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Rangers Close to Trade with Angels for Josh Hamilton

This is one of the most bizarre deals in baseball history. The Angels are trading Hamilton to the Rangers for no player. They will pay him $68 million. The Rangers will pay him $6 million over three years. He will forego $6 million.

posted by rcade at 10:59 PM on April 25

Rangers Close to Trade with Angels for Josh Hamilton

Rangers fans have been bashing Hamilton without cease ever since he left and took a few unkind shots at Texas fan support. This is like when your best friend breaks up with his girlfriend, you trash her to him and they get back together.

posted by rcade at 08:40 PM on April 24

Fan Hit in Head by Foul Ball Through Home-Plate Netting

"Now, a question of etiquette as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch?"

I spin, giving them the total package.

posted by rcade at 02:25 PM on April 22

Fan Hit in Head by Foul Ball Through Home-Plate Netting

Like BoKnows says, this isn't her fault.

I think it could be partially her fault because she took her seat during a pitch. But I've never sat close enough behind home plate to understand how much give there is in the netting, so I don't know how much of her risk was foreseeable. I might've assumed I was totally safe in her situation.

When I've sat close along the lines, I've waited until after a pitch to move to my seat before.

posted by rcade at 08:37 AM on April 22

Fan Hit in Head by Foul Ball Through Home-Plate Netting

I think the conventional wisdom about batted-ball fan safety is wrong: If you pay attention you won't get hurt.

When my sons were little we attended a Jacksonville Suns Double A game and sat in the first row of the second section 103 on this map (further from home plate):

A foul ball from a left-handed batter was hit right at our seats, striking the concrete in front of my young son. Two or three inches higher and the ball would have clobbered him.

I was watching the game, but didn't move until after it had hit the concrete.

A batted ball can travel at a speed exceeding 100 mph. I think a lot of people in close-up, unprotected seats are not capable of reacting in time to avoid the ball.

posted by rcade at 01:24 PM on April 21

NBA Playoff Pick 'Em

Atlanta over Brooklyn in 4

Cleveland over Boston in 6

Milwaukee over Chicago in 7

Washington over Toronto in 6

Golden State over New Orleans in 5

Dallas over Houston in 7

San Antonio over Los Angeles in 6

Portland over Memphis in 7

East scorer: LeBron James

West scorer: Stephen Curry

Ejection: Rick Carlisle

Moneyball: 27.5

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I don't know how astronaut diapers got into this discussion, but I am in awe, sir.

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NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

Ottawa in 7

New York Islanders in 6

Chicago in 6

Vancouver in 5

New York Rangers in 5

Tampa Bay in 5

St. Louis in 7

Anaheim in 4

Top scorer: Backstrom (Washington)

posted by rcade at 06:54 PM on April 15

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

My favorite romantic sports feud was the allegation that Jimmy Jackson poached Toni Braxton from Jason Kidd when the two men were Dallas Mavericks. Braxton showed up to see Kidd and Jackson executed a screen and took her out instead.

The best wag for generating funny news stories was Anna Benson. Though the last few headlines were not funny any more.

posted by rcade at 05:04 PM on April 15

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

That's a great catch by Arenado but it also seems like a dumb one. He was taking a pretty big injury risk spinning across the tarp and into the stands.

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NHL Playoff Pick 'Em Starts Now

That would be good, Ufez.

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Who are the "Franchise Four"?

I have more problem with Frank Howard and Rafael Palmeiro being there than Ruben Sierra. Howard because hitting .244 with 9 homers and 31 RBIs in the franchise's 54-100 inaugural season is weak, and Palmeiro because of the steroid cloud.

I'd put Ferguson Jenkins and Jim Sundberg in their places. I'd like to find room for Charlie Hough, but I can't find someone else to bump.

My four would be Nolan Ryan, Michael Young, Pudge Rodriguez and Adrian Beltre.

posted by rcade at 07:44 PM on April 09

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

... I can't think of many other places where a business group is able to do so.

The case for a private business imposing age restrictions is stronger than a government doing so. A government has far more obligations to its people than a private business has to its employees.

As a private enterprise the NBA has no obligation to 18-year-olds to allow them to join one of its teams.

To me it's no different than airline setting minimum age requirements for its flight attendants, which I believe all the major carriers do.

posted by rcade at 04:01 PM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

Put another way: what happens at midnight on someone's 19th birthday that makes them NBA ready?

What happens at midnight on someone's 21st birthday that makes them alcohol ready? What happens at midnight on someone's 18th birthday that makes them voting ready? The number of people we're talking about here -- the small number of 18-year-olds ready to jump directly into the NBA -- is not where I'd draw the line on arbitrary age restrictions.

Given neither time in college nor overseas travel is required to be a success in the NBA how can requiring one or the other be anything but an unfair hiring practice?

So you'd support an NBA team drafting a 16-year-old?

posted by rcade at 02:15 PM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

Like holden says, that would mean something if the best "doctor" in the world hadn't skipped "medical school", so trying to equate the professions is a bit silly.

Then use journalism as an example. A newspaper could require a college degree as a hiring requirement even though some applicants would be fully capable of doing the job without one.

The NBA has a development league, so it has a place to put the extremely small number of 18-year-olds genuinely capable of playing pro ball at that age. It doesn't need college as a free development system for those freaks of talent.

For the other 18-year-olds, refusing to draft them without some college time benefits those players along with the NBA. They get more experience, and for the majority who will never reach the NBA, they have a chance at higher education.

The NBA rule isn't blocking players from pursuing the profession at 18. There are plenty of overseas opportunities now for the ones who hate the idea of going to college. There also are minor pro leagues in the U.S.

posted by rcade at 10:03 AM on April 08

Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

... control over the rights for a person who isn't yet part of either group ...

Is your argument that the NBA is exerting unfair control over an 18-year-old by refusing to hire him?

That just sounds like a job qualification to me. I can't operate on patients until I earn a degree from medical school either. It sucks, but hopefully President Rand Paul will change all that.

I don't follow NCAA basketball any more. I liked it better when you had four or five years to follow the top athletes. It also feels to me like the quality of play isn't what it used to be.

posted by rcade at 04:31 PM on April 07

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The current name of the Brickyard 400 is the "Crown Royal presents the Your Hero's Name Here 400 powered by Big Machine Records."

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Tiger Woods Falls Out of Top 100 in Golf

I'm not holding out much hope either. I can remember reading shortly before Tiger's marriage blew up that the ACL surgery on his left knee might not allow him to ever be the golfer he was. Something about his style of swing made the analyst think he'd never be able to get that kind of power again.

I was at Sawgrass hoping to see him in 2011 on the day he abruptly quit the Player's due to injury. One reason I had gone was to see a Tiger being Tiger redemption narrative after a couple years of enjoying his problems. That site was also the place he held that weird "sorry I'm a manwhore" press conference with his mom sitting in the front row.

posted by rcade at 12:38 PM on March 30

Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

The Rams draw from southwest Illinois and eastern Missouri on the fan map. I don't think there's any doubt they're drawing thousands of fans from Illinois.

When I lived in Peoria for a year, it felt like the border between Bears fandom and Rams fandom. There was a lot more support for St. Louis teams in that area than I expected.

posted by rcade at 07:32 PM on March 23

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

He'll still be booted off his college baseball team in five minutes. I can't blame him for his reaction to being cut over a tasteless joke on Twitter. I love that Mo'ne Davis asked that he be reinstated.

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

I started with this tournament also, but had to miss the final day. It's an interesting sport I still find a bit baffling.

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Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

Even if you believe that locals will spend the same amount of money in their community if a sports franchise leaves, pro sports bring in people from the surrounding region who go to games and spend money in that community.

I spend money in Viera each year for one reason only: I go to Washington Nationals spring training games, make a pilgrimage to the World of Beer, eat at a local restaurant and go to a few stores I like.

The same is true in Orlando now that Orlando City SC is playing.

As for Jacksonville, it is rare in pro sports as a one-team town. So there are some of us who spend money on the Jaguars because we like pro sports and others who come in from other cities in Florida and Georgia. Their money might not be making the trip to Jacksonville without the team.

posted by rcade at 11:40 AM on March 21

Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

I have relatives who live in Arlington, can't afford to attend Cowboys games but are funding the city's JerryWorld loans even as the facility is already turning a profit for him.

There should be a per-ticket tax imposed on fans who attend events at that facility that goes completely towards erasing the public debt incurred on it. The idea that local residents are shouldering any of the costs now is obscene.

posted by rcade at 11:04 AM on March 20

Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Pool

I have a Yahoo bracket in another pool, entered before games began. Is it possible to copy it into this pool?

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Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

college & high school football would replace it for all but the most hard-core fan and other entertainment options (movies, clubs, etc) would replace it for others.

There's no college football to attend here, aside from the Florida/Georgia game, and I'm not an alumnus of any local schools so my interest is extremely casual. As for high school football, it held zero interest for me in high school and has less today. But even if I cared, I'd find it impossible to spend $30 to $300 a ticket, $10 to $30 for parking and $10 to $100 on concessions to see St. Augustine play Nease.

As for movies and clubs, my interest in being entertained is limited to -- wait for it -- things that entertain me. If pro sports go away there will be less things that cross my "is it worth the money?" threshold.

What you're saying sounds to me like the idea that if all the good burger joints close I'll spend the same amount of money at McDonald's.

I might buy a better TV, though, but that's a one-time expense that likely would put bupkiss into the local economy.

posted by rcade at 10:25 AM on March 20

Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

You don't consider what your current Visa balance is at when deciding on future purchases? You've not once thought that a particular month's expenses were high, and you might rein it in for a little bit to compensate?

Those questions are about vague spending decisions. The premise put forward in this discussion is more specific: that a person who would have spent $200 attending a Rams game would have spent $200 anyway in that same time period without the Rams around, so there's zero impact to the local economy in having the team.

"well, there are literally no other options other than Jags tickets that will satisfy me. I guess I will bank that $500."

Why do you find it hard to believe that a person who likes a specific form of entertainment will spend money on that when it is available, and keep the money when it isn't?

There are only four sporting events reasonably close by I'll shell out money to attend: Jaguars games, the Player's Championship and the occasional Orlando City SC game and spring training game in Viera, If any of those go away -- the Nats are leaving Viera after 2016 -- I'm not going to reflexively put the money into comparable entertainment.

It seems irrational to me to conclude that a person who spends $2,000 a year attending local pro sporting events will always spend $2,000 even if the teams he likes move away. I don't see sports as an interchangeable form of entertainment. They're better at separating me from my money than other forms of entertainment have proven to be. I've lived in this area 18 years while almost never attending any other live events that would put money into the local economy.

posted by rcade at 10:11 AM on March 20

Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

When I attend sporting events, I don't usually think about whether I've refrained from other spending to make up for it. I question the premise that the average NFL fan who attends a game -- paying $30 to $300 a ticket, $10 to $30 for parking and $10 to $100 on concessions -- is living paycheck to paycheck. At current costs the working class fan is mostly priced out of the sport. It seems like a lot of fans have discretionary income, so having a team could put money into the local economy that might be saved instead.

If the Jaguars ever leave Jacksonville, there will be zero places for the pro sports fan to spend any dollars in this town. I don't think all that money will still be spent on the same businesses I mentioned earlier for other attractions. Some people will hang onto it because none of the alternatives are enough to motivate them to part with the money they used to spend on a NFL team.

So I definitely see an adverse negative impact to a team leaving, though I won't go as far as to conclude that this makes publicly funded stadiums justifiable. I think they're a racket that makes rich people richer and politicians more powerful at the expense of the taxpayer.

posted by rcade at 09:03 AM on March 20

Obama Proposal Could End Taxpayer-Subsidized Pro Sports Stadiums

Yes there's a lot of funny math used by government officials to justify these boondoggles.

But I don't see how you can claim there's no increased economic activity on the 10 days a year when the Rams are hosting a game. Any time you bring tens of thousands of people to an event there are going to be increased business for grocery stores for tailgate supplies, gas stations, restaurants, bars, parking lots and stadium concessions, all of which help those businesses and their employees and generate sales taxes. Local newspapers, radio and TV stations also benefit because the team draws more eyeballs and they can sell them to advertisers.

Though some fans will go without on other days to afford game day expenditures, others will increase their spending.

If the Rams leave St. Louis and no NFL team takes their place, there will be negative effects on the local economy. It might not be anywhere near what the officials claim, but it'll be something a lot of businesses in that city miss.

posted by rcade at 08:32 AM on March 19

Tim Tebow Working Year-Round on Throwing Mechanics

If he has any throwing talent, it seems like Tebow has the work ethic and character to be a backup quarterback in the NFL. The way House describes Tebow's physical strength makes me wonder if a QB can be too strong to throw effectively.

posted by rcade at 10:47 AM on March 17

John Oliver tackles the NCAA and student athletes

I agree with you in general -- they should share in the massive wealth they generate -- but to generalize that D1 athletes in football and basketball get "no actual education" is not true. Plenty of athletes even in the top sports do manage to get a useful degree.

I may be mistaken, but athletes also are afforded the opportunity to finish their degree on scholarship after their eligibility is up. It seems like any athlete who does not get an education is as much to blame for that outcome as the school that exploited his talents in sport.

posted by rcade at 10:13 AM on March 17

The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

I guess maybe they're going to dangle Sam out there to get up in the draft ...

Kelly has flat-out said the Eagles are not trading up to get Mariota.

posted by rcade at 08:16 AM on March 13

The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

Romo's always been a serviceable quarterback. Last year's run-first offense made him look like an elite one. 69.9 completion percentage!

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

No Orlando, the new center of American soccer fandom?

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The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

Murray seems like an upgrade for them, and it's even better if it ends up as a downgrade for Dallas.

posted by rcade at 02:58 PM on March 12

62,000 Welcome Orlando City to MLS in Franchise Opener

I asked the Orlando police whether that fan was arrested. They said he "was trespassed" -- which I guess means he got a trespassing ticket -- and escorted to medical treatment for a broken ankle.

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The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

The Niners are reminding me of what it was like when Jerry Jones ran the Cowboys with such a tight grip that they always hired second-rate coaches and team execs. Nobody with better options wanted to work in that environment.

posted by rcade at 11:04 AM on March 11

The NFL free-agency period begins with a slew of major moves

I love the Jimmy Graham trade for Seattle. Russell Wilson's mobility and Graham's ability to create matchup problems will be a nightmare for defenses.

Philly giving up a second-round pick as part of the Sam Bradford deal is a jaw dropper. That city has a lot of high bridges. Fans must be forming long lines today to jump off them. I don't think I'd trade a second round pick for Bradford straight up, and he's got a contract one million less than Tom Brady! Chip Kelly must have a bigger plan afoot.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

I don't think MJD had a lot of options, given where he was at in his career when he could finally explore free agency. The Jags didn't want him any more because they were rebuilding under a new coach and GM.

posted by rcade at 10:27 AM on March 10

62,000 Welcome Orlando City to MLS in Franchise Opener

I bought a ticket at the last minute and discovered when I arrived it was on the front row, 20 feet from a corner. Seeing a crowd that huge watch MLS soccer was incredible. It was a sea of purple dying for something good to happen, watching three yellow cards given to Orlando City players who fell in the box. The first by Brek Shea was obviously a dive. The others were both tripped, so seeing them get carded was a shock and a grievious insult to the home crowd.

Then Mix scored on a great curling shot, a red card put Orlando City a man down and it looked like a bummer ending until Kaka scored the franchise's first goal and caused utter pandemonium.

Orlando has Sunrail mass transit now, and the local media was warning people there's nowhere close to enough parking near the Citrus Bowl. I parked at a distant rail station in Sanford.

Don't trust southern cities to do mass transit well. There were so few trains it took three hours to get to the game and 2.5 to get back. But it was fun anyway. I somehow made the kickoff with eight minutes to spare.

There was a security breach that seemed pretty significant to me after the final whistle. A fan in my section jumped onto the field, then walked to midfield and embraced Kaka and other players. The cops didn't get to him until after this happened, even though he sprained an ankle leaping onto the field. I was surprised by the lack of police presence on the sidelines to stop that kind of thing from happening.

posted by rcade at 11:42 AM on March 09

Yu Darvish May Need Tommy John Surgery

I don't understand how a sprain is already cause for the Tommy John discussion.

If his season is over, the Rangers are done unless there's a miracle waiting for them at Double or Triple A.

posted by rcade at 09:07 PM on March 07

Baseball's fight with fatigue

... 3+ hours in increasing heat everyday is going to take a toll on guys.

Yep. I watched many Rangers seasons that wilted in the late-summer heat.

posted by rcade at 12:13 PM on March 07

Baseball's fight with fatigue

It depends on how little enhancement is necessary to qualify as performance-enhancing. It's easy to see the effect of steroids because of the physical changes they cause. The effects of drugs that increase alertness aren't as easy to observe, and there are plenty of legal substances people take that affect alertness. There's also a rising number of players who get a waiver to take ADHD medicine.

posted by rcade at 12:11 PM on March 07

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

... his command of English is apparently not as strong as his ball playing ...

He's from Jacksonville and appears quite often on a local sports talk station here. He's quite intelligent, well-spoken and funny. I'd say his comments here are articulated poorly because his position is so freaking lame. "Yeah, we love you gay people, but we hate that you are gay -- because Jesus! -- and think it is a lifestyle instead of an intrinsic part of your being, but know that we love you and God loves you too but hates all of your gay. K thx bye!"

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Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

A few trolls stopping and realizing this is a best case scenario in 2015.

I don't think that's true. The level of abuse heaped on people is a function of Twitter's design decision to show all @ replies to everyone. It doesn't happen on Facebook, where the default is to only allow responses from friends unless you explicitly allow everyone to respond.

Most of the abuse we're talking about occurs on Twitter.

He's already in "targeted forever" territory.

There's a difference between being targeted briefly and being subjected to a relentless campaign like the one the female targets of GamerGate are experiencing.

posted by rcade at 01:51 PM on March 03

Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

What's his alternative option at this point?

He could have ignored them.

If he had to have justice, he could have pursued his abusers directly by complaining to their employers or colleges or perhaps even filing suit. He didn't have to call out a mob that he surely knows will display the same anonymity-fueled vile tendencies of his daughter's abusers.

A friend of mine who vocally speaks about feminism gets steady streams of hate mail. She never responds, but it doesn't stop coming in because she ignores it.

Your friend is smart. I've faced a few over-the-top abusive crazies, including one that went after me personally in some unbelievable ways because of a post on SportsFilter I (initially) refused to delete. There is nothing you can do in public that makes it better. You just feed the beast. They crave the negative response.

The best you can do is give them complete radio silence and hope they will move on to a target who is more fun to abuse. I teach my kids this. It isn't satisfying -- you want to rain hell down on them in public the way Schilling is doing -- but any normal person is never going to win a battle with a truly deranged Internet troll. They have all the time in the world and no reputation to worry about damaging.

Schilling and his family will likely be targeted forever by other trolls because of how he responded to this.

Turning trolls on themselves seems like the only real way to make it stop in 2015.

But do you honestly think Schilling's actions will make anything stop? At best a few of his trolls will vanish from social media. Maybe a few others will realize that posting sexual insults at a famous person's daughter isn't harmless fun. At worst somebody who just lost their job or college career, or somebody angry that happened, will escalate the situation.

As I said originally I have mixed feelings. Schilling did what a lot of people would want to do in that situation. But I don't think it helps.

posted by rcade at 10:47 AM on March 03

Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

The jerks who decided to spew the garbage on Schilling's daughter very likely presumed that their anonymity would protect them.

The ones he caught first were not anonymous, so that's unlikely. Something else was at play in their reprehensible actions.

The default on Twitter of showing @ responses from everyone is part of the reason this kind of abuse is rampant. It is as if everything ever said about Curt Schilling anywhere could be heard by him. There should be ways to limit what you receive in your notifications.

It's no surprise that a female -- Schilling's daughter -- was the target of abuse. Women are being attacked on Twitter by trolls all day long. I enjoy Twitter, but it's getting a well-deserved rep for being a magnet for misogyny and threats of violence against women.

posted by rcade at 09:30 AM on March 03

Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

Maybe I'm a little old school, but a couple of misogynist pigs spending a couple of weeks knowing what it's like to deal with guys like themselves is not the worst thing in the world.

Yes, his abusers will be shamed. One already has been suspended from college and another may have lost his job.

But if Schilling thinks repulsive Twitter behavior is a bad thing, how is it countering that to encourage repulsive Twitter behavior? He's not making the problem better, as much as he laments the trend in his blog post.

When he named his daughter's abusers and ended by identifying the Twitter accounts of two he could not name, he knew what would happen next -- those abusers would be found, doxxed and attacked as badly as his daughter was.

posted by rcade at 10:11 PM on March 02

Curt Schilling Declares War on Twitter Trolls Abusing His Daughter

There's more details on the hunt for these trolls that Schilling unleashed.

I have mixed feelings about this. These trolls were engaging in a hostile, destructive act. Schilling is counting on the same impulses by asking the online mob to go after them. Is that act likely to do anything but feed the Twitter monster?

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Hard to imagine how it could be 5 times worse ...

Punching a woman in the face while wearing NFL-prohibited gloves.

posted by rcade at 11:20 AM on February 26

Chargers, Raiders Pursue Shared Stadium in Los Angeles

The thing I like best about that area is the Fells Point pub crawl.

posted by rcade at 09:24 AM on February 22

Chargers, Raiders Pursue Shared Stadium in Los Angeles

I don't think the Inner Harbor would be successful without those stadiums. It was declining as a tourist and local draw, dropping from 18 million visitors in year one to 11 million in year two.

The link calls Camden Yards the "first true urban ballpark constructed in almost a century." Though a lot of stadium revitalization claims end up bogus, that's one I'd call massively successful.

posted by rcade at 10:18 AM on February 21

Chargers, Raiders Pursue Shared Stadium in Los Angeles

Again - I think under the right circumstances, a stadium could be a good thing.

Coors Field in Denver seems like another positive example, though it might be the end of the LoDo revitalization rather than the beginning.

Many in Dallas are still grumbling that Mayor Laura Miller helped kill any idea of the Cowboys building downtown. It seems to me there was plenty of opportunity there -- some parts of downtown are pretty raggedy -- but Arlington happily took on the tax burden of JerryWorld.

posted by rcade at 07:09 PM on February 20

Chargers, Raiders Pursue Shared Stadium in Los Angeles

It's becoming more and more clear that major sports corporations are becoming more and more of a plague on the cities they're in ...

They aren't just a plague. A stadium project can revitalize a downtown. Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a good example. Having Camden Yards and the Ravens stadium in the area instead of somewhere in the 'burbs has made a huge difference there.

I don't see cities or states ever stopping these stadium deals. It would have to come from the federal government or possibly a state voter referendum.

posted by rcade at 01:44 PM on February 20

Chargers, Raiders Pursue Shared Stadium in Los Angeles

Pro teams are so good at these stadium extortion schemes I'll be surprised if L.A. gets any of these teams. If St. Louis loses the Rams I fear that Shahid Khan will be tempted to move the Jaguars out of Jacksonville, since his Flex-N-Gate auto parts company is based in Urbana, Illinois, and he originally sought to buy the Rams.

But Khan put a lot of money into huge videoboards and other improvements at Everbank Field and he just unveiled a shipyards development project that would turn the grimy industrial zone around the stadium into a hotel/restaurant/entertainment district and no doubt make a lot of money for him. If that idea gets anywhere he'll need the Jaguars to stay around.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

The Texas Rangers have signed Roughned Odor's younger brother Roughned Odor.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle


In other news, rugby appears to have a concussion protocol in which a player is sent off for testing while a substitute plays for him, then can return to play if testing decides his brains are unscrambled. Soccer could learn from that.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Those of you who thought this would become a farce were ahead of me. I concede the point and now want the investigation to take years and be longer than the Warren Commission report.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

If the head of the supporters association said anything else, he'd be the former head of the supporters association.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Ugh. Is it too much to hope that the chant was an ironic statement about not allowing the black guy on the car simply because it was so crowded?

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