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Steelers Take Down Colts

I'm not sure, I could be wrong, but it seems that Coach Dungy has trouble with the BIG games. Can't recall him winning the BIG games even at T.B. That missed field goal was a TERRIBLE miss. Waaaaaaaay right. Very uncharacteristic for a home field kicker to miss one that badly. Don't understand why Edgerrin wasn't involved more in the last few minutes, even as a safety valve. With the Steelers sending bodies, Edge would've had a lot of real estate before first contact. Manning could've moved the pocket to give himself more options, especially with a couple of time outs left. Can't blame it on the O-line, should've known that the Steelers would play aggressive; that's how they play. So many things contributed to that implosion in the final 2 minutes, but let's not forget that Indy was losing to a team that knows how to bring it in the post season.

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Doctor: Palmer knee injury 'potentially career-ending'

It was pretty badly damaged -- shredded is the better term Worst damn thing I heard all season, next to Coach Dungy's loss. Gotta feel for Carson, his family, his teammates, the fans. Hope he finds the strength to rehab. In the fantasy league I played in this season, I chose Palmer as the MVP (over Alexander) because he was taking Cincy to a new level. I believe that next season the AFC North Division will be the toughest division to play in. Three teams from that division will see the post season (sorry Ravens). It would be great to see the Bengals continue to challenge Pittsburgh for dominance (don't take Cleveland lightly though). Cincy will not be able to accomplish this without Palmer. Rudy J might give the Bengals ball control, Carson gives the Bengals BALLS (big cast-iron balls!!!).

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Hall of Fame Finalists

Those years when John Madden coached the Raiders were the reasons I'm a Raiders fan. It was bombs away everyday! Madden used to coach all the rejects that never fit on other teams (Alzado, Toomay, Matuzak), and party animals like Ken Stabler. Only Madden could start a wide receiver, covered with "stick 'em", who ran routes that took all day, and drank a bottle of Maalox before every game (Fred Biletnikoff, Superbowl MVP). Those were some fun games in those Madden years. Would be tough to be on the panel that decides who goes in - there are many deserving finalists. Reggie White (no brainer) Harry Carson (senior vote) Art Monk (iron-man vote) Derrick Thomas (sorry to say, but Derrick gets the sympathy vote,) Troy Aikman (I got the rings vote)

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Iverson ... Greatest little man ever?

The thing about giving someone - anyone - the monicker of "greatest" usually brings on some baaaaad Karma. A.I. is truly an acceptional athlete. Hope he doesn't end up an also-ran like Stockton did after giving all he had for the game. Here's a question: What one or two players would A.I. need on his team to win the hardware? Sorry, 'nother thread, 'nother time.

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Lendale White leaving USC

LOL...good point. Must be all kinds of fun.

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Lendale White leaving USC

Lendale has absolutely nothing more to prove at the collegiate level other than the completion of his studies. With his awesome play during the post season, his football stock has risen tremendiously. He has to take advantage of that. Hopefully, some role model with appeal to him to make sure he completes his studies (at his own pace/time if need be) and secure a degree. It will be THAT degree that makes him a role model to his own children, if he fathers any. Good luck Lendale, don't forget where you came from.

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The top ten Dennis Rodman moments

He may not appear to be, but Dennis Rodman is actually quite clever. He got some rings, marketed himself quite well (even if much of it was negative publicity), became a household name, and he made a lot of money. He might come off as some kind of lunatic with narcissistic tendencies, but he's made more money than I think I ever will - not that money is the goal of my life. Many of us try to find ways and schemes to gain some extra cash, Rodman found a way for himself. I really loved watching Rodman in the young years, when he had absolutely no expectations from the game. He played it the way it was meant to be played - with fun and enthusiasum. Does success change everything? You betcha!!!

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Where does your misery rank?

1) Having to witness the borderline, unsportsmanlike conduct of these modern-day prima donnas who put the "me" in team, knowing that no professional sport is immune from these a-holes. And then listening to the "poor me" justifications that permeates from the gaps between their ears. 2) Finally acquiring those long-awaited season tickets in the loges right on the fifty, and the only win the team could manage is the right to draft first.

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Marcus Vick's downward spiral continues...

Even with all the physical attributes Vick and Clarrett possess, they both found it necessary to brandish weapons. There's something very methodical and premeditated about that. Smacks of something deep and sinister. Not the "bullying" kind of crime, more like the "malicious intent" kind of crime. Can't even think that playing football would be a goal for either of these two wayward sons (but I know it is). Priority should be learning how to make positive contributions to society once again. Take note moms and dads . . . these are our children, we need to try and love them the way we love our other sons - the Vince Youngs and the Reggie Bush's. It's truly a sad thing to hear this kind of news regarding such young people.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

When a person looks at the stat sheet then gets a feeling and . . . ah, feelings aren't facts. I concede the argument. I can't wait till the players take the field. Denver's gonna put on a good show.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Sorry about the typo LBB, nice retort, my good Dr. Can't wait till the players take the field.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

I'm trying to leave that game where Denver beat New England out of the argument. However, in the conference: Denver 10-2 New England 7-5 Not trying to take anything away from the champs, but time marches on . . .

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Running Backs = Push Kicking = Push No way. Check your stat sheet again. Elam is tied for the NFL record with a 60 yarder. Got ten kicks from outside the 40, including a 50 yarder. . . the guy has distance - Mile High adds another 5-10 yards. Denver's runningback tandem is good for almost 2000 yards. Corey Dillion and ANYBODY else (lets take Patrick Pass) is good for LESS THAN 1000 yards. Now, they're going into a house that only allows 85 rush yards so the pass is gonna be the key where Brady definitely has an edge over Plummer. By the way doesn't Shanahan own a few rings himself? That may make the coaching edge a push also. Um, Dr. John, LLB, you guys getting all of this "empty rhetoric"?

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

gotta some up with some tangible arguments Denver's got the one of the best legs in the league with Elam. Plummer's havin' one of his best seaons ever with an offense that's designed for a QB to "manage" and not gamble. Running tandem is solid enough to have almost both backs in the thousand yard club. Defense line stops the run pretty well. Mike Shanahan's a damn good coach in his own right. Home field advantage throws in the emotional edge. Want more?

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

I got the over, I got the spread, jus missed the winner - took Bengals (oh well)

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Oh com' on, I'm givin' the Pats ALL the props! The run gotta end sometime, right? My prediction is that it ends in Denver, that's all. I'm not takin' nuthin' away from the champs. You guys comfortable with the hatin'? You go on and be what ya gotta be. New England's not just a good football team, they're a GREAT team. But time marches on . .

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Well, the REAL Kitna came outta the locker room in the 2nd half. Looks like it's gonna be the Pats visiting Denver. I'm not gonna say the Pats are a bad team - they're the defending champs two years running - I'm just giving Denver the respect.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Momentum swing = ten-point swing.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Hard decision to put Palmer back in if he's ready in the third. Kitna's looking spectacular. That 15-play drive took a lot outta the Steelers' D.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

He didn't slide!!! He's got BALLS!!! Looks good on this drive.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

That's heresy!!! Football is NEVER boring!!! Forgive them father for they know not . . .

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Ohhh noooooo!!! That's only the second play!!!

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Have you ever been to Denver in January? That football feels like a freakin coconut!!!

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

You got it right. They'll go to Denver and get creamed. Whoever goes to Denver gets creamed.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

By the way Denver and Seattle were the only teams to go perfect (8-0) at home.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

babooze, you just keep talkin' da smack... It's not smack. . . Mike Shanahan's got some good stuff goin on up the Mile High City. They've been really quiet about it. They line 'em up an' knock 'em down. Very effective organization right now. And I'm not even a Broncos fan! Just got a helluva lotta respect for what they doin' IN Denver. That's the key - IN DENVER. (I used smack and high in the same paragraph - I may have a problem)

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Should I root for the Bengals just so that Pats meet up with Indy next week? Cause Pats aren't gonna make it past Denver.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Less than two hundred yards total, ZERO points, five turnovers. . . on your own turf!!! Tom is history, the press conference will be on Monday, and Mariucci will become a Giant.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

LOL, Carolina trying to go over all by themselves.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

No team should take a ZERO in this league. That's a sure sign of somethin' going terribly wrong. Heads are gonna roll after this one.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

The fans in San Diego are gloating right about now. Eli looks like he's playin' high school football. Someone in the filter said somethin' bout defense. Soooooooo true.

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New England Edges Jacksonville

By the way, WHOEVER goes up to Denver next week is gonna take a BEATING - and I'm not even a Broncos fan.

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New England Edges Jacksonville

As I mentioned earlier, a champion playing at home is tough. Pats at Denver or Indy? Dead meat. Hope you all enjoyed the fabulous run of the great New England Patriots Dynasty - for now they're done. It all comes to an end next week. Great job Belichick, great job Brady, great job McGinest. Thanks for the memories, now move over. Here's MY stone-cold lock. . . if the Pats play in Denver, Broncos will do them in by double digits, something close to 17. Don't worry, my last drug screen came out negative.

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Redskins Chuck Gruden's Buccaneers

The Washington Uncoolname displayed a great defensive effort, however, they did play against a team that featured an unproven QB and a rookie RB (albeit Rookie of the Year). Simms just didn't do anything with the ball when his options ran out. He exhibited absolutely no creativity with the rock and appeared too hesitant to take a risk, such as scrambling to buy time or get a first down. After that first interception, he was way too willing to take the sack. At times I thought I was watching Bernie Kosar. But still, not to take anything away from the Washington Changeyournameplease Defense, they looked hungry and made the big plays. Wish you guys luck up in Seattle.

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Stone Cold Lock: Jacksonville Over New England

You had me going for a while, rcade. Valleys 'n peaks, baby, valleys 'n peaks. New England is peaking just at the right time. Their collective mindset is that they've had everything bad happen and they are still in it. That does a lot for team confidence. Rudy Tomjonovich quote: "Never underestimate the heart of a champion." Patriots probably won't go Super this year, but soemone will need a home field advantage to knock 'em out. If Bruschi takes the field in this game against Jax the emotional lift will ADD 3 more points to the spread. As far as the over-under. . . I don't see more than three touchdowns total for the ENTIRE game. Jax came so far, but their's is waiting next season when they'll rip eveybody on their way to a ring.

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So long, Blacksburg.

The other Vick is a tough act to follow, that should be enough, but to hamstring my own career with some very immature decisions (off the field and on) . . . I don't know. Marcus' stock, which were already falling, has just plummetted. However, as with T.O., Terry Glenn, and other bad seeds who've paved the way for players to play despite embarrassing behavior, the NFL will find a way to suit this guy up. Now is the time for heavy-duty clauses which punish - and incentives which reward - particular behaviors. Seeing as these kids are coming into the league younger, less mature, and simply unable to live life on life's terms, somebody's gotta help 'em grow the f*%# up!!!

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Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

Awesome display of poise and talent. On that game-winning drive, when USC came with the blitz package on almost every down, Vince Young looked calm, collected, and totally in control. On the plays when he took off with the rock, he shredded through the defense, adding impressive yardage after the initial contact. Here's the big question: San Francisco or Detroit? Does Baltimore use Ray Lewis to move up in the draft to get this guy? After the Rose Bowl, Young's gotta go pro.

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Great Skater, Terrible Timing

Wow, two triples in one competition? I can't wait to see that. Figure skaters are soooo elegant and beautiful, least the females are anyway. Guys should go play hockey. Lol...hope that wasn't politically INcorrect(too late now)!!! Back to the eligibility thing: that's life. We sooo wish to see this girl compete at the Olympics, but we'll just have to wait for another competition. I can hear all the other skaters breathing a sigh of relief.

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Martz dismissed by the Rams

"able to play tic-tac-toe (proper use of X's and O's)...FREE Super Bowl tickets (must contact Mike Tice)." lol...that's too funny!!!

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Sherman fired after losing season.

It must be a humbling experience to find out that, after all these years, after all that planning, after all that success, when I'm at the helm, I sink the ship. Gosh, the Packers really sucked this season. And not the kind of suck that happens when key players are lost as a result of injury. The kind of suck that happens when the team has no spine, no desire. That kind of suck has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff. Yeah, Sherman had to go...but too bad for Brett Favre.

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Martz dismissed by the Rams

There are a lot of coaches out there who cannot take that step "backwards" and do what they do best - like coordinating offenses. Martz did that extremely well. Another coach who cannot take that step "backwards" is Norv Turner. Martz will surface somewhere in the NFL - or maybe at a faltering program at the college level - and he will win a few more big games. Hopefully he will have learned a valuable lesson as to where he can most benefit a football organization. In the final tally, I gotta admit, Martz did give us some pretty exciting offensive displays. Thanks for the memories, Coach.

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Doug's Drop Kick

Doug Flutie is such a throw-back to the old school football days. Gotta love this guy . . . he plays the game like it outta be played . . . FUN!!! He must be even more fun during practice! The NFL needs more guys to have fun. "Fun like Flutie."

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Denver 23, San Diego 7

Now that the Chargers' season has been totally washed out, does this give the San Diego head honchos reason to shop Drew Brees around - knowing what's waiting in the wings? Drew Brees showed much maturity and talent , however, he really didn't get it done. What now? How much blame can we give to Matyr? Oops, I mean Marty?

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

By the way, that ghetto remark was way outta line.

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

We can all learn something from everyone. Thank you Maurice Clarrett for showing our youngsters what NOT to do. God bless you and we pray that you will be able to turn your life around and somewhere down the line, hopefully in the near future, you will be able to make positive contributions to society.

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