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2006 NFL Mock Draft

#7 san fransico demeco ryans #8 buffalo jay cutler steals from lions for trade #9 detroit matt millen never know he will draft another wide out or something stupid (santonio holmes) #10 mario willams

posted by s-unit 1982 at 11:17 AM on February 03

2006 NFL Mock Draft

#1 houston reggie bush still the best #2 new orleans vince young sorry leinart #3 tennessee d'brickashaw ferguson leinart passes out at draft table #4 n.y jets matt leinart bye pennington thanks for nothing #5green bay deangelo williams nfc r.o.y #6 oakland a.j hawk al davis just lose baby

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The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

92 cowboys 85 bears 72 dolphins 83 49ers 90 eagals 05 colts 67 packers 97 broncos 78 steelers best teams

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