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Craig Biggio - Beanball king.

I used to love watching Baylor just turn his shoulder and take the lump. He never made a move to avoid the ball but let's face it he was a bit too big to move quickly enough to avoid a 95 mph fastball. Note too that neither Baylor nor Biggio charged the mound. A lot of people could learn from that.

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Albom probe shows no pattern of deception.

trt, We're reading the same story. Both Squiterri and Albom acted inappropriately. Both did things that deserve firing. But Albom is being protected by the Freep because he's famous. USAT let Squiterri go because he was really just a nobody. (Appearances on Hardball don't exactly count toward fame because nobody watches MSNBC.) I was saying that the different reactions of the employers was because of the fame, or lack of fame, of the employee. It seems to me that Albom should be fired but I think they're not going to because he's famous. The things you listed are the things the employers ought to consider. What I meant was that they are considering more than that.

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Albom probe shows no pattern of deception.

trt, But he wasn't a best-selling author. This is about fame. And just so we're clear: My earlier post should all be attributed to MGoBlog. It wasn't entirely clear, I think, above.

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Albom probe shows no pattern of deception.

The ACC BasketBlog has a slightly different take on this matter. From the Detroit News: "Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom lifted quotes from other publications without attribution and in some stories quotes appeared to be slightly changed from how they appeared elsewhere, according to a Free Press investigation of their embattled star writer." (via MGoBlog) rcade, Here's the link to the Detroit Free Press article.

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Pat Tillman - Choosing to stay in the war and his legacy.

"I have no sympathy." Clearly. And sadly.

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SportsBlogs Nation

"Screw Them" Kos can take a flying leap as far as I'm concerned. I saw that cat on C-SPAN and he made me want to vomit.

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Pat Tillman - Choosing to stay in the war and his legacy.

We should all honor Tillman's sacrifice.

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Cranky Yankee

Screw the Yankees, all due respect. Who cares about them? Not me.

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Jermaine O'Neal plays the race card.

Yeah, worked out really well for the Olsens, all the child actors from Gary Coleman's old sitcom and loads of other child actors. Well... unless you count eating disorders, drug habits and criminal records as negatives. Society passes laws to protect children because they can't protect themselves. And it seems a perfectly legit thing to do. Now, 18 is the age of majority and so it can be claimed that we shouldn't have rules to protect adults from themselves. However, the question is what is best for those involved in the game: owners, coaches and players. Something tells me the game would be better without so many uncapable teens at the ends of benches. (See, e.g. Darko Milicic)

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Hurlers in Chief

chris2sy, I fear we'd learn as much from BP as we do the extraordinarily staged debates.

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Jermaine O'Neal plays the race card.

France = first world nation???? Let's slow down and think about that one for a minute.

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Hurlers in Chief

When Bush threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium (I think it was a WS game against the D-Backs.) after 9-11 he smoked a fast ball right down the pipe belt high (from the pitcher's rubber) while wearing a bullet proof vest that limited his movement. John Kerry bounced the ball to the catcher even though he was standing in the grass in front of the pitcher's mound. Not that it matters that much but Bush is seemingly a pretty decent athlete.

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Jermaine O'Neal plays the race card.

An age limit protects the older players at the end of some team's bench. And most of those players are also black. The difference between having a veteran on the end of the bench versus a 19 year old in the same position is that the veteran can help a team win. To call an age limit racist is an example of loose thinking.

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'An Earthquake Happened'

All this talk about "if that chip goes down then DiMarco wins" is nonsense. Tiger would've had a putt for par and a tie that would've sent it to a playoff. Saying "well if things had gone differently then they would've been different" then you can't stop me from saying "if DiMarco had made that chip then Tiger would've made his putt" now can you? If ifs and butts were candy and nuts, every day would be a holiday.

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'An Earthquake Happened'

I was clicking around earlier and found loads of good stuff all over the net about golf. Who woulda thunk it? Remember the days when golf broadcasting was boring? But now they're zipping from one shot to the next and using tape delay to great effect. But what was up with not showing the back nine of the third round Sunday morning? Talk about missing out on the ratings. Maybe it's a contractual thing with the Masters but I've got to question that decision.

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What Would Morrie Think?

I personally can't stand that sanctimonious elf. That arrogant little twerp is just too much. Next time I hear him droning on about some perceived fault of an athlete I hope somebody calls him on this. Oh, well, except they won't because journalists have just as much a "Blue wall of silence" as cops ever dreamed of having. rcade, If you can't believe it, you should read what the Minny Star-Tribune has gotten wrong in their fights with the PowerLineBlog guys.

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Bo Jackson was accused of steroids and has decided to file a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper.

As a sports fan I just don't want it to be true.

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Dirty Bird

You guys are on fire. But not as much as her.

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Billy Packer Hatred

Nevermind. I just hadn't scrolled down. Apologies all.

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Billy Packer Hatred

mbd1, Can you link the STD jokes? I just got over here and haven't searched through the whole place.

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Billy Packer Hatred

Packer is about as big a pain in my March Madness as possible. I guess that's why there's a petition to get CBS to can him. (fingers crossed) daddisamm, darn right about Walton.

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