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September 30

In search of Dieguito.: Inside every fat man, they say, there is a thin man trying to get out. In the case of Maradona, it seems, there is an even fatter man trying to get in.

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August 28

The joy of heavy men in bulging leotards : Faster, higher, stronger. Weightlifting is the perfect Olympic sport: no messing about, no judges' errors. The men's over-105kg weightlifting does exactly what it says on the tin - men over 105kg lift weights. Heavy ones.

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July 25

Rebirth of a nation: how the 1954 World Cup final brought Germany back to life.

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June 19

Holland 2 - 3 Czech Republic: A simply astonishing match.

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June 12

Greece beat Portugal.: Euro 2004 starts with an upset.

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April 27

Every game should have a winner.: Sepp Blatter wants to get rid of drawn matches. And just when the American league was going to finally allow them.

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March 02

Houllier stunned by death threat.: Merseyside police have launched a criminal investigation after the Liverpool manager Gérard Houllier received an anonymous death threat.

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February 19

Two promotion-chasing Indian football teams have been suspended for cheating,: after scoring an incredible 116 goals between them in their final games of the season.

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February 14

Marco Pantani found dead.: Pantani, winner of the 98 Tour de France, was banned for failing a drug test in 1999, and has since been treated for drug addiction and depression. No cause of death is given in the report. He was 34.

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