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Power (Dis)Play? Teams In Black Draw More Penalties

@BoKnows Twelve reds, eleven blues, one orange. And one yellow (Nashville, your next Stanley Cup winner.) (Unless it's the St. Louis BLUES.)

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Power (Dis)Play? Teams In Black Draw More Penalties

@yerfatma Heh. Don't get me started about the post's deletion from MeFi. Four hours of number crunching down the drain. Just happy it has found a home here at Sportsfilter. (And thanks to the mods for keeping it in tact.)

My point is, the Bruins are (relatively) heavily penalized because they're the Broons, not because they wear black sweaters. If the researchers really wanted to dig deep, they'd look at the Dallas Stars' PIMs when they went from green unis to black.

posted by Wensink at 09:17 PM on April 26

Power (Dis)Play? Teams In Black Draw More Penalties

Setting aside the researcher's correlation/causation confusion, and goofy assertions ("One possibility is that players wearing darker colored jerseys are more visible on the ice than players wearing white, allowing referees to spot fouls more easily."), the study's findings aren't exactly supported by recent PIM [penalty in minutes] numbers from the NHL.

Five teams wear black jerseys: Anaheim, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. According to Webster, they should be among the most penalized in the league, right?

Ranking for total PIMs, among 30 NHL teams:

2011-12 season

#3. Boston [1103 minutes]

#8. Dallas [1032]

#10. Anaheim [980]

#14. Los Angeles [923]

#19. Pittsburgh [880]

2010-11 season

#2. Pittsburgh [1388]

#5. Anaheim [1178]

#8. Boston [1115]

#13. Dallas [1066]

#16. Los Angeles [962]

2009-10 season

#3. Anaheim [1321]

#6. Pittsburgh [1195]

#16. Los Angeles [979]

#18. Dallas [963]

#20. Boston [953]

2008-09 season

#2. Anaheim [1426]

#12. Los Angeles [1207]

#15. Dallas [1144]

#18. Pittsburgh [1114]

#25. Boston [1028]

And what % of those penalties were received while playing in their black jerseys on home ice?

2011-12 season

Los Angeles [54.60%]

Dallas [49.03%]

Boston [46.96%]

Anaheim [46.22%]

Pittsburgh [45.91%]

2010-11 season

Boston [58.39%]

Dallas [48.59%]

Los Angeles [48.34%]

Pittsburgh [43.30%]

Anaheim [39.13%]

2009-10 season

Boston [51.52%]

Anaheim [47.77%]

Dallas [47.25%]

Los Angeles [44.84%]

Pittsburgh [41.67%]

2008-09 season

Pittsburgh [53.41%]

Boston [51.95%]

Anaheim [51.05%]

Los Angeles [45.65%]

Dallas [45.28%]

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