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Cavs finally succeed.

hughes was a good sign but if we dont make the playoffs something is def wrong prob the luck of cleveland

posted by frontboski at 02:06 PM on July 09

Hafner AL player of the month

the tribe will go to the playoffs and it will be by wild card

posted by frontboski at 02:04 PM on July 09

Hafner AL player of the month

but i will say congrats to travis im from cleveland and a die hard indians fan finally something to cheer about

posted by frontboski at 12:17 AM on July 08

Hafner AL player of the month

he maybe of just got hot this month but i believe he got snubbed especially when scott rolen gets in for only playing like 30 games this season

posted by frontboski at 12:12 AM on July 08

Carl Everett opens his pie hole for Maxim

who gives a shit what he says i guess we as americans cant say what we want anymore just because he is a sports star he cant say what he believes i dont remember reading that in the first amendment

posted by frontboski at 10:08 PM on June 16