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September 10

Fantasy Champions League: Code for league is 45505-9565. That is all.

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September 09

The Royal Bank of Scotland moves to force George Gillett and Tom Hicks to sell Liverpool: Will potential new owners get a foreclosure price? And what does this mean for the Reds on the pitch?

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July 15

Fantasy Premier League: I noticed in the thread below that the EPL Fantasy League is now open. Since the league kicks off in only a few weeks, I thought I'd fire up a league for SportsFilter. Details inside.

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September 03

Chelsea banned from making new signings: Until 2011. That's two transfer windows. As they're one of the older teams in the Premier League, what impact will this have on their position this season and next?

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August 05

Jozy Altidore heading to Hull City: And he releases the news via Twitter of course (it's been that kind of day).

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July 14

The journey of Delino DeShields: "This is how it happens. You play 10, 12, 13 years in the big leagues, cash in a couple of big contracts at the end. "Retire" by the simple act of not answering your phone for an entire offseason, your career numbers a statement for all eternity as to who you were. You lay low, help raise those kids, get the oldest ready to fly the nest. Get divorced -- ouch -- and watch the economy go down the toilet -- double ouch. Start thinking that, well, if you were ever going to get back in the game, this might not be a bad time."

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June 24

Updated Fantasy Euro 2008 standings : I'm a little late on this, but I thought I'd post this before the semifinals start tomorrow. [More Inside]

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June 03

Fantasy Euro 2008: Anyone else up for Fantasy Euro 2008? I realize the time is short, but let's get it going. Details inside

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August 06

300:: Another milestone reached.

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January 11

Beckham makes it official.: He'll move from Real Madrid to the LA Galaxy this summer. What impact will this have on MLS and the state of the game in America? Can Becks conquer even a disinterested America?

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December 09

World Cup Draw Now!: Let's discuss and predict.

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August 20

Cricket almost derails a wedding.: A good read about suddenly and inexplicably falling in love with the game. Even the video of Harold Reynolds breaking down the differences between cricket and baseball swings is entertaining. What's up with the Ashes again?

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March 29

Donovan's coming home again: Well, so much for trying to succeed in a European league. What does this mean for the most visible face in American soccer. A coming elevation of MLS, or the silly pouting of a mama's boy.

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January 28

Another soccer phenom?: This time he's nine years old. Is it a little over-the-top for major clubs (FC Porto and Manu U) to be already talking signing someone this young, or was Freddy Adu the first of many more to come? Check out the video! [shamelessly lifted from mefi]

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January 21 redesigned.: And where did the hell did the soccer tab go? Oh, that's right, under More Sports, which returns a picture of Michelle Kwan, when I select it there? Their dedicated Soccer Page doesn't seem to exist any more at all. Is SI giving up the ghost on it's soccer coverage? If so, where will I read Grant Wahl and Gabriel Marcotti (even though he annoys me more often than not).

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August 05

Yahoo's EPL Fantasy league?: Now available. I can't remember how this discussion ended up; is there any interest in a Yahoo league?

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July 20

The Miracle League.: I just heard about this on local sports talk radio. I had never heard of it until now, even though it was founded in the Atlanta suburb of Conyers, and it is a pretty good story, growing exponentially in the last couple of years.

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June 10

World Cup Qualifying is about to begin for the US (I know it's lost in the lead up to the European championships). They are about to say hello to the Spice Boyz!

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May 05

Mourinho Champion's league final set (and who would have thunk it). Monaco get two away goals to send Chelsea packing (Guardian match report), while Porto wins another away leg, scoring a penalty to hold off Deportivo. So let the nit-picking begin. Did Ranieri "tinker" too much in the first leg? Who'll win the final? Will Mourinho take Ranieri's place next season? Does anyone care about any of this?

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December 10

Get your star player back. Win an exciting overtime game against a division leading rival. Get fired. Dan Reeves out as Falcons coach. Does the timing of this strike anyone else as odd? Maybe some straw just broke the Camel's back after a long year of losing, or is the owner being, shall we say, indiscreet in talking about new coaches?

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October 21

Arsenal's European campaign flames out.: Kiev withstands late storm in their box to win. I just can't catch a break this week from any of my teams. What's in store for the other English teams in the Champion's league, especially tomorrow's newest Battle of Britain - ManU v. Rangers.

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August 28

Champions League Draw.: Now that Newcastle has exited to the UEFA Cup a bit earlier than last year, the draw is set. Arsenal look set to travel quite a bit, Manchester United will play at least one not too far away, and one of Chelsea's newly bought superstars will face a former team. Thoughts? Predictions?

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August 14

How bad's your EPL Team?: At long last, the EPL season proper is two days away, and the Guardian is posting fans' pessismistic assumptions about their teams fortunes (parts 1, 2, and 3). We have a pretty good spread of supporters here, what are your pessimistic projections for your teams?

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March 19

Atlanta Falcons unveil new logo. I assume updated uniforms won't be far behind. Are the Falcons, after adding Peerless Price as a target for Mick Vick, trying the uniform upgrade tactic that worked so well recently for Denver and Tampa? Or is this more like the new unis sported by the Redskins part time last year.

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January 05

Don't know much about history.: Wow. The Falcons of all teams just ended the Packers' Lambeau playoff unbeaten streak. Let the passing the torch stories begin. Now, do these Falcons have a shot at upending a somewhat gimpy Donovan McNabb and the decidedly un-gimpy rest of the Eagles next week?

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