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Pacquiao rallies, stuns Morales with 10th-round TKO

Pacman vs Morales III. I can't wait to witness this fight. Last night's fight was one of the all-time greatest fights I have ever seen. Pacman has proven he is of the elite, but to knock both Morales and Barrera, puts him in the ranks of godhood right up there with Sugar Ray, and Julio Cesar. Keep up the great fighting Pacman.

posted by Coleman at 01:35 PM on January 22

Hall of Fame Finalists

Aside from that fact that DT died at the peak of his career, there was no more dominant end in the league this side of Lawrence Taylor. Derek Thomas completely closed down his side of the line of scrimmage, and even though I hated the Chiefs, I must give props where they belong. If the powers that be don't induct DT, it would be a real tragedy.

posted by Coleman at 08:42 PM on January 11

Lendale White leaving USC

I agree. White is a much better back than people tend to realize due to being overshadowed by Bush. He is a much stronger powerful back than is Bush, and should be better equipped to withstand the abuse at the NFL level. Also he has a suprising burst of speed at the line.

posted by Coleman at 08:34 PM on January 11