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Preseason Fantasy Football League, Anyone?

Let's see what the twitterverse has to say.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 12:01 PM on June 29

NHL Player Wears Blackface for Halloween

Its not racist. Its racist to say any cross racial portrayal. If you can't see the difference between "blackface" trying to have a legitimate portrayal something is wrong with you.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 08:39 PM on November 02

Andre Johnson Miked Up During Finnegan Fight

He showed restraint in not going to get a gun after getting his ass kicked I guess.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 02:50 AM on December 04

Adding Rushing to Quarterback Rating

Why not just add rushing yards to the QB passing stat. 80 passer +20 yards rushing = 100.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 03:08 AM on November 26

'Black Power' Olympic Saluter To Sell Gold Medal

@bperk He didn't say he didn't want money he said he doesn't need it.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 03:30 PM on October 15

Jim Gentile Wins 1961 RBI Crown

@Graymatters There is no statue of limitations on getting things right.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 09:55 PM on August 09

Is Don Hutson the Best Wide Receiver Ever?

He'd get killed in the modern era though so no dice.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 03:09 PM on August 08

Chris Matthews: NBA Teams 'Carry White Players'

This guys do help sell a few more jerseys sometimes.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 04:42 AM on July 29

Chris Matthews: NBA Teams 'Carry White Players'

Bad white players exists in all sports. (scrappy,grindy, etc.) is generally just code for white,bad & physically untalented.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 04:42 AM on July 29

Tyson Gay Breaks 200 Meter Record

Because Bolt is faster is why.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 06:47 PM on May 18

Best Fan Day Ever

They must have the worst security in the world!

posted by Jackjeckyl at 03:24 AM on January 29

Christian News Site Turns Athlete Homosexual

Maybe its trying to be politically correct by saying homosexual instead of gay. (poorly doing so)

posted by Jackjeckyl at 02:53 AM on July 02

Small-market NHL teams crying poor again

Chicago doesn't deserve revenue sharing. They were too stupid to put home games on TV until this year. Luckily Bill Wirtz finally died and his son has some common sense.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 12:40 AM on November 08

Japan's all-star speed eater suffers professional injury

I think he punked out cause his record was broken recently and he thinks he might actually lose this year.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 02:28 AM on June 27

This is probably a dumb question

After July 31st trades can still take place but a player has to clear waivers first. Anyone can claim the player with priority going to the team with the worst record. If he clears waivers a trade can still be made. If anyone claims the player the team can pullhim back or let him leave with no compensation in return.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 11:45 PM on August 27

The Fortuanate 50

ah 100 mill is nowhere near 1 billion

posted by Jackjeckyl at 09:18 PM on July 28

Polar bear interrupts hockey game: Mom takes matters into her own hands;

Silly Canadians.

posted by Jackjeckyl at 01:47 AM on February 22