good hip hop if that's your thing. plenty of solid jazz (hard bop, soul, fussion). a lot of new orleans based music, funk. some hippy shit thrown in the mix. and 70 gigs of live music from various bootlegs (mostly hippy shit also).

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i would love a gmail account if anyone has one to spare. if you're in the sportsline baseball league i'll even throw in jose reyes and hee sop choi for a gmail account. all others...i'll gladly send you a cd mix from my ridiculous mp3 archive.

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late to the party but... i think there might be enough people from the JC/hoboken area to get a spofi meetup going... myself and samsanov14 represent many others are in the immediate area? who's down for some drinkin'?

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not to rain on boston's parade....but with nomar and trot out i'm really not all that suprised. last year all the slightly above average players had incredible seasons. there ain't going to be that kind of production again. it just can't be sustained. regardless, they're still hitting like shit.

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hey fraze- what you gonna do when king hippo does his dance all over you? it's on. who's got some fireballers so i can get my strikeouts up? i've got nick johnson, erubial durazo, orlando hudson, josh phelps and jose reyes all sitting on my bench ridin' pine, waiting to get picked up by anyone.

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a good yankee fan doesn't go out of his/her way to root against the red sox first and root for the yankees second....if you need 1918 on a mantle to celebrate being a yankee're not much of one IMHO. back on topic: so who's not happy with their squad? i know i'm not. light hitting outfield and middle infield issues look to plague's bad when you need pat burrel to *really* bounce back...

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hmmm...striking out with the lockerrom archives also. i couldn't seem to find a reference page lockerrom archives jan 02 feb 02 mar 02 apr 02 may 02 jun 02 jul 02 aug 02 sep 02 oct 02 nov 02 dec 02 jan 03 feb 03 mar 03 apr 03 may 03 jun 03 jul 03 aug 03 sep 03 oct 03 nov 03 dec 03 jan 04 feb 04 mar 04

posted by oliver_crunk at 07:10 PM on March 23 bad trox...i'm an idiot...apparently i had those tequila shots before i ran the generator. dan is right...need to root against duke to have a shot. **orders another round for the whole spofi group**

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meh. i just took a second look at the scenario generator, and there's no way i can win. trox is 1 point ahead of me and we have the same exact final four. with pitt winning. **joins the boys in the bar, orders a round of tequila, roots for pitt anyway**

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i've got a shot if pitt runs the table. i've got 3 of 4 left in the final. (pitt, uconn, georgia tech, north carolina)...unfortunatly i've got UNC as a final team.

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oh crunk! 15-1!

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hey yo! i'm still in, if that's cool. oliver_crunk AT crunktrunk DOT com

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i'm in. oliver_crunk AT crunktrunk DOT com

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whatever gets decided on is fine with me. as a first timer to the spofi fantasy world, i'll just follow whatever the pack is, though i prefer that no loot is involved.

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i'm in.

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MLB will fold over and die before there is a salry cap. The MLBPA is one of the most powerful unions in the world and i can't see them agreeing to it under any circumstances. IMHO, there is zero possibility of any sort of salary cap for baseball. i am a believer in the luxury tax. though i don't think it's the reason why we've seen the market for players start to correct itself. the yankees front office will use whatever means it has with their wallet to obtain players without regard to financial ramifications. there's nothing anyone could do under any rules that will change that attitude. they're willing to pay ten-fold to uphold that philosophy. spending doesn't equal winning, though it does give *some* advantages if used correctly. and obviously the yankees have used that advantage wisely. there are more failures than successes however, as we've seen on the mets and dodgers spending unwisely is the quickest way for a team to remain a loser for a prolonged period without any meens to dig out of that hole. couple all of that with the success of low/no budget franchises and the continued correction of salaries and i see baseball as just fine. front offices are looking for discrepencies in the market on so many different levels with successful results that when compared to the yankees it seems like they are playing a different game, but the reality of the last few years has suggested the complete opposite.

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i'm thinking along the lines of a hot stove when the mets go out and sign steve finley or some similarly overpaid, over-the-hill freak show, we can track the next bonehead phillips move and compare it to the brewers.

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anybody have MLB?...i'll surely take it. would be tough with the off season but the hot stove league will heat up by thanksgiving. i'll do it every 2 weeks this winter on

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