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Bruno Mars to Play Super Bowl Halftime

The NFL just couldn't find any geezers to play outdoors in Jersey in February

posted by NEPABob at 09:26 PM on September 09

Atlanta Braves Abandon Plans to Revive Chief Noc-a-Homa

I have been personally offended by the MLB National League team in NY referring to themselves as the sexually ambiguous "Mets". I won't even discuss the racist "Running Rebels" !

posted by NEPABob at 05:57 PM on February 12

How The Greed Stole Hockey

If hockey wasn't played and no one noticed did it really ever exist?

posted by NEPABob at 04:29 PM on December 26

Only Two Number One Picks in History Have Never Made the Majors

Bush is just like all the other drunks I know. Just replace baseball player with doctor, banker, clerk, or homeless and it's the same story with different dollars.

I've seen them come and go. Everyone either ends up sober, jailed, institutionalized, or dead.

I have twenty years of sobriety and experience screaming at me that this how it is...

I don't feel sorry for Bush or his enablers, just the trail of victims he's left in his wake. God bless Tony Tufano and his family and may Matt Bush some day find peace.

posted by NEPABob at 05:49 PM on March 28

Pitchers and Catchers Report

Fries with that Mister ?

posted by NEPABob at 06:11 PM on February 11

Potvin Sucks Forever

Red Sox Nation --- Bucky "Fuckin'" Dent

posted by NEPABob at 11:24 PM on January 11

Gay World Series Settles with Banned Bisexuals

Now that Chaz Bono is engaged I wonder which roster spot he would be eligable for?

posted by NEPABob at 10:23 PM on November 29

Bob Costas Asks Sandusky About Penn State Abuse Scandal

^ Lawyer ? ^

posted by NEPABob at 05:45 PM on November 16

Miami Marlins Unveil New Uniforms

The gangbangers in "La Eme" will have new colors. #13 will be popular !

posted by NEPABob at 03:17 PM on November 12

New York Times: Paterno's Exit Underway at Penn State

Paterno and President fired... Link to follow... Live on ESPN

Joe Paterno fired immediately as Penn State football coach, Board of Trustees announces

posted by NEPABob at 10:27 PM on November 09

Penn State AD Charged in Child Sex Abuse Cover Up


posted by NEPABob at 08:56 PM on November 06

Penn State AD Charged in Child Sex Abuse Cover Up

Paterno may not be legaly culpable but he is moraly worthy of blame. Time to pack it in JoePa...

posted by NEPABob at 04:40 PM on November 06

Smokin' Joe Fighting Cancer

Smokin Joe is a class act !

posted by NEPABob at 04:26 PM on November 06

NHL Player Wears Blackface for Halloween

They look like Paulie D and Snooki to me !

posted by NEPABob at 11:16 PM on November 02

Jose Reyes Pulls Self from Game, Wins NL Batting Title

Reyes lacks intangibles and has no character.

posted by NEPABob at 03:59 PM on September 29

Bryce Harper Ejected from Class AA Game

Thanks bdaddy !

posted by NEPABob at 10:42 PM on August 11

High School Player with Down Syndrome Disallowed

Thankfully, it looks like he's in !

posted by NEPABob at 07:54 PM on August 11

Bryce Harper Ejected from Class AA Game

Come on, Harper is a coddled douche...

posted by NEPABob at 07:52 PM on August 11

How do you know that the NFL is back?

The crime rate goes up in NFL cities?

posted by NEPABob at 04:51 PM on July 25

McDowell Apologizes for Homophobic Heckling of Fans

McDowell must have been right if the dude hired Gloria Allred as his attorney !

posted by NEPABob at 03:32 PM on May 18

RB Mendenhall offers questionable bin Laden tweets

Jut another Flash-Mob...

posted by NEPABob at 04:42 PM on May 03

Tiger Woods' Niece Wins ACC Championship

I thing the correct term is "Dammit! Now I'm gonna get wood every time I see Tiger play."

posted by NEPABob at 12:14 PM on April 20

Golfer Murdered by Armed Robber During Round

I would have taken out my trusty 9mm and shot the round of my life !

posted by NEPABob at 04:14 PM on March 14