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October 15

Cubs fan outs self.: So we're all doing the Bartman now.

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June 12

World Cup sites finalized.: Your stadiums are: Lincoln Financial field in Philly, RFK in DC, Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Columbus Crew Stadium, PGE Park in women's soccer hotbed Portland, and--yes--the Home Depot Center is still hosting the finale. Portland is such a great choice, and Philly gets some games because East Rutherford does whatever the Giants say. Which means I am ten minutes from the World Cup. Coooool.

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June 11

Women's World Cup finale moved to Home Depot Center.: Man, I don't know about this. On the one hand, it's great to have these brand-new soccer-only stadiums, it's a good showcase for the game as it becomes the--what?--sixth or seventh most popular American pro sport. On the other hand, it's the freaking World Cup; there's no reason in the world why you should limit yourself to 27,000 people when 90,000 could show up. Except for the craven business reasons mentioned in the article above.

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March 31

Michelle Kwan wins fifth world title.: Y'all laughed at me when I said she's the Michael Jordan of figure skating, but she's one title away from six, a Jordanesque number. True, she fails at the Olympics, but what other skater is as driven by the love of competition as she is? Maybe she's more like the Ric Flair of figure skating--getting jobbed out at big moments, but consistently awesome.

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January 21

Michelle Kwan wins her seventh national championship, : getting closer to "Michael Jordan of her sport" status. Sara Hughes looks like she's in it for the long haul too, so we'll see what their battles will produce and what kind of rivalry we're talking about here. But seven titles is really impressive. And fudge the motherfreaking Olympics.

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November 25

Montreal wins the Grey Cup.: And there's 16 ESPNs and of course it's not on cable. But apparently it was like one below and that's football weather and an exciting game to boot. Congrats to The Football Players Formerly Known As The Baltimore Stallions.

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February 26

New York Knicks Cancelled Because of Bad Ratings.: Somebody woke up David Stern and told him the Knicks stink. Via Slate. Now howzabout getting some Nets games on teevee?

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February 22

My Own Private Dan Marino: Michelle Kwan loses the gold again. She's undecided but thinking about coming back for Turin in 2006. In USA Today they say: "She was fighting back tears while talking to reporters afterward. 'Well, I didn't skate very well,' she said. 'But I have to shrug my shoulders and go on.'"

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