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Bertuzzi argues for reinstatement.

I've noticed that the comments here seem to be ither for, or against a lifetime ban for Betruzzi. There doesn't seem to be much of an issue about Bertuzzi being suspended for the playoffs last year (except maybe among some Canucks fans). Yes, this was a harsh punishment (by NHL standards) in and of itself, but other than that, what has Bertuzzi's punishment consisted of?? No pay? Welcome to strike/lockout... nobody is getting their usual paycheck. Bertuzzi hasn't missed any more games this year than other players. Do you really think he's served his time? Why didn't he apply for reinstatement right after the Canucks were eliminated from the playoffs? Does it make a difference how much time passes if there are no games being played?

posted by marley at 02:04 PM on April 27