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Tim Hardaway, the yin to Jon Amaechi's yang:

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf? BLITZER: Yes, we're going to -- updating our viewers coming up shortly on... CAFFERTY: I can't wait for that. BLITZER: ... the mysterious circumstances surrounding that, Jack. Thank you. ........cue in jeopardy theme.......o.k back to the topic...

posted by Grrrlacher at 10:13 PM on February 15

Corey Lidle's Plane Crashes into New York City Skyscraper

I've followed Lidle's carrer since he was is Double A here in town (El Paso Diablos) and meet him while in high school...what tragic news...Now I'm wondering what if the Yankees would have made it past the Tigers?........R.I.P.

posted by Grrrlacher at 07:01 PM on October 11


WOW that's awesome, but just how hard is it to strap your ipod to your arm or hang it around your neck? You have to give it up to the marketing people who came up with this. A few years ago I came up with a hands free headset for cellphone's long before blutooth.....There was no intrest from motorolla,nokia,etc.......If anybody is intrested I still have a few left....

posted by Grrrlacher at 01:16 PM on May 24

Are You Ready For Some Jeb-Ball?

I personally think Jeb clampett would be a bad choice for commissioner. The job should go to Commisioner Gordon from batman!!....Come on the guy is already a commissioner!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 12:47 PM on May 24

Miami Signs Marcus Vick

"Stop me if you've heard this one...Marcus Vick and Maurice Clarett walk into a bar......"

posted by Grrrlacher at 01:44 PM on May 16

Wallace and the taste of his own words.

KSB 122...Amen brother....

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Wallace and the taste of his own words.


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America's new dancing machine!!!

Hey porkchop, use spellcheck next time it's censored not "S"ensored what's wrong with you.......

posted by Grrrlacher at 12:01 PM on April 01

America's new dancing machine!!!

Yeah, but if you're going to use a word like "infamy," look it up! If you're too lazy to look it up, just use another word, one you're more familiar with. And your over-the-top response (calling people "asshole" and "bitch" when they point out your painfully obvious mistakes) makes you look petulant and churlish. This place is not a goddamned chatroom, okay? Kick your game up a notch or go back to the Bears Fans' message board. Are you always this much of a cheerleader? A freakin typo error and I have to get bagged on? What an ASSHOLE. With the emphasis on ASSHOLE. If you simply don't like what I have to say don't read my post and move on, AND AGAIN CONTRIBUTE TO THE LINK DON"T COME IN AND FLAME......Don't act high and mighty cause you been here longer I could give 2 sh*ts about that....It was a TYPO give it a rest.

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America's new dancing machine!!!

I totally agree with dyams and fraz I have nothing against you either, my problem is laziness,community college education,and trying to post while at work....( It's hard looking over your shoulder and looking out for your boss!!!)

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America's new dancing machine!!!

I hope so to....or is it too?

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Redick tops Morrison for AP player of year

rcade and sonic, couldn't said it better myself..totally agree.

posted by Grrrlacher at 04:15 PM on March 31

Boxer Mesi Ready to Make Comeback

It's funny how wfrazerjr has time to "flame" but none to make any valid contributions to the link. I guess it falls into the opinions and assholes category....

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People won't forgive- or forget- If Bonds succeeds


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Boxer Mesi Ready to Make Comeback

Hey buffalo,I'll give you 1 get out jail free card from monopoly,a ball of yarn,1 wheat penny and 2 brand new shiny nickels....."deal or no deal?"

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Boxer Mesi Ready to Make Comeback

you dropped it on your way in wfrazerjr.....

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Boxer Mesi Ready to Make Comeback

Ok let me see delahoya/hopkins/mayweather/pacquio/tarver/johnson/vargas/castillo/baldomir/judah/taylor...should I go TALENT you say?..lets go a little smaller barrera/lazcano/morales/chavez(jesus)gatti...should I keep going? Do you always put your foot in your mouth or is today a special ocassion?....I'll repeat Toney hasn't lost In almost 10 years...and that bullshit lost to Jones is still a big contraversy...But hey to a NON BOXING FAN like youreself there's always figure skating...

posted by Grrrlacher at 06:35 PM on March 30

Boxer Mesi Ready to Make Comeback

p0p3y3 do you even know boxing? You would have to go back almost 10yrs since the last time toney lost you call that shitty? I do agree with you the Heavyweight Division is the worst it's been in over 10 yrs.,.,.And as far as toney/tarver/wright....tarver and wright might need to spend 7-8 months eating at Golden Coral everyday till they reach the Heavyweight limit.,.,.,Today all the talent in boxing is at lightweight/welterweight/middleweight divisions.....p.s. I say let him fight 10 specialist is enough Insurance for me...Now as far as talent I couldn't help out Mesi....

posted by Grrrlacher at 05:09 PM on March 30

Twenty five Rickey Henderson anecdotes

That was awesome....I laughed my ass off at the mike gallegos comment!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 01:43 PM on March 30

Taste the Excitement.

Is there asphalt and rubber flavored?

posted by Grrrlacher at 01:35 PM on March 30

'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

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NFL Curtails End Zone Celebrations

Barry here's a link on the 3 owners who voted NO on the celebration....***spoiler****If your to lazy I'll give you a hint....John Wayne/Eroll Flynn/1988 winter olympic gold medal (downhill ski champ)........(jeopardy them song in background)......

posted by Grrrlacher at 10:15 PM on March 29

NFL Curtails End Zone Celebrations

I honestly think end-zone celebrations are awesome,everything from chad johnson to Tony Hill (old school) and even eveyone's whippin boy T.O. and I also like class acts like Marvin Harrison, Barry Sanders and Marshall Faulk...BUT cannot stand A-hole like Ivin,Carter,and Sanders who would get a 3-5 yrd reception and would celebrate doing the 1st down sign.....GOD that would piss me off.....

posted by Grrrlacher at 10:05 PM on March 29

'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit


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'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

No, child support is for everything that a child needs, including a computer, dance lessons, summer camp, and other legitimate expenses. forgot piano lessons,finishing school, Arabian stallion pony,stock in microsoft,summer home,Bi monthly vacation get aways....did I forget any????

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'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

just don't know how this woman can be judged to be milking him when he pays her far less than 1% of his income a year. If she is wasting his money on drugs or her Mexican family, then I think a decent father would do more than ask for the money back, don't you think? I have plenty enough information to judge him to be a jerk. WTF are you talking about? Drugs on her Mexican Family? Are you even reading the post before you reply? I guess everyone in mexico growns and sells drugs...Fuck it let's go ahead and turn it into a Immigration debate whiel where at it......oh and Atheist very well said!!

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'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

If Roszell (The girls mother) knew that their "love child" heather had no attended daycare in over 5 years why didn't she mentioned anything to Johnson or the Attorney General in her area? If I was over charged on a regular monthly basis on my car payment I would defianatly want my money back!!(I know a car and a child is totally diffrent but just trying to make a quick point)......By the way If I had the money Johnson had I would not have a problem paying 2-3 times that amount...

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Brackets trashed around the country.

George Mason's new mascot!!!

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U.S. thrown a curve; Cuba cries foul

Vetteman, If you could possible scroll to the top of the page you will see in white bold letters "SPORTSFILTER" comments related to sports, try to keep your politcal views to yourself and post comments related to the TOPIC....oh and by the way I blame katrina on

posted by Grrrlacher at 10:04 AM on March 25

U.S. thrown a curve; Cuba cries foul

I got 3-1 odds on doggstarr....keep working the jab and follow up with an overhead right...

posted by Grrrlacher at 08:30 AM on March 25

No Crying for Big Baby: LSU Takes Out Duke

I wonder who DICK VITALE will cheer for now?

posted by Grrrlacher at 08:18 AM on March 24

So long Joey.

I drank the Kool-Aid, as the saying goes "The sun shines on a dog's ass once in a while" I think kitna had his shot when Palmer went down 3 minutes into the 1st quarter and coudn't do anything. He will long live in mediocracy along with 96 % of the rest of the worthless Qb's around the league.

posted by Grrrlacher at 12:37 PM on March 22

World-record bass boated in California

You guys get impressed with almost anything around here. I have a Bass on my wall that talks and sings...NOW that's impressive!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:43 AM on March 22

So long Joey.

Mr Bismarck I hear you brother I'm a long time bears fan and I can promise our list would max out the bandwith at the site....The last good Qb was mcmachon and your going back to before 1991!!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 04:45 PM on March 21

So long Joey.

First of you can't blame Joey, blame the lions(The Ford family) you can't bake a cake without the correct main ingridients. Second you go from Harrington to Kitna and McCown!?!?....That's awesome 1 mediocare Qb for the price of 2....Maybe the ford family should go to a confrence with the KRAFT or HEINZ family they can teach them a thing or too.....

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:59 AM on March 21

T.O. in Big D

your a moron byrdman822, all your OPINIONS are assenine and have no merit.....I believe the clay aiken site is looking for fans do us all the favor......

posted by Grrrlacher at 02:21 PM on March 20

Wily Mo Pena traded to BoSox for Bronson Arroyo, Cash

As a Yankee's fan we will definitely miss arroyo. He is our rivera......

posted by Grrrlacher at 01:18 PM on March 20

T.O. in Big D

NFL NETWORK COMMERCIAL:...Pre-season......"You know the first thing I would do is fire Mike Holmgren"....."That Drew Rosenhaus sure knows how to manage his clients...yeah that dude's money"....." I like the bears but I don't see them winning more than 5 games this year".....Mid season EVEYBODY Terrell Owens what assh*le,pr1ck,crybaby....etc.....2006.....REAL COWBOY fans what an asshole,cry baby,etc.....PSEUDO cowboy fans...hooray, where gonna win the super bowl,you guys are jeulous,haters........props go to all REAL fans.....

posted by Grrrlacher at 02:19 PM on March 18

T.O. in Big D

cl,Gobirds I had not thought about that till you mentioned it.....I can just imagine it now..."Terrell Owens hospitalized after Crazed Eagles fans stuffs philly cheesesteak down his throat"......One can only dream!!!!

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T.O. in Big D

No sgtcookzane your wrong it's : Dallas + TO + Another QB + Better Offensive Line + Another Offensive line coach + 2 more DB's and a better kicker = 8-8 season.......

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T.O. in Big D


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Kahne captures pole, but Lester steals show

Holy shit isn't that the 6th or 7th sign of the apocalypse?....I kidd, I kidd....congrats long time comming!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 12:04 AM on March 18

The biggest loser in the history of sports

INOALOSER here's that loser A-ROD stats I think your right they look really shitty to me.....

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:56 PM on March 17

The biggest loser in the history of sports

Just to let you all know I am the all time leading scorer with the generals Here's a pic of me back in the day the use to call me "whitethunder" hope you like.....

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:46 PM on March 17

Steve Nash spends endorsement cash on Paraguay hospital

rcade that sounds a little like chuck's facts!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 02:12 PM on March 16

Steve Nash spends endorsement cash on Paraguay hospital

Keep going guys this is gonna get good.....oh and chico sorry about the hairs...

posted by Grrrlacher at 02:09 PM on March 16

USC bballer 0wnzrd by Cal fan club

That was PRICELESS and it seem some people really need to relax.....mjkredliner you by any chance don't have any kids in sports....If you do remember it's only a GAME relax...oh and by the way I think this is probably the best I've ever seen....maybe I'm wrong...

posted by Grrrlacher at 12:11 PM on March 16

An Englishman's view of an American sports icon.

What a bunch of bullshit!!!! Why doesn't he write an article about how Racism run's rampant on English futbol!!! Then little girls are pulled out of the crowd by the cheerleaders, lined up and taught a hip-gyrating dance routine that ends with pronounced pelvic thrusts. My female companion - a British sociologist who specialises in sport and gender - nearly chokes on her salted popcorn. So showing nudity on British tv shows is o.k. but she's offended by this? Strange how they like to call the kettle black but............

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:45 AM on March 16

"Doc" Gooden back in jail,

Speaking of smells sandi you are aware women shave their armpits in the States?

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"Doc" Gooden back in jail,

That was SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPELADIOUS the way you know all those BIG words very impressed......***note to self, stop by barnes and nobles pick up Dictonary***

posted by Grrrlacher at 05:35 PM on March 15

"Doc" Gooden back in jail,

yerfatma I can't get queen's "another one bite's the dust" song out of my head.......good try sandi from germany......

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USA MNT receives highest ever FIFA ranking: Number 5.

This are alot more the way you have to scroll down halfways...

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America's Favorite Player Released.

WOW, It's amazing to me how EVEYBODY (friends, chat rooms, threads, talk radio, etc....)would talk nothing but trash about T.O. some of you really want him on your team? That's just sad, that's almost as pathetic as fair weather fans or band wagon fans (Isn't strange how I didn't see any patriots caps this year after the 8th or 9th week) T.O. belongs only in one place, RETIRED.....or maybe playing basketball with the washigton generals or baseball with bingo long and the traveling all-stars!!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 11:17 AM on March 15

Baseball's Best Burger

Isn't that a Luther Burger?.....p.s. ...I hope you all have a pop up blocker.....

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Anti-Castro Sign at Ballgame Causes Stir

"Unfortunately his grammar is horrible. He wants to say "Down with Fidel", but the message is lost in translation. Sports and politics suck together. He should have kept his rhetoric to himself... I think" Who's grammar are you reffering to? Abajo Fidel, is correct..make sure you read the link before you make any comments...."FREEDOM OF SPEECH" I don't believe you need a definition for you?

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Football terms from around the world.

who's blancos? You mean BLANCO.....I don't know about being a pussy but he's definatly an asshole.

posted by Grrrlacher at 12:11 PM on March 09

Shit, fan. Fan, shit.

*Barry(asterisk) Bonds*.....nuff said

posted by Grrrlacher at 07:29 PM on March 07

Kirby Puckett Passes Away

Kirby will definatly be missed, brings back alot of baseball memories playing little league.....hopefully he's playing "pepper" with a few greats of days gone bye......Godbless

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Two Vikings claim discrimination.

There has to be over 50 post on this thread 99.1% have NOTHING to do with the title....I call for a complete deletion......It's sad to see how many incloset bigots SF has just sad...oh banhammer on gdritsas should never post here again.....

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Week 1 MLB power rankings released.

WOW ESPN has smoked itself retarded...The athletics 2nd? Here's my top 10----> 1)White Sox 2)Yankees 3)Red Sox 4)Cardinals 5)Angels 6)Blue Jays 7)Mets 8)Braves 9)Texas 10)Astros (If clemens comes back) ****notice Athletics would be near 15-20********

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