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December 10

Next time read the fine print...: The BCS finally has an undisputed national championship game as Miami defends its title against Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. But it looks like the "gentlemens club" is starting to rear its ugly head as tradition takes a back seat to dollars as the Orange Bowl books Iowa State vs USC in a match that looks suspiciously like "Rose Bowl West". Pasadena's putting on their game face but they don't like it. But tradition vs Dollars? I believe everyone will lean toward the money.

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August 13

Little Chuckie...: Yea, I know it's still pre-season but I'm wondering: "The Bucs paid a hefty price (four high draft picks, $8 million) to pry Gruden -- at 38 the NFL's youngest coach -- from the Raiders in hopes of finally assembling an offense to complement a championship-caliber defense". Is this team simply cursed or can this 'man of a thousand (grimacing) faces' take them up a notch or two? And what is it about little Chuckie that endears him to so many fans? I mean the dude has a cult following!

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July 21

"I'm mad as Hell and i just can't take it any more".: He was accused in the British media of having sworn at a BBC radio reporter on friday and storming away after his disastrous Saturday round in appalling weather conditions. Citing press criticism, he has pulled out of his next two tournaments. "I would've spoken yesterday. Tiger Woods was here and you were more interested in him". Colin Montgomerie on how to win friends and influence people.

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May 19

War Emblem on Verge of Triple Crown Glory.: With the death of the great Seattle Slew this is the first time there has not been a living triple crown winner. There have been 11 triple crown winners since 1919, and for the most part their roads to glory were just as unlikely as that of War Emblem. But Bob Baffert has been here before, in 1997 and 1998 with Silver Charm and Real Quiet, and failed to win the Belmont and the triple crown. War emblem has the speed, but does he have the bottom? Three times a charm?

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February 28

John Madden explores Monday Night Football Booth Job: Sources report FOX has released John from the last year of his contract, Dan Fouts and Dennis miller are history. It's been a long time since I have enjoyed MNF, but if this works out, I'm there.

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February 18

French Judge Insists Russians Deserved Gold.: Back home in France, Marie-Reine Le Gougne insisted that she had voted for the Russian couple in good faith. Although the ISU ruled that Le Gougne had been pressured to vote for the Russian pair, Le Gougne explained that she had been pressured for months to vote for the Canadian couple and claimed she was threatened after the Olympic competition and forced to admit she had acted under instructions from the French figure skating federation. Le Gougne said that Sally-Ann Stapleton, head of the ISU technical committee and other ISU members had put pressure on her to force her to admit she had misjudged. Le Gougne may retire to her small farm where she raises and trains crawdads.

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