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SportsFilter Copa America Centenario Pick 'Em

Group A
Colombia (w)

Group B
Brazil (w)

Group C
Uruguay (w)

Group D
Argentina (w)

Stone Enjoy By

posted by wduchene at 09:29 PM on June 03

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Super Bowl-a-Geddon Edition

Team: Seahawks by 7 +1
Receiving: Decker
Rushing: Lynch
1st TD: Harvin
MVP: Wilson
Interception: Chancellor +1
Sack: Ayers
Ad Meter: Anheuser-Busch +1
Points total: 52 points total

posted by wduchene at 02:20 AM on February 02

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Championship Games-a-Ganza Edition

Broncos by 7 +1

Seahawks by 7 +2

P. Manning DEN +1

D. Thomas DEN +1

L. Blount NE

A. Brooks, SF

posted by wduchene at 12:05 AM on January 18

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Round-a-Go-Go Edition

1. Seahawks 7 +2
2. Patriots 3 +1
3. Panthers 1
4. Broncos 6 +2
5. Edelman NE
6. S. Sproles, NO
7. Weddle, SD

posted by wduchene at 11:49 PM on January 10

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Wild-Card-a-Palooza Edition

1. Colts by 6, +1

2. Eagles by 1

3. Chargers by 2, +1

4. Packers by 3

5. Brees, NO

6. McCoy, Phi

7. Mathis, Ind, +1

posted by wduchene at 08:01 AM on January 04

The World's Greatest Athlete?

There is really only one tried and tested scientific way to determine the greatest athlete - Superstars. The Bode Miller suggestion may be correct. Skiers have done very well competing in Superstars. Bode won it, the Herminator also won it and I think I remember Tomba la Bomba being very impressive. Professional skiers seem to be some of the very best athletes. I wonder why? Off topic but Superstars was great TV.

posted by wduchene at 01:45 AM on June 21

Panic in the Peloton

I love cycling but I suspect that it's soon going to be relegated to the backwater. It is now almost impossible for anyone other than Phil Liggett to enjoy a race without a cynical suspicion that the top riders are chemically aided. I agree with David Miller. Jesus Christ.

posted by wduchene at 05:21 PM on July 24

Floyd Makes Dick a Little Testy

That may be one of the best quotes ever. Maybe it is me, but funny is not something I look for in my Drug Tsars. He may be right about Landis, Armstrong and the NHL, but his tendency to overstate undermines WADA. Landis didn't think it was funny.

posted by wduchene at 10:51 AM on January 13

USA Men's Soccer

The longer it stays quiet the more likely it becomes that Klinsmann will be the new manager. I think they don't want to make it look like he quit Germany for the USA. I hope it stays out of the news for a while longer. I'll gladly wait as long as it takes for the Golden Bomber.

posted by wduchene at 01:35 AM on August 24