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Billy Crystal joins the Yankees.

Whats the fun being rich and famous if you can't use it to do all the cool stuff us working slobs always dreamed of doing? I say go Billy go! Lay down a killer bunt, and pull a hamstring on the way to first base to honor all the guys who will never get the chance.

posted by yankee0758 at 04:33 PM on March 11

Tiki Barber joins NBC.

I've always liked Tiki Barber, he seems like a nice guy. I wish him well in his new carreer. I have a feeling he'll be good at it. Also, i really like his torches, I have a few on my deck

posted by yankee0758 at 05:34 PM on February 13

The heat got to Wie

I hated those alagitimates in high school, they always gave me a headache.

posted by yankee0758 at 08:59 AM on July 23

The heat got to Wie

you and blue carp must be related. Sisters?

posted by yankee0758 at 06:17 AM on July 23

Buck O'Neil leads off

Man, look at that guy. I hope i look that good when i'm 60!

posted by yankee0758 at 10:01 PM on July 18

18 ex-Steelers have died since 2000

luther, buy a comma, jeez

posted by yankee0758 at 06:26 PM on July 18

Barbaro fighting for his life

I'm not going to send Big Ben an apple, and if Kobe breaks his leg, i wonder if the talk would be about stud fees

posted by yankee0758 at 02:53 PM on July 15

Jean Strahan hints that Michael is gay.

Thanks for proving my point jersygirl

posted by yankee0758 at 04:06 PM on June 21

Jean Strahan hints that Michael is gay.

See? thats why there's divorce. women don't get sarcasm

posted by yankee0758 at 04:00 PM on June 21

Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

After the first shot that hit the tree. Mickleson should have snaped his fingers at bones, and held out his hand for another ball, aka Roy McElvoy in Tin that would have been priceless! The result would have been about the same anyway.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:04 AM on June 21

Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

Oh, and by the way, if your floors are perfectly level, your house was built in the last year. they all settle

posted by yankee0758 at 12:49 PM on June 19

Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

This isn't the first time, and probably not the last, that Mickelson has made a bonehead decision on a sunday afternoon. I don't begrudge him for hitting driver, it was the second bonehead shot that did him in.He could have still salvaged bogey, and lived to play another day. Still, no matter who you are, they were all pressure shots.

posted by yankee0758 at 12:45 PM on June 19

Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

Very simple, why just the other day i made a 30 footer in my living room. Alittle left to right breaker.And thats not easy with Berman babbling about something or other when i'm trying to focus.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:53 AM on June 19

Tiger's Weekend May Be Cut Short

Ican't imagine having to return to work, no matter what my job , after losing a parent, and having 50 microphones stuck in my face. I thought Tiger handaled himself quite well considering how he played.

posted by yankee0758 at 09:43 PM on June 16

Marketing the Grief [flash]

The first time i saw a Nike product was back in the mid '70's. One of the track guys (i played baseball) brought in a pair of shoes that were light, cheap, and well made.Curiously the logo looked similar to puma's logo, who were one of the most popular athletic shoe companies of that time. Fast forward about 15 years, i was coaching a HS base ball team, and it seemed everything these kids had on , from there shoes to there hat, to include there gloves, had the Nike swoosh on it. I wonder how Puma's doing these days?

posted by yankee0758 at 11:25 AM on June 15

Marketing the Grief [flash]

I think it's a nice tribute to Tiger and his father. I prefer Nikes well thought out ad , to the cheesy voiceover piece i'm sure CBS will run numerous times on sunday while i'm trying to watch the tournement.

posted by yankee0758 at 06:45 PM on June 14

Other dancer called rape charge a "crock"

I'm all verclempt, until the langoleer's arive, discuss amongst yourselves. Heres a topic: Will thedeath of Al-Zagwari have any ramifications in the muslim world, in regards to the world cup?

posted by yankee0758 at 08:43 AM on June 09

So it really was the putter that deralied Tiger at the Masters

.......or overcompensate for the next shot, causing the classic blade into the bunker across the green

posted by yankee0758 at 02:40 PM on June 08

So it really was the putter that deralied Tiger at the Masters

Golf clubs are delicate instruments, the loft and lie change gradualy over time,even with just normal play. The shaft flex also becomes looser, and allows more twist, and the grips become worn. they should be tuned up at least once a year. In my case, being left handed, its usually cheaper just to buy new. at least thats the line i feed my wife, and sofar she's none the wiser

posted by yankee0758 at 01:30 PM on June 08

Will Wie make history?

jeez Halomaster, first day on the job and your already showing your ass. go back to your putt-putt course

posted by yankee0758 at 03:01 PM on June 06

Will Wie make history?

It's obvoius that you can't figure it out. Your tired of hearing about Michelle Wie, and yet, you won't stop talking about her. Do what i do, everytime something about hockey comes up, i ignore it.

posted by yankee0758 at 01:08 PM on June 06

Move over, Annika

yeah thanks chicobangs, i spit pepsi all over my keyboard, ha ha

posted by yankee0758 at 03:58 PM on June 05

Will Wie make history?

joecab: Ihope you got the extended warranty on that crystal ball. Five years is a long time to wait to discover you have a defective product.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:18 AM on June 05

Will Wie make history?

And of course FtheRedSux, using CAPS to emphisize your inane position is the way to go. I imagine while in a foriegn country you yell louder to make english easier to understand.

posted by yankee0758 at 09:15 AM on June 05

Must be the 'stache

His wife and her lawyer will look nice tooling around in that sweet ride.

posted by yankee0758 at 07:40 PM on June 01

Taking an interview off the Sutcliffe

After the game, Sutcliffe and Murray visited the Padres clubhouse. When Sutcliffe introduced Murray toinfielder Mark Bellhorn, who was seated, the actor hugged the infielder tightly and the two tumbled onto the ground. By Bernie Wilson AP

posted by yankee0758 at 11:13 AM on May 12

Taking an interview off the Sutcliffe

Are you sure thats Rick Sutcliffe? It sounds like Tommy Chong, lol

posted by yankee0758 at 10:15 AM on May 12

Going Long for Jesus

it seem the belief in god may go hand in hand with allsorts of sorted crap (as he walks away slowly he flings his bat at the empire)

posted by yankee0758 at 11:04 AM on May 11

Going Long for Jesus

man, oh man

posted by yankee0758 at 03:47 PM on May 10

Young Suspended 50 games

your right grum, he'll play major league ball no matter what ,short of murder. i'm looking for most close calls to go against him early in his career. Umpires have long memories.

posted by yankee0758 at 08:05 PM on May 09

Young Suspended 50 games

Is this really the right guy to be working with youth ballplayers? Perhaps a better community service would have been to umpire some games.See how the other half lives

posted by yankee0758 at 06:48 PM on May 09

Johnson Waxes Off:

There are 4500 private golf clubs, of which 24 are male only nationwide. This doesn't even take into account the puplic courses out there. I don't really think women are missing out with this ratio. The bigger issue is premium tee times being reserved for men at clubs both public and private. It's getting better, but, i've still seen this policy at a public course within the last year. Prehaps this is where more energy should be focused in regards to equal access to women at golf clubs.

posted by yankee0758 at 06:07 PM on May 09

Johnson Waxes Off:

-lets not talk about the Red Sox or Yankees...- They ARE private businesses, and, they CAN do what they want. How many women have ever played for either team? Why is that? Does that mean we can't talk about them? I guess i don't understand what you mean by your comments

posted by yankee0758 at 02:51 PM on May 09

Johnson Waxes Off:

26 years in the army, where women are refered to as females, and men are refered to as males. just a habit, no offense meant

posted by yankee0758 at 01:49 PM on May 09

Johnson Waxes Off:

if we are going to see a female in a major, it will probably be the U.S. Open, where you can qualify at a regional site.

posted by yankee0758 at 01:03 PM on May 09

Johnson Waxes Off:

Augusta owns the masters. its an invitation only tournanent.

posted by yankee0758 at 01:01 PM on May 09

Johnson Waxes Off:

it doesn't matter if they agree or not it's a PRIVATE club. they make the rules, and accept who they want as members. again you certainly have the right to start your own club,and run it as you want

posted by yankee0758 at 09:23 PM on May 06

Johnson Waxes Off:

having lots of money isn't the only criteria to get into augusta, it didn't help Bill Gates. Who was turned down

posted by yankee0758 at 07:55 PM on May 06

Johnson Waxes Off:

so how much does it cost to be a memberI'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to afford it. so does that mean i'm being discriminated against?

posted by yankee0758 at 07:14 PM on May 06

Johnson Waxes Off:

its still a private club. start your own club and let in who YOU want.

posted by yankee0758 at 06:32 PM on May 06

Johnson Waxes Off:

as a private club they can include or exclude anyone they want. Having a major tournament at there club exposes them to the forces of public opinion, Augusta allows black members because the negative press was too much to bear for the club, and the PGAtour when Martha threatened the club, Hootie,decided that they could weather that storm bynot selling ads for the broadcast, avoiding a boycot by there sponsors. It was a brilliant move on Hooties part, as it defused the whole issue. In the process making Burke look like the fool. There are many clubs that exclude entire groups of people. They just don't have the media exposure of augusta national.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:17 AM on May 06

How to Turn Winnings Into Losings

Who cares what he does with his money, he earned it. If he wants to blow it all at the casinos, thats his problem. Idon't think you'll see him in any welfare lines anytime soon

posted by yankee0758 at 07:51 PM on May 02

Tiger Makes the Turn at 30

I hope you don't choose stocks for a living. You sound like the guy who said rock and roll is just a fad.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:40 AM on December 30

NFL to return to LA...sometime...somewhere...somehow...

I think they should put a team in Buffalo

posted by yankee0758 at 07:12 AM on November 12

NFL to return to LA...sometime...somewhere...somehow...

I think they should put a team in Buffalo

posted by yankee0758 at 06:38 AM on November 12

A Black Cultural Fiction?

THB, can you put old timey names on the back? like whiskey breath O'Malley, or Spuddsy Macnamara? with one of those, and a case of Jameson. i'll be the star of my family reunion

posted by yankee0758 at 06:23 AM on November 12

A Black Cultural Fiction?

so you and your buddies know the real story? you should contact eric williams. i'm sure right about now he'd be real happy to have some solid proof the league existed..... outside some marketing guys head. i'll bet he'd be suprised also.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:51 PM on November 11

Happy Veterans' Day

I'm a vet, still serving in Iraq, thanks black hand,and thanks sports filter people for keeping me up to date on the latest in the sports world. we don't have t.v. here, and our internet sucks. sometimes its a few days before we can find out the scores of our teams. when i can get on line sports filter is one of my first times i laugh, others just shake my head. it is always entertaining though. you guys keep up the good work. god willing i'll be home in about a month.

posted by yankee0758 at 10:17 PM on November 11

Pat Tillman, Our Hero.

yes, i am posting from iraq, i've been reading comments on this site for about a week, i never thought i'd post, but this topic has been bothering me since sgt tillmans death.maybe if every soldiers death were discussed to this degree.....we could all come home

posted by yankee0758 at 01:56 PM on October 07

Pat Tillman, Our Hero.

interesting, seeing as i'm in iraq right now. i wonder how many sites will discuss my views if i should get wacked. i'm new to the site. thanks for keeping me in the loop guys

posted by yankee0758 at 12:25 PM on October 07