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Most influential players in NBA History

Spudd Webb...he did it for the little people

posted by at 12:35 PM on August 03

Red Sox 3B Lowell on Fidel Castro: "I hope he does die."

Talk to someone who lived in Cuba then slam Lowell.Like it makes any difference what we think or how that country should be ran.Next blowup boat to leave Cuba departs in 3 minutes.All aboard........

posted by at 12:34 PM on August 03

Is Mac deserving?

We stood downwind from the smoke ya dope.Like burning 3 roid bat's is worse than the pollution or even the air in your house.Actually,the bats were ash, pretty much with the laquer shaved off.Thanks for your concern tho.I'm jilted,i loved baseball more than anything until all this shit came out.If i had a Sammy bat,the cork would of made the fire last longer....

posted by at 06:30 AM on July 24

Is Mac deserving?

The best thing i ever did was throw my Mac,Bonds,Raffie bats into the backyard firepit while all my friends cheered(all gamers i might add).Wait until they all get full blown cancer in a few years,which they will.Then what,blame the hotdogs from the ballpark for the cancer?

posted by at 06:40 PM on July 23

An Indictment for Bonds?

They're going to nail him next week.That kid who caught the 715 ball better sell it fast,to some shmuck.

posted by at 11:27 AM on July 13

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked

I'll plunk you and your momma for half of what they get paid.

posted by at 03:18 PM on June 15

St Louis' Ankiel out for season

Of all the game bats i own,his is the only one still tucked away in a dark corner.I'll never forget the quote"He's the next Sandy Koufax".After all i did to get that gamer.I'll trade it for a piece of gum that Albert Belle chewed,any takers?

posted by at 05:09 PM on June 14

Feds trying to hush Bond's Ex Wife

Wait until they all get cancer down the road and want us all to feel sorry for them.Then they'll all come clean,write a book and we'll all buy it,maybe not all of us, but that's what will happen.

posted by at 06:56 AM on June 10

Umpire gets physical

I miss probie,what a great brawler.

posted by at 08:18 AM on June 08

So much for Pujol's run at the HR and RBI records

All those big homer guy's were juiced,c'mon.Albert was not that big his rookie year, i have many pic's from spring training to prove it.He probally stopped when the hammer came down like the rest of them.Great player yes,alway's has been.Juiced in the beginning,yes.Now,if they test negative there is nothing you can do but you have to be goofy to think he was never on supplements.Denial is killing the average baseball fan for sure.I'm not taking anything away from him,he's great to watch and got shafted on the MVP because of Baroid Bonds.Dont' forget.. roids causes many injuries that would normally never happen even after years of not using.

posted by at 03:06 PM on June 04

Gooden: "I'd rather get shot than come back here"

I feel bad for any addict suffering.We all know somebody who suffer's.......Can't take away how great he was, even if it was for a short time.

posted by at 08:45 AM on May 31

Chelios to return to Red Wings

I still recall him on the local radio station saying"i'd never leave Chicago and go to the rivals".Soon after he left his restaurant seemed to slowly diminish.Then he goes to the Wings and play's like he never did in Chicago.He was like a new player.I know,money and all that but he could of did better here and gave us our money's worth.

posted by at 01:56 PM on May 25

Barry Bonds to get an Asterisk in Record Book *

Asterisk everything from 1986 on.....around then only a few real players stand out.Brett,Molitor,Yount,Bench,Carter,Morgan,Gwynn,Henderson,Ripken,Winfield,Fisk,Rose,Perez,and a few more.If these guy's juiced ,i'd really have no respect for the game.I'm hanging on hoping it will clean up, but i have to go back to these player's au natural.Mays,Aaron,Williams the last 3 greats. Ruth....alot of lobbed balls thrown to him and hardly anyone reached into the 90mph range.I take it for what it's worth.I only have these to keep me interested.In fact,Maris was probally the last REAL natural when it comes to single season hr's.God save the game.........

posted by at 01:51 PM on May 25

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

You block the plate,you get ran over.Gosh,everybody forget's how to play the game.It's all sissyfied.I dont expect anything less from a team that's touted as winners all the time, with loser fans and bad management to pull what they did.Totally low class and the catcher explains later how kids were watching,duh.And they wonder why they never get my money for 4 years now.That was worse than the fan who slugged the Royals coach but the tribune will spin it around and the dummy fans will side with usuall.Wait another 100 years cub fans.....The punch was weak also,equal to a hockey punch 3 inches away.

posted by at 07:31 AM on May 21

Garner, Springer suspended for "beaning" Bonds

Well,at least when i went to college i learned how to spell words.( You dumb jock)...and you refer to Forrest Gump,now who's really the tard?For all i know i'm arguing with a cornhole ingrate who obviously barely skated thru the education system.Fat and bald now, working at walmart to boot.And to Folkway's...take it any way you want to. Have a nice day

posted by at 08:46 PM on May 20

Garner, Springer suspended for "beaning" Bonds

Maybe a helmet shot like Sosa got would of started his downward streak of slowly fading away.All these ballplayer's are pussies.Especially with all the body armour Bonds wears...mommmy....i got hit by a ball today.....

posted by at 06:07 AM on May 20

The other half of number 714

I'm saddened that he will pass the record....

posted by at 08:35 AM on May 04

Win or lose, Guillen stays the same

I never liked him personally and we all know he was always cocky but a ring is a ring.It's all about team chemistry and he deserves a good grade.I live not far from the park and i'm glad to say i've stuck to my guns and have not been to that park in over 7 years.But good for him and the team.... but they don't get my money anymore...

posted by at 09:26 PM on April 28


Wilt i agree would of stuffed Mike in the paint. Like Gretzky not taking a hit to the boards,Mike was able to travel alot. Kobe could of hung playing with the old schoolers but Mike, i see him whining alot if he played back then. His way,or no way.Living here i heard the stories from some writers how all the other players on the Bulls feared him. He was thier poster boy and almost lost it all with his gambling fix. I know this,he sucked at baseball...

posted by at 09:10 AM on April 17

Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer

Ankiel and Dickey,2 guy's i will hardly forget.

posted by at 08:38 PM on April 07

Bonds gets needled by fan at PetCo Park

I want to throw the game bat he gave me back in 1989 at him, or ask if he'd like to buy it for his shrine to himself.I'll never attend another game untill the roid factor is cleared.And it hurt's me deeply what continues to be swept under the rug .Minor league games start in 2 weeks.....

posted by at 07:13 PM on April 04

Ex-DePaul coach Ray Meyer dies at 92

Back in 1983,i was lucky or crazy to join one of his summer b-ball camp's. So i learned a few moves,ate well and i have to tell you...he scared the living crap out of me. He was so intimidating and straight forward. You picked up real quick what he was teaching. In the end we were all better players but he instilled self confidence in a matter of days and everyone left with the same attitude,play hard,play fair and never give up. He was a great man in the end and i was lucky to have been taught a thing or two from him.

posted by at 09:15 PM on March 17

Schmidt: McGwire should be in Hall; Palmeiro tougher

I've collected for years,bats,balls,photo's and i got rid of every autograph that i felt were roid users.You know who hangs on the wall now...Brett,Stargell,Murphy,Molitor,Gwynn.Mac cheated,Rose lied,Buck O'neill has promoted baseball for 50 years and get's shafted on the vote,but a white lady who owned a team for 2 years gets elected.I'm baffled at all of the things baseball is doing to drive me further away.I can't wait for maybe 15 or so years when half the players from circa 1986-2005 all get cancer from this crap.Not wishing it on them, but if they used,they'll lose.Hall of Fame is a joke and has been for years.I'm at a loss for words on all the bad things that have happened...all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$

posted by at 07:01 PM on February 28

sammy sosa rejects offer

I always thought he was horrible with his over sized gloved,missing pop fly's in the sun...and he grew up playing where the sun shines 365 days a year.A total tool who no matter how many dingers he has,cheated...more than once.

posted by at 06:05 PM on February 15

True Fan or Greedy Fan?

I'd milk them for everything. Stupid Steve Bartman could of made millions with the foul ball incident(like to see a 5'4 Moise Alou jump 10 feet)and could of milked.The player's nor owners care about you no matter what you think.Get what you can,they do.

posted by at 06:21 PM on January 31

The Big Hurt Becomes an A

It's only been 3 seasons where his numbers dwindled due to injury.Before that, he was the most dominant player naturally and i'm glad i had the chance to see him jack some dingers.I sort of feel bad for him,minus the money and hookers,he was there for a long time and deserved props for stellar numbers.Like i said,one of the few guy's who did it naturally.He'll have 50 homers no doubt with the A's and change is good for some of these guys late in thier careers.

posted by at 08:26 PM on January 25

Professional Football Continues to be the Nationís Favorite Sport

It's a automatic sell chico.I think the Nascar people could care less about trying to convince people to watch.The one's that do are true to the sport,passed down from generations.They are actually pretty quiet, that way they control everything including revenue.It is the largest gathering of white people in the world besides european soccer.The joke was "it's the kkk having a large meeting without the hoods".

posted by at 07:34 PM on January 19

Professional Football Continues to be the Nationís Favorite Sport

I think NASCAR has some great number's also.They lead the pack for attendance,sales and merchandise if i'm not mistaken.I can only watch the last 3 minutes or my neck will snap from going in a circle 400 times.

posted by at 06:29 PM on January 19


I caught the game the other day(Flyers),free ticket and i have to say....they have some major problems to address. It was my 1st game in almost 3 years and i'm very disappointed.Not just because i live here but there's no aggression,completly flat they are.The new salary cap i thought would give the Hawks a chance to pick from the even crop of talent.The scouts,management must have had thier heads in the toilet.Gosh,will hockey ever try to win me back as a fan as much as i love the game.I think i have to ride a new bandwagon to get some sort of decent satisfaction.

posted by at 07:15 PM on January 13

How far can taunting go before it's too far?

When Theo was here in Chicago,he was a trainwreck. The Hawk's are still a wreck,nothing's changed. Anyhow,i played alot of ball in my day and got heckled alot. I welcomed it,no thin skin here buddy. I never once thought about going after someone in the stands or street. It's talk,part of the game. The guy's that say it bothers them have the problem. Opinion's vary..........

posted by at 08:21 PM on January 11