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Francona says Manny Out for All-Star Game

jersey girl,take a pill and get some sleep1

posted by sleeper57 at 09:35 AM on July 06

Fans Storm Court After Hoyas Stop Duke

humans1,see ya' at Tournament time.DUKE will be there at the END!

posted by sleeper57 at 07:39 PM on January 21 reports Paul Konerko not signing with the Boston Red Sox

Trust me,dyams,Thome is a stiff.

posted by sleeper57 at 09:18 PM on November 30

WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

Part of the problem is the Sox were a bad draw period. In the Central Division,especially in Cleveland,nobody wanted tickets to see them play all season.Only the last 4 sold out games, when Cleveland had a chance at the playoffs, games did anyone CARE.

posted by sleeper57 at 04:55 PM on October 28

Podsednik's shot sinks Astros in Game 2

Do the UMPIRES have money on the White Sox in Vegas?

posted by sleeper57 at 08:52 PM on October 24