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can anyone explain any of this to me please... (Terms of cricket)????

Also I wanted to mention what this guy did sounds amazing even though I have no clue what it means.

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Wie gets playoff victory over Webb

Who cares she still hasn't proved anything so she is doing OK as a teen. Who knows what will happen in the next couple of years she could never win a thing, and we should remember her why???? Because she hasn't won anything and she has all these major endorsments. I think everyone needs to stop endorsing this girl until she wins something and like they say second place is still losing so once Wie does something to prove herself I won't acknowledge her. Just my thoughts even they aren't worth much these days.

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Son of colts coach commited suicide

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Son of colts coach commited suicide

Oh and the Dungy's are Christians so if that's the case it really is what they believe in.

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Son of colts coach commited suicide Suicide is a sin and it is one of the ten commandments takeing a life without just reason is a sin even if it is taking your own life.

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Stewart Rips NASCAR For 'Dangerous' Racing

Yeah and if they slow the cars down and take to many percautions all they are going to do is turn more people off of NASCAR. Hey it's the risk you take to make all that money and if your only going 150mph no one will watch so stop your cry babying "Stewart" and keep collecting those big checks your getting because your going balls to the wall and people are loving every minute of it. Oh and that's right you are not forgotten THREEEEEEEEEEEE I know he wouldn't want it any other way either pedal to the metal driving as fast as possible.

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Raiders look to the past for a coach,

As long as he brings back the old Silver and Black toughness I don't see the Raiders going anywhere. Right now they are a bunch of pansy's running around in thier tu tu's

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Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

I only have one thing to say everyone knows the real truth. Even those steeler fans that are in denile the seahawks were cheated the refs seemed to only make the calls as soon as seattle made a big play. WHY you ask? To kill the MO yeah that's right when do you hold an opposing QB to a 20 passer rating and gain almost 400 yards and, still lose the game you may ask this question also. Yeah you know the awnser everyone FUCKING PISS POOR Officiating. It's ok NFL you got what you wanted the FAT bus his title and the CRY BABY WARD his MVP. WHOOPTY fucking doo it's to bad you had to cheat to do it fucking terrible towel waving refs. Ok good day all and congrats steelers even though it means nothing because it is a tainted win and always will be to all true football fans.

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As if anyone needed extra motivation.!discloc=.ee93966 Check out this page and then come talk about Porter and all the smoke he is blowing out his own ass. "If someone else would of said it I would of probally let it ride" STFU ok just wanted everyone to see his full comments and not just the bullshit espn puts out there.

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As if anyone needed extra motivation.

Ok I will retract my statement saying it's not a guarrantee so it is but the media did hype it up. Even so I still guarrantee Walt will treat him like a little bitch and stevens isn't a small guy either and he will hand Porter his ass in a handbag. So be it. I said it, and the little short bus isn't going anywhere with whatever kind of motivation you give him......

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As if anyone needed extra motivation.

All Stevens said was the Bus wasn't going home with any trophy and then the media gets ahold of it and BAM it's a guarrantee for victory and Porter shoots his FAT mouth off. I guarrantee that BIG WALT puts him on his ass many times so if getting knocked on his ass motivates him. SO BE IT!!! Go HAWKS!!!!!!!

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All the skills and no future

Listen LOSER was Taylor armed on the field when he spit on Pittman no I don't think so. Get your facts strait. Also if all you can do is quote movies don't open your mouth. oh and FYI I am from THE big city LA, but none of the matters right now people are just tired of your UNINFORMED comments you've been here all of 18 days and all your comments are bullshit so keep your cocksucker closed and open it when you have something intelligent to say....

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All the skills and no future

BlogZilla...... First off don't come into my thread making bullshit accusations exspecially about RACE you fucking jackoff. This thread is about a young man who has so much talent but, potentionally has thrown his career down the drain if any of these charges stand. Oh and yes Sean Taylor needs some serious help because if he spit in my face I would of done more than slap him in the helmet being spit on is on of the lowest thing you can do to a person it degrades you and says your lower than dirt.

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Seattle SuperSeahawks

WTF GO my seachickens finally have done it. Steelers don't have a chance in two weeks sorry big ben you and the bus will be grounded. Everyone have a goodnight because I am going to have a great one......

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Seattle SuperSeahawks

Yeah baby it's about fucking time it's been all of my 26 years on this planet and it is great party at my place tonight............................................... What a blow out way to do it in commanding fashion

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Official was wrong

Different play there coach learn what your talking about yes the first int he had was not one he did let the ball hit the ground they are talking about the second INT where he did catch the ball and roll over twice and went to get up and his knee knocked the ball out of his own hands that was a catch no ???????'s asked the ref was wrong and should be suspended and put back threw the school.......

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Seahawks Soar Over Washington

Well all I can say is na na na, na na na goodbye skins WAY TO GO HAWKS!!!!!!!! and as far as the bears are concerned they won't even beat the panthers tommorow, and thats ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!!!!!! Hasselbeck stepped up when he had to gave me a few scares with some of his crazy plays but he did what he had to. Oh and what about D JACK what a baller. Next week with Shaun back no team has a chance against my SEACHICKENS as us Washingtonias like to call them.

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Heisman winner Bush declares for NFL draft


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Lendale White leaving USC

AP just reported that Bush has declared to skip his senior sesion

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Lendale White leaving USC

Once again don't open the mouth until the facts are strait he had more touchdowns than bush but bush as the overall yard lead ok so he didn't out rush he out scored reggie. Ok just wanted to get that fact strait. I am glad he is going to the NFL he is a great back as is Bush.

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Lendale White leaving USC

As I can see a few of you know alittle about football but most of you know SHIT!!! Lendale will be a good pro back as will Reggie as for saying Reggie has no power that is where you are mistaken he can punnish you when you least expect it I have never seen bush take a hard hit he usually is giving one. He will do fine in the big dance as a RB/Reciever out of the backfield he is built just like Tomlinson of the chargers oh and hey they also train together. Well anyways jackasses that can't even spell "College" don't make ASSumptions. They will both have great pro careers.

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

panthers should rest their starters now and let them get ready for chi next weekend

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

why is noone gaurding smith????

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

lol 3 pass attempts of 10 or more yards this half and all of them picked off

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

and now the boos start

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

ha ha ha 3 picks

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

look at this game that's why his whole season has been like this

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2

Sorry about the caps didn't know you looked at it as yelling

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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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NFL 2006 Pick-Em Playoffs SportsFilter Lounge Day 2


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Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead

...... Speechless...... To the Dungy's GodBless you and to the Colts sorry about your season it all seems to mean nothing right now. Also I am so sorry about saturday because the Seahawks will show no mercy for your coaches horriable loss. They to are on a mission to break important club records. But back to the seriousness of this thread I am speechless, and I can't imagine what that family is going through right now.

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Lions fire Steve Mariucci.

Don't worry stevie boy someone else will hire you maybe SF will take you back god knows they need a coach over there. You had no chance in Detroit they have the curse of Barry. Nothing but dead beats in detroit anyways. I guess the final straw was starting Joey on sunday and not Jeff. It's alright thier careers are over too. Joey will never be better than a 3rd stringer and Jeff has been washed up for years now.

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NFL tries to sell to women

Well back to the post.... It's crazy down here in SoCal we have many Raiders fan stores and they always have these pink raider shirts which is funny in it's own way you know how the raiders are so TOUGH!!! So it's a joke seeing a woman walking around with a pink raiders shirt.....

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Michael Irvin Arrested

Sounds like ole Michael is up to some old tricks what did you expect once a bum always a bum.....

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