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August 02

Bowden must go,: according to Keith Olbermann, because of his words and his lack of actions in the aftermath of his September 11th reference. Olbermann says, "One feels that had Bowden chosen to stand up and breathe life into these flat words, the apology might have seemed sincere, the trespass understood, and the reaction limited to some brief suspension or leave of absence. Instead, Bowden has compounded cruelty with cowardice." Like all the other managers Olbermann mentions, should Bowden give up his job?

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July 29

Hall of Famers step to the plate.: Forty Hall of Famers wrote a letter to Don and Bud, urging the players and the league to use a mediator and forego a strike. They see the writing on the wall. Does Baseball see it? Will the players listen to their elders?

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July 03

Is speed eating a sport?:'s Jim Caple investigates the growing trend in speed eating, and the declining size in the competitors. The IFOCE seems to think so. Do you?

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