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Newcastle agree 15M+ GBP for Micheal Owen

Owen is getting no playing time at Real Madrid and wants to return to Liverpool. However, Rafael Benitez (Liverpool's manager) really does not want him back as does the board who got 14 million quid for him just two years ago. With the recent departure of Milan Baros to Aston Villa, Benitez has completed the restructiing on his frontline, so to bring Owen back makes no sense. Real Madrid previously put a 17 million pound price tag on Owen, well Liverpool are not going to pay 3 million more than they got to bring him back, that makes no sense! In addition, if Liverpool pulled the trigger on the deal anyway, word is that Owen would have to take a serious pay cut and enjoy more bench time a la his time at Real Madrid! So indeed it appears that Owen best bet to return to full time play is to go to Newcastle, who desperately need help having already started the season 0-3, yikes. If Owen joins Newcastle, certainly their form should improve, paired with the great Alan Shearer up front, the frontline attack would be more formidable. However, as a die-hard Liverpool fan myself I can tell you, don't expect Owen to be Newcastle's saving grace, his history of injury especially groin problems that never seem to heal properly, make his 15 million quid price tag a bit steep for sure. If Owen gets injured yet again, Newcastle could come away as real big losers in the deal.

posted by Rockerdrew at 01:02 PM on August 25