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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The Cubs' Jake Arrieta threw a no-hitter vs the Dodgers and the Cubs flew back home while wearing onesies.

posted by NoMich at 01:27 PM on August 31

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

TIL: Kevin Pietersen wears a baseball hat with his initials on it. Is that weird? It's kinda weird. Is it?

posted by NoMich at 07:50 AM on August 28

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

RIP Darryl Dawkins. 58?! Damn.

posted by NoMich at 03:21 PM on August 27

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Usain Bolt may need to switch his sport to cricket. Stupid segways.

posted by NoMich at 09:44 AM on August 27

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Is it just me or is the kid that hit the grand slam about as big as an 18 year old?

posted by NoMich at 01:50 PM on August 23

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

How often does this happen? Dale Steyn broke a wicket.

posted by NoMich at 11:19 PM on August 19

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Carolina Panthers' number one receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, out for the season with a torn ACL.

posted by NoMich at 06:28 PM on August 19

NFL Player Sends Back Young Sons' Participation Trophies

The Birdman. The Oxford Tavern. Sydney 1977. I was THERE! Further trivia. One of my mate's older sister was Deniz Tek's girlfriend. And yes, we were under age at a licensed premises.

Radio Birdman in '77 at the Funhouse? You've just pulled out the granddaddy of all participation trophies for Oz rock right there. Not the Oxford Tavern but I'm posting it anyway.

So many +1's being handed out.

posted by NoMich at 02:16 PM on August 17

NFL Player Sends Back Young Sons' Participation Trophies

Dear owly, There's only one Iggy and your Iggy ain't it.


Michigan Rock 'n Roll (who you should be familiar with)

posted by NoMich at 10:23 PM on August 16

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

How do you not understand scandal?

posted by NoMich at 05:07 PM on August 13

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Rohit Sharma shows a little fielding skill in taking out Sri Lanka's Angelo Mathews.

posted by NoMich at 01:58 PM on August 12

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle


posted by NoMich at 08:22 PM on August 11

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Oh my god, this one...

...what the hell happened to the logo?

posted by NoMich at 08:40 AM on August 11

Texans RB, Arian Foster Publically Declares Himself an Atheist

I'm not surprised one bit! What else would you expect from someone named after the nazi super race of people?

posted by NoMich at 01:55 PM on August 07

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

At tea on day one: 13 wickets in 47 overs.

posted by NoMich at 10:43 AM on August 06

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Yep. Stuart Broad is probably getting knighted as we type.

posted by NoMich at 08:21 AM on August 06

How close are we to a London Jaguars NFL franchise?

Well, yeah, there's that.

posted by NoMich at 01:40 PM on August 05

How close are we to a London Jaguars NFL franchise?

Why isn't anyone calling for Crystal Palace to relocate to the US? You got something against exhibiting great and new technologies that power the industrial revolution?

posted by NoMich at 08:49 PM on August 04

How close are we to a London Jaguars NFL franchise?

If a Premier League team moves over here and chooses a West Coast city, how many people in the Midwest and the East Coast are going to give a rip about them? What are the chances of two Premier League teams moving over here (one for the East and one for the West)?

posted by NoMich at 04:01 PM on August 04

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Owlhouse: do we want to know what "being a porkchop" means?

Grum: Yep, that's the same scene that I shared on the book of faces to honor the man. Also, Lynn Anderson died today. Sad day for the old timey country fans.

posted by NoMich at 11:00 PM on July 31

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Welp, onto Trent Bridge for test 3 on August 6th.

posted by NoMich at 10:55 AM on July 31

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

England batting their second innings and their target is 121. They'll fuck it up, though.

posted by NoMich at 07:55 AM on July 31

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

England's first innings ends quite a bit better than Australia's. However, since the latter's first innings was so horrible, the former's wasn't all that great either. As Australia begins their second innings, they trail by a measly 140 runs.

posted by NoMich at 09:47 AM on July 30

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Yeah. At stumps, England is trailing by only a few runs and they have only two out.

posted by NoMich at 05:04 PM on July 29

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Uh, make that 110-8.

posted by NoMich at 10:26 AM on July 29

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Australia's first innings aren't going so great for them today. 86-6?!

posted by NoMich at 09:35 AM on July 29

Your 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Class

Oh my god, keep Maddux's name out of this lighthearted thread!!!! Oh man oh man oh man oh man

posted by NoMich at 03:01 PM on July 27

Your 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Class

Oh boy, terrible realization time: I think I went with Tom Smoltz because I heard a damn Boston song not too long before making this post.

posted by NoMich at 01:32 PM on July 27

Your 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Class

LOL. Oops. Don't know where the Tom came from. Administrators! Please hope me!

posted by NoMich at 12:57 PM on July 27

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

This very nicely hits a few of my favorite sports-related thingies:
1) Hockey
2) Hatred of NY sporting teams*

* - Well, all northeast sporting teams, really.

posted by NoMich at 09:22 AM on July 22

Colin Cowherd Leaving ESPN

Hopefully there is an unknown-to-Cowherd clause in his ESPN contract that on his last day with the network they cut his tongue out.

posted by NoMich at 02:54 PM on July 16

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle Bryce Harper's slash line stunned me. I knew he was doing well this year in the numbers old guys care about, but wow.

Wow indeed.

posted by NoMich at 11:59 AM on July 15

Federal Judge Orders Cancellation of Redskins Trademarks

I thought this happened last year.

posted by NoMich at 12:49 PM on July 08

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Fan makes great catch while feeding baby

posted by NoMich at 11:08 AM on June 24

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

And MLB needs to trot their faces out every single friggin chance they can get.

posted by NoMich at 06:24 PM on June 22

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Nice hops, rook.

Is it just my not-very-well-informed perception that there is a loooot of excellent young talent in baseball right now? Or is there really a loooot of excellent young talent in baseball right now?

posted by NoMich at 03:18 PM on June 22

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Absolutely disagree. Stephen Curry *has* to be the MVP of the series. To say otherwise would run counter to my SpoFi Pick 'Em prediction that he would win the MVP. Nuff said!!1!

posted by NoMich at 09:38 AM on June 15

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Former NC State basketball player (and hero of the 1983 championship) is mightily impressed with the amphibious pitcher.

posted by NoMich at 07:23 PM on June 09

WTF MLB? Baseball Strikes Out With Its Streaming Policies.

Charlotte, NC is in a thin zone through the western piedmont area that gets no Baltimore, Atlanta or Cincinnati games. Cincinnati? WTF? And the last time I subscribed to, Baltimore and Washington games were blacked out. I wonder if that still holds and if so, if Charlotte gets no Washington games either.

posted by NoMich at 11:48 PM on June 05

SpoFil NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

It seems some of you are missing the Largest Margin of Victory in a Single Game category.

Thanks for doing this, ufez. There was a period there where I was so busy with work that the only reason I got onto a computer was to do work and not do fun things like badly guess sporting events.

posted by NoMich at 08:09 AM on June 03

SpoFil NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

- Which team will win? - GS Warriors
- How many games will it take? - 5
- Who will win MVP of the series? S. Curry
- Rebounds: D. Green
- Assists: S. Curry
- Free throws attempted: L. James
- Steals: S. Curry
- Blocks: A. Bogut
- Personal fouls: T. Mozgov
- Turnovers: L. James
- Which player will have the highest 3-point Percentage: S. Curry
- How many total technical fouls will be called?: 2
- What will be the largest margin of victory in a single game be?: 13
- How many total triple-doubles will be scored?: 1
- How many total points will the leading scorer score (come within +/- 10)?: 166

posted by NoMich at 08:06 AM on June 03

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em, Stanley Cup Finals

Winner: Chicago Blackhawks +1

Number of games that team will require: 6 +1

The longest game: 1 OT

The average U.S. television rating: 1.25

First player to score a goal: S. Stamkos

Conn Smythe winner: C. Anderson

Player to score the most goals: J. Toews

Player to get the most assists: D. Keith

Player to get the most points: J. Toews

Player with the best plus/minus: D. Keith +1

Player with the most penalty minutes: B. Seabrook

Starting goaltender with the best GAA: C. Anderson

The SportsFilter member who will win this contest: there ain't no catchin cixelsyd now +1

posted by NoMich at 08:28 AM on June 02

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Had that been cricket, all that contact after the two dot balls would've been a bunch of singles and maybe a few boundaries before the six. All in three overs. Not bad.

posted by NoMich at 08:48 AM on May 13

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

"We're going to have the greatest player of his generation not involved in the play! They'll never expect it!"

Well, you know, it worked out so well with the Seahawks this past Super Bowl.

posted by NoMich at 12:54 PM on May 11

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Turns Out Craig Counsell Was Actually Best Baseball Player Of Steroid Era

posted by NoMich at 03:28 PM on May 04

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Round 2 of the NHL playoffs starts tonight, right?

posted by NoMich at 10:31 AM on April 30

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

That is quite the story. And what a wonderfully forgiving woman. I mean...I'm not so sure she should have, but what the hell, maybe he got it all out of his system in that one axe/razor attack.

posted by NoMich at 06:51 AM on April 27

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Joey: who would you remove from the list for Jeter or Rivera?

posted by NoMich at 06:40 AM on April 24

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Nice nail biter in the IPL today. Kings XI needed 100+ runs with only 50 some odd balls to go against Rajasthan and took the match in the super over. I haven't had much of a chance to watch any IPL games yet this season, so this was a fun way to start.

posted by NoMich at 07:49 PM on April 21

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

I predict a C's victory in 12.

C = Cavaliers or C = Celtics?

posted by NoMich at 09:59 PM on April 16

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

Eastern Conference:
ATL in 4
CLE in 4
MIL in 7
TOR in 7

Western Conference:
GSW in 5
HOU in 7
SAS in 6
POR in 7

East Scorer: L. James - 28.7
West Scorer: S. Curry - 29.4
Ejected: Josh Smith (HOU)
Highest Scoring Avg: 29.4

(I'm not sure if I'm understanding the scoring predictions here)

posted by NoMich at 01:19 PM on April 16

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle


posted by NoMich at 10:13 PM on April 15

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Mexico v USA on one of the Spanish language channels right now. The only soccer match that I really, really want to watch.

posted by NoMich at 10:11 PM on April 15

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

Eff! You're right.

Ducks over Jets in 6 +1

Thanks tommy

posted by NoMich at 10:05 PM on April 15

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

Montreal in 5 +1
Tampa in 6 +1
NYR in 5 +2
NYI in 7

StL in 6
Smashville in 6
CalGARY in 7 +1

Leading Scorer: Stamkos

posted by NoMich at 08:34 PM on April 15

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

Whoo-hoo! Go Hurrica...oh yeah. Fuck. Go somebody, I guess.

posted by NoMich at 07:41 AM on April 15

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

That picture. Wow! I've never seen it before.

posted by NoMich at 01:27 PM on April 09

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I remember John Hiller! And today I learned: John Hiller is Canadian. He also has a pretty entertaining Wikepedia page. Definitely worth your time to read it.

posted by NoMich at 01:43 PM on April 08

Around the ballparks.

That Cuban Pretzel Dog reminds of the Carolina Que Dog that I had a Durham Bulls game. It's a foot long hot dog smothered in chopped barbecue and slaw. It was really good, but half through the damn thing, I thought I was going to die.

The Carolina Hurricanes and/or the stadium in which they play has a vendor in the concourse that has a really good chopped 'cue sandwich.

I'm hungry.

posted by NoMich at 08:35 AM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Yeah man, that photo is pretty damn great.

posted by NoMich at 01:41 PM on April 03