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Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

T.O. was "used?!" He was paid handsomely to do a "JOB." While he was doing his "JOB," he took every opportunity to disgrace his team mates, his sport, and his fans.

posted by Grobowski at 05:30 PM on December 16

Bears OL'men Fined 50G's Each

Fighting is fighting. Get caught....Pay the price

posted by Grobowski at 12:23 AM on December 10

Why do the Lions always play on Thanksgiving day?

The way I hear it; back in the 60's the networks wanted teams (any teams) to play on Thanksgiving and not other teams wanted to play except Detroit and Dallas. They played and was a huge ratings success. Later, other teams wanted in on the action, but Detroit and Dallas then and now have the exclusive right to host the Thanksgiving games.

posted by Grobowski at 11:14 PM on November 25