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Doping in Daytona

I thought this story was very interesting. As we have seen in other sports, there is now a whole bunch of whining about how strict their governing bodies are. I believe NACAR would do well to keep up the strict penalties and avoid making the mistake MLB made by letting the steroid problem get as bad as it was "for the goos of the sport"

posted by wisportcheese at 07:37 PM on February 14

Covering the Bases After a Player's Death

Reagardless I think the fact that crossed the line should be at least partially diminished being that it's 12 years later! If he was just a scab that couldn't cut it, I doubt he'd be getting contracts 12 years later.

posted by wisportcheese at 04:11 PM on October 13

Sources: White failed drug test

So if i get hired by microsoft at 18 because i am a computer wiz and fail a manditory drug test I should know that people will look the other way, regardless of the right or wrong of it?? If so, when is the cuoff? 19, 20, 21? lets be real. I will admit to experimenting with drugs in my college years. I did so knwoing there was no $1,000,000 waiting for me with explicit instructions about a testing regiment.How much do drugs effect a pro sports player? Ask Ricky Williams or more somberly, Len Bias.

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Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers

Ahh we can finally sleep... until next year... oh yea, since we were waiting on Farve (cause 10 mil is a drop in the salary cap bucket... right) we couldn't move on a number of free agents. It was pretty damned assinine of him to demand we do something for him to consider coming back, when those decisions vary greatly depoending on if he is or isn't. If I was Ted Thompson I would have seriously considered saying "fine stay in Mississippi and ride your mower" after a month or two. I appreciate Brett for all he's done but all he did in the end was throw our next couple seasons in the crapper.

posted by wisportcheese at 10:18 AM on April 26

The NBA has a problem

I say lets start by enforcing travelling by its definition before players can stroll in to the hoop from half court. It sounds silly, but it got that way from players bitching about the calls over and over and over time it changed to the eleventy-billion steps you get today.

posted by wisportcheese at 06:32 PM on March 09

U.S. Open to use instant replay for disputed calls

Can we get a machine to count the 1-1/2 steps NBA players are allowed to take without dribbling, or do we not have time to watch a 5 hour basketbal game?In all seriousness, I agree with many of posts above. Static areas should be fine for machine officiating and the rest should remain the status quo.

posted by wisportcheese at 05:21 PM on March 06

Drivers, teams sound off on cheating issue at Daytona

I don't see how this is any different than the NFLs stance on drug use. Testing on the NFL is a joke. 99% of tests are announced beforehand, hence the leagues amazingly low infraction rate. The fans want to see fast racing and big plays, so I guess this is all a fact of life as fans we have to accept or stop watching. Guess which one i bet we all pick.

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Who the f%#k is Denny Hamlin

That was a shocker. He must have had his rear window raised a few extra inches ha ha.

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The next Derrek Lee?

Prince Fielder. At least he better be for us Brew Crew Fans

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NBA Reserves Named:

"NBA All Star: The Reality Series" It's pretty clear to me that in past years, the most popular guys get the spots. You could be scoring 50 points a game, but if you play for some low market team I bet you'd lose your seat to Mr. bling bling who had a good year in 2002 but has missed 75% of the last 3 seasons with a hangnail. Why not just call it the American Idol show it really is. Not to be a "hater" but it seems to me in most other sports a fair amount of fans know more players than just the ones in MTVs "Cribs"

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