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April 14

Phoenix Coyotes to Winnipeg? : Will the Coyotes finally return to an undersized MTS Centre or is Winnipeg the NHL's equivalent of San Antonio and the Alamodome? A great bargaining chip that no one really, ever wants to use?

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October 16

Fifa officials 'offer to sell 2018 World Cup bid votes': Two Fifa officials have offered to sell their votes in the contest to host the 2018 World Cup, according to a Sunday Times report. One wanted 500,000 pounds while the other wanted money for a soccer academy. I know nothing has been proven yet but it did have me ponder which of the global sports is the most corrupt?

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August 07

The World Cup Lives On: Not sure if I should post this in the football or soccer category but this touchdown celebration by the Hamilton Ti-Cats receiver Dave Stala was one of the better ones in a while. I love the shot at the French World Cup team by the TSN announcer at the end.

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June 20

The Rising Costs of Playing Minor Hockey: Brian Burke and Stevie Y are worried about the rising costs of playing hockey... both in equipment and in the cost of ice time and it's negative impact on the game.

Personally I am part of a three generation hockey playing family. While I was disapointed that my son wanted to take karate rather than play hockey, my wallet was relieved. When I was in grade five, every guy in my class played amateur hockey. In my son's school, only two kids out of eight grades play hockey.

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May 19

Russia beats Canada in World Hockey Championships: The game was pretty good but the O.T. was 4 on 4. You play 60 minutes 5 on 5 and then settle the game in sudden death OT in a different format. A good or bad idea for international hockey?

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November 25

Saskatchewan End Grey Cup Drought: Saskatchewan Roughriders defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 23-19 in the 95th Grey Cup. The Roughriders last won a CFL championship in 1989, when current coach Kent Austin was the starting quarterback.

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November 18

An All Prairie Grey Cup: After holding (and winning) their first home playoff game in 19 years and then beating the B.C. Lions on the road, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are heading to Toronto to play the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 95th Grey Cup. After losing All-Star QB Kevin Glenn to a broken arm in the Eastern Conference Final, Winnipeg seems to be the clear underdog.

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June 29

Ken Dryden for Prime Minister: Dryden -- the former All-Star goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, Hall of Famer, and former president of the Toronto Maple Leafs -- is running to be leader of the Canadian Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Canada. His site isn't bad and he does have a blog. Other than George Bush (who may not count because he was an owner), what other professional athletes have reached a high level of political office?

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October 19

McGill University (Montreal) scraps the rest of the football season: Citing a hazing incident, McGill University has cancelled the rest of its men's football season. School officials announced Tuesday that a four-week investigation uncovered hazing rituals performed during "rookie night" on Aug. 27. Although the investigation report will not be made public because "it contains confidential information," Masi confirmed that "despite the fact that all athletes signed commitments that they would not engage in hazing and despite warnings from the coach that inappropriate behaviour would not be tolerated, activities were planned and carried out, in clear violation of the rules."

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October 10

The Toronto Star Hockey Blog: The Toronto Star now has a Typepad powered blog for all of it's hockey writers to talk about, hockey. When will some other major papers follow suit?

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October 06

Hockey blogs galore: I was surfing around and I finally found some decent hockey blogs, Off Wing, The Hockey Pundits, and Puckhog. Just bring on the season!

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