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Patriots to Honor Booed Teenager

Wonderful poetic irony. Anna moves on to the title game and the colts get an early vacation. Sorry Indy. Next time mind your manners.

posted by sportsbugger at 12:28 PM on January 16

Seattle defeats Washington,

Seattle at GB / Jacksonville at Indy should be two outstanding matchups next weekend. Too tough to pick the first, cause I like both teams. I like Jacksonville over Indy; not a big colts fan.

posted by sportsbugger at 03:42 PM on January 07

Stanford Knocks Off No. 2 USC

Can you imagine Parrie View U. #1 at the end of this season? The way these top 25 teams are being beaten as the season progresses, any thing seems possible lately.

posted by sportsbugger at 04:00 PM on October 10

Barry Bonds' ex-mistress details star's steroid use, temper.

Maybe it to help him in his next line of work. . . as a pharmacy apprentice?!

posted by sportsbugger at 06:00 PM on October 04

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

Despite the mindless babble going on here, I do enjoy the fact that teams like the Lions, Chiefs, Browns, Texens and even the Cardinals are off to a better start this season compared to previous ones. But I believe the ones to beat this year so far are Dallas and Green Bay. Looks to be an interesting season. Hmm...

posted by sportsbugger at 05:54 PM on October 04

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LDS Edition

Angeles in 4 Indians in 3 Rockies in 3 Arizona in 3 Then let the real games begin after these 4 teams pretty much spank the wanna be's.

posted by sportsbugger at 05:26 PM on October 04