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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

There was a point in the game at which I would have touted Kony Ealy for MVP. If not for the heroics of Von Miller & Co., he could have been a latter day Chuck Howley: MVP for the losing team in an uninspiring, error-filled game.

posted by beaverboard at 10:31 PM on February 07

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Super Bowl 0x32 Edition

Denver by 4 (27-23 with Gano missing a PAT)

Total score: 50

First FG: McManus
First TD: Funchess
QB with most passing yards: Newton
Player with most rushing yards: Newton...(by design via Wade Phillips' game plan)
Player with most receiving yards: G. Olsen
Player with sack: Wolfe
Player with interception: K. Coleman
Player with first turnover: Ginn Jr.
Game MVP: Emmanuel Sanders
SpoFi contest winner: tommytrump

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I think that anyone wearing either a Tasker or Don Beebe Bills jersey ought to be exempt from grief no matter what bar they go to.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Adopt New Logo

I'll be curious to see how they modify the rest of the jersey

I missed this when it first got posted, but Uni Watch held a contest to let some of their folks have a crack at a Toronto makeover.

posted by beaverboard at 06:18 PM on February 04

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

There have been several of these Super Bowl game rankings published in the run up to SB 50. It's like the massive revisiting of the Kennedy assassination in 2013.

I haven't totally agreed with any of the rankings that I've seen. But that's why they do them.

At least this guy admits to not taking himself overly seriously and also freely admits the absence of scientific method. And he says he isn't swayed toward favoring the more recent games, which is usually my main complaint.

At this point, my first instinct is to scroll down to see what the worst game is in the ranking. Then I can get a sense of the author's perspective.

I think my least favorite Super Bowl was the Ravens over the Giants. It seemed to have been played under dim interior lighting. It was grim and joyless. I can't remember any redeeming stories emerging from it. Neither of the opposing coaches ever held a head coaching position again (for better or worse). The league and the game itself just seemed to disappear down a dark hole. I was glad when Monday arrived the next day.

I don't know what my favorite one was. I've watched all of them and I associate where I was and what I was doing with the game itself. I watched SB XII, which is ranked #49 here, in the basement of a raucous college town student bar, and we all hollered for joy when Norris Weese was sent in for Craig Morton. The announcer intoned: "Weese, we are told, makes things happen". To which the room erupted in reply: "make it happen, baby!!!". So I remember that crazed energy more than how bad the game might have been.

I'm just now remembering that there wasn't a woman in that room at any time throughout the game. Just a bunch of young, screaming guys. It may be one of the most urgently male saturated events I've ever taken part in. The local police could have just sealed the building, had food and toilet paper sent in, and then rested assured that if they relaxed their 24 hour street patrols, they could have confidence in the safety of the community at large.

posted by beaverboard at 03:26 PM on February 04

Toronto Maple Leafs Adopt New Logo

I lined up the three logos and compared them and I have to say I do like the new one. Less busy than the classic older one it refers to. And I didn't realize how little I cared for the logo they just retired until I saw the three way comparison.

There are so many times when teams don't get logo changes right, but I think this one is well done. Considering it's intended use, I like the new one best of all.

posted by beaverboard at 08:37 PM on February 03

With NFL Rams gone, St. Louis still stuck with stadium debt

I saw this come up in heated online comments attached to stories on the Rams departure made by St. Louis readers who were angry and wanted no part of a new stadium deal.

Some St. Louisians focused on their feeling of having been betrayed by Kroenke; others looked at the bigger picture and saw that the city was screwed whether he stayed or left.

I'm hoping this episode will be a tipping point of some sort in the saga of county and municipal stadium fleecing schemes.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

The latest installment of NFL Bad Lip Reading is up.

Published today from what I can tell, already closing in on 1 1/2 million views.

It really helped me make up my mind to use a brush every day.

posted by beaverboard at 10:27 PM on February 02

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

To help kick off Super Bowl Week here at SpoFi, and as pick 'em participants polish up their game predictions, here's a snippet from Uni Watch contributor Jay Braiman, who is truly obsessed and a deeper diver than James Cameron will ever be. I truly hope that this guy works in counterterrorism or some such analytic field.

"This will be the second Super Bowl in which both teams' nicknames/mascots are mammals (not including humans), the other being Colts vs. Bears in Super Bowl XLI. Overall, teams named for mammals are 8-19 in Super Bowls (not counting the 0-4 Buffalo Bills, who wear a mammal on their helmet but are not actually named for that mammal, or the 0-1 San Diego Chargers, whose nickname and secondary-logo history does refer to and include a horse but are primarily associated with lightning or electricity). None of the mammal teams has a winning record and none will after this game; the Broncos are 2-5 and the Panthers are 0-1.

This is the 15th Super Bowl in which neither team's primary home jersey color is blue, and of those, the first in which both teams use blue as a trim color (and the second in which either team uses blue as a trim color).

This is the 12th Super Bowl - and the third in a row, second time that's happened - in which neither team's helmet logo/decal contains any letter(s) of the alphabet. It's also the 13th Super Bowl and the third in a row for the first time in which both teams' left- and right-side helmet decals are mirror images of each other (counting the Seahawks and Chiefs; the Bengals and Ravens would also count but were not involved in any such games).

This is the 14th Super Bowl matching one team whose jerseys have generic varsity or block numerals against one with a custom numeral font (the Patriots' current design is counted in the latter category). Teams with custom numeral fonts are 7-6 in these games. Note: Of the first 30 Super Bowls, only one involved a custom numeral font: Super Bowl XX between the Bears and Patriots. Only two of the last 19 Super Bowls - XXXVII (Bucs/Raiders) and XLIV (Saints/Colts) - have not involved a custom font."

There are more of Braiman's observations at Uni Watch. Between grum and this fellow, no sporting detail is immune from scrutiny anywhere in North America.

posted by beaverboard at 09:22 AM on February 01

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

If a player ran past Ginobili while he was attempting a set shot and he fell over, how many foul shots would he get?

posted by beaverboard at 07:53 AM on January 31

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Yeah, about Tony, over there. He and the other "cash only" guys are heartsick now that they've talked to their intellectual property attorney.

They had standard everyday lingo that they used to use in the protection business, and if they had only trademarked the phrase "Pay pal... or else" some years ago, they would be richer than the Vatican today.

Who knew?

posted by beaverboard at 05:27 PM on January 28

Ranking the Super Bowl MVPs

This is not as bad as some of those Rolling Stone Top 50 or Top 100 lists, but it will still spark lots of discussion.

The author is a young guy who wasn't around to watch many of these games as they happened. If he had, bet he would have ranked things a bit differently. You can't base your stuff on game recaps and stat sheets, or even off of grainy film.

When I saw Flacco at number 8, I went through a full sequence of Ray Hudson being neutered with no anesthesia vocal effects. Not buying that.

I watched Larry Csonka utterly bulldoze the Minnesota Vikings for an entire game. With Miami wearing their bad luck blue unis no less. In a funky, non-championship level stadium. Push that man up the list. To name one example.

More MVP's should have gone to the defense. Chiefly among them, Montana's MVP in SB XVI charting at #33 (the Niners first SB appearance and win). The San Fran D was monstrous in that game, with an impact far greater than any skill player.

I'd like to see someone redo the list with the rightful MVP's of each game and then rank that.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Nie ma czegoś takiego jak zbyt żłty

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Michael Oher and his teammates will be wearing black over silver instead of all black in the SB. Which is badass in its own special way. They have their own string o' shaky luck to take charge of in the uni department.

I want to be the first to pass this bit of news along to Sandra Bullock, but that ain't happening. I would never get her attention. I don't have a damn tattoo anywhere on me.

But I'm almost at the age where just casually bumping into something at the grocery store would get me looking all inked up on a random basis courtesy of my vascular system.

"Dude, is that a topographical map of Chile on your leg? How cool is that?"

"No, man, it's a bruise."

posted by beaverboard at 03:48 PM on January 26

Denver Beats New England to Reach Super Bowl 50

Any OL coach is going to have a challenge even with better talent until the New England OC figures out what to do with the RB position. I don't insist on a fully balanced offense, but a more emphatic, well developed commitment to the position would be appreciated. I'm tired of looking at the Pats' 10 1/2 Men offense in its current state.

For a team that once used model citizen Aaron "Shank" Hernandez in the backfield, Mike Vrabel as an eligible receiver, and yeoman Troy Brown as an extra DB, it's not too much to ask that they keep those innovative brain gears whirring and rethink the RB role. Let's have a concept, guys.

And while they're letting position coaches go, they ought to address the training and conditioning staff. The Pats supposedly led the league in number of games missed due to injury in 2015.

posted by beaverboard at 01:29 AM on January 26

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The Broncos will be wearing white in the Super Bowl. Good call.

When center snaps start flying over your head right from the get go, orange starts to look more and more like there's been an emergency at sea, and you're bobbing about hoping the Coast Guard choppers show up before too long.

The Panthers will be wearing their black sets, so I've heard. I didn't realize those had become their main color unis and the blue sets were the alternate. But apparently that is so.

The Panthers will look like the force to reckon with that they are in those black unis. That Denver D is just going to have to do their thing and de-fang 'em a bit.

If I could watch a whole game of just the Carolina O going against the Denver D, I'd almost be willing to drink a Bud Light to help pay for the privilege.

Just mix it with my Metamucil and slug it down for the cause. The powder mixes better with cold liquids for some reason.

posted by beaverboard at 08:31 PM on January 25

Carolina Demolishes Arizona to Roll Into Super Bowl 50

It was the closest thing to watching a college Homecoming Week game I can remember seeing in the NFL.

The Panthers are playing in an almost surreal fashion, as though the entire team is having an out of body experience. When you watch them, you don't think of training, coaching, film study, game planning. It seems more like pure imaginary execution. Those guys are being toggled by an unseen hand.

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Denver Beats New England to Reach Super Bowl 50

After the game, I felt compelled to email the Broncos to urge them to wear their road whites in the SB. I like orange a lot, but I don't want to see the team look foolish in the big game wearing that color any more.

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Conference Championship Round

We have some worthy Denver believers and game lockers.

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Denver Beats New England to Reach Super Bowl 50

QB playing at home has won all the Brady-Manning title game matchups.

The Pats didn't lose this game in Miami during Week 17, but that's where the first portion of the die was cast.

If I had a dollar for every disparaging comment I ever made about Wade Phillips as a head coach I'd never think about buying a lottery ticket, but lord knows, that man was put on this earth to coordinate a defense.

If Manning and the Broncos win SB 50, the mythology and fable roof will blow off the marble temple of the sporting gods and Goodell might stay in power another 20 years off the comet trail of the rapturous vibes.

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Conference Championship Round

Patriots by 3
Shootout at the O-KBall Corral. Two capable kickers...field goals as far as the eye can see. Last hombre standing with a 54 yd. bullet left in the chamber wins.

Panthers by 3 (Lock)
Wish that Kevin Mack and Leroy Hoard were playing in this game. Field conditions will seem like home to anyone who played a late season game at Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium.

Total yards: Arizona
Most turnovers: Denver
Passing yards: Palmer
Rushing yards: J. Stewart (Car.)
Receiving yards: Floyd (Ariz.)
Sack: D. Ware (Den.)
Interception: Logan Ryan (N.E.)

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle


There is only city with (at least) four major league sports teams that has never lost a franchise. Detroit.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Blatt now has the job I always wanted: getting paid fabulously not to coach J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert.

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em: Conference Championship Round

Tomlin's men
Were down by ten
He opted to go for three
They got it to seven
Which put me in heaven
Where do I send his fee?

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

In a risky, last minute move designed to keep Bill Belichick guessing, NFL decides to give Patriots game balls (and air gauges) a police escort to the stadium.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Don Imus has been asked to stay the hell out of this.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Thank you cixelsyd for the correction. Shaky with the numbers there. Shocking in fact. Good thing I'm not buying a car or doing any online trading today.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

No matter who wins the AFC title game, once Super Bowl 50 is played, the Cowboys, Broncos, Pats, and Steelers will have competed in 32 of them.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Did the Ariz. Cardinals female assistant ever get rehired anywhere after her contract or term was up with the Cards?

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

In understated observation of the one year anniversary of an obscure ball inflation brouhaha, Bill Belichick referred to the Broncos current round of trash talking as just "a bunch of hot air".

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NFL Divisional Round Produces Predictable Results

Waiting for Eddie Lacy to comment on McCarthy's coaching weight.

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Super Bowl hero wishes he never played pro football.

This story is getting pretty good traction at large. Including a headline here and there stating that the NFL "is in trouble and knows it". They're thinking of the recent Concussion film release, etc. as well.

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NFL Divisional Round Produces Predictable Results

Note to the Broncos: if you get to the Super Bowl, you will be the home team. You get to pick the uniforms you wear. Pick your road white set. Avoid the orange jerseys at all cost. It just hasn't gone well in orange, dating back to your first Super Bowl against Dallas.

The Broncos can't use their alternate dark blue home uniforms because alternate kits aren't allowed in the playoffs. So said Paul Lukas the Uni Watch guru when I asked him about it 2 years ago, as the Broncos were heading off to the Super Bowl to face the Seahawks. The blue should be designated as Denver's main set and the orange should be the alternate set.

If the Broncos were to face the Panthers in the title game, that would be another reason for Denver to choose their road whites, as Carolina usually prefers to wear white.

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Week 2: Divisional Round

I'd be willing to not feel great if I could pick like the Tommy.

Overheard in the Seahawks huddle early in the fourth quarter:

"Guys, we don't have to win. We just have to come back from 31 down far enough to nail the spread on Tommy and Holden's picks".

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NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Week 2: Divisional Round

New England by 4
Arizona by 10 (LOCK)
Seattle by 3
Denver by 7 (LOCK )

Passing: Palmer (Ariz.)
Rushing: Anderson (Den. )
Receiving: John Brown (Ariz. )
Intercept: Chancellor (Sea.)

Pats: please do not attempt to run back any punts or deep kickoffs. Just catch them or let them go.

I had a vision last night that we would end up seeing Garoppolo on the field. Hopefully that was an errant premonition.

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NFL Network Airs 'Lost' Super Bowl on Friday

The look and colors of the game are just as I remember them.

But what a travesty this show is. To have a bunch of yahoos lounging around on a studio set, talking over the game call and cutting to and away from the action as they see fit is absurd. There's no continuity or intelligent commentary, and these guys along with whoever the producers and concept people are that came up with this format, are all assholes for thinking that this is how we want to watch a historic game. They've devalued the game itself and made it completely secondary and almost irrelevant to their inane indulgence. Lame, clueless idiots.

It was all I could do to hang in there until the "end of the first quarter" before bailing out. Someday, I'll get to see the game straight ahead on its own merits, without all the ancillary bullshit.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

It had to be overinflated due to the estimated drop in internal pressure expected at your latitude. Just put it outside for half an hour and let Ontario regulate it.

Oh, once it's been depressurized, can you bring it down to Gillette Stadium by 4pm tomorrow? We can help get you through the border crossing at Lewiston.

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49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

He will be fine. His contract is pegged at $6 million per year.

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NFL Network Airs 'Lost' Super Bowl on Friday

Every time Don Shula opens his mouth to trash Bill Belichick, I remind myself of what Shula looked like on the Colts' sideline during Super Bowl III. Stubborn pride watching its own demise unfold without seeming to comprehend that it could happen and was happening. In title games of one form or another, Shula got outcoached more often than not.

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49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

NYT headline: "Looking to Win Now, the 49ers Hire Chip Kelly"

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NFL Network Airs 'Lost' Super Bowl on Friday

I'll have to watch that. I watched the entire game as an 8th grader rooting for the Chiefs. Shame that they had to painstakingly reassemble the footage from snippets when existing complete copies of the game weren't or could not be made available.

I admired the Packers but didn't like the way Lombardi condescendingly belittled the AFL players and teams. The Chiefs gave them a good run for their money in the first half, and no doubt got their attention.

I remember thinking at halftime, could we be watching something magical and historic happen?

I asked the same question 2 years later watching Super Bowl III and got a different answer.

Watching the Chiefs return to the big stage to whomp the Vikings in Super Bowl IV was one of the most enjoyable sporting events I ever saw.

Wonder how many ancient SpoFites have watched every Super Bowl live. Me, Howard, a few others perhaps. Unless Howard was stationed somewhere and on duty and not able to see the game once or twice.

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49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

There were stories published before Kelly interviewed with the Niners that said he did not want to be in charge of personnel decisions in his next pro job. Or so he supposedly claimed.

Maybe Chip learned a lesson from the coaching trail of Rick Pitino, who was far more successful in the pros coaching the Knicks while Al Bianchi was picking the talent.

It'll be interesting to see what coaches Kelly will be able to recruit to his staff. Also wondering what free agents would want to sign on with the team at this stage. At the 2016 draft, there will be some prayers being said in the green room when SF is picking. "C'mon, God, please no. What happened when Cleveland was on the clock? That would have worked."

Kelly might have done well to take a year off and reflect a bit on what went wrong in Philly, but why do that when you have a chance to rush back into battle with a chaotic franchise?

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49ers Hire Chip Kelly as Head Coach

Niners go from Tomsulanarian to totalitarian.

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NFL Approves Rams Move to Los Angeles, Chargers Invited to Join

In fairness, it's worth noting that Kansas City has also had its share of sporting woe. Lost a NHL team, a NBA team, a MLB team, and had various teams relocate or fold up. If the A's had not relocated there from Philadelphia, and had Lamar Hunt kept his AFL team in Dallas, would KC have MLB and NFL franchises today?

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Golfer linked to multi-million dollar coke deal.

On a less heroic or verdant note, shuffleboard linked to guns and organized crime.

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NFL Approves Rams Move to Los Angeles, Chargers Invited to Join

St. Louis really has gotten the stiff arm from major league sports over the years. The NFL made sure that Cleveland was taken care of after Modell left. The NBA made sure that Charlotte was taken care of after Shinn left. The NHL took care of Minnesota after the North Stars left. Baltimore would have been taken care of if Modell hadn't gone there. And so on and so forth.

Other cities have been forsaken (Seattle by the NBA) and no one ever talks about moving a team to Oakland if they were to lose the Raiders or A's. But I think St. Louis is the loss leader.

Add being giddy about Kroenke to the long list of examples that prove beyond all doubt that Jerry Jones is a great judge of character.

I've never come across a list of events that had a long lasting impact on the NFL. If there is one, the swap of the Rams and Colts between Irsay and Rosenbloom back in the late 70's would have to be near the top of it. I don't think anyone could have imagined at the time what a league shaping agreement that would turn out to be (and not in predominantly good ways). The ripple effects of that deal are still being felt today.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

BB tried to convince Andy Reid to put his challenge flag in his sock. Andy told him that nothing of importance will be located south of his laminated gameday Ponderosa specials menu.

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Steelers Coach Should've Been Flagged for Being on Field

Porter hopes that the league won't fine him as much as they fined Tomlin for trying to trip a Ravens player.

Can't believe that Ndamukong went to Miami when this division is where he rightfully belongs.

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Alabama Wins College Football Championship

I actually like the trophy -- interesting design -- it lifts from its base and then becomes like a torch or a bouquet of flowers, or whatever else that's celebratory and conical.

(Yeah, I know...a Solo cup at a frat party).

Did Larry the Dr. Pepper guy really get to present the trophy? If so was he in character?

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Steelers Coach Should've Been Flagged for Being on Field

Denver bar owners institute citywide ban on sale of Kevlar underwear in advance of the arrival of Steelers coaching staff for Sunday's game.

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Alabama Wins College Football Championship

Exxon Valdez Cleveland Browns Chat Room

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The DeSean Jackson failure to score against Green Bay when he had the angle to the pylon early on was a game changer IMO. That and the missed PAT. If those plays had been converted, GB would have been down 16-0. Including an early safety, which can be a big emotional factor. And GB wouldn't have been bolstered by their goal line stand after the Jackson fail which held Wash. to 3 pts.

GB may have eventually prevailed regardless because of their experience, but they probably would have called a different game on offense to get back into the contest. Lacy and Starks might not have gotten the chance to become factors.

Hard to decide on the KC - NE game until the Pats final pre-game roster report appears.

Alex Smith has done well in the KC late season run, but I picture the Pats coming up with ways to torment him on D.

When Tony Dungy brought the Colts to NE for playoff games in the early 2000's, they looked lost as soon as the game script got washed overboard. Andy Reid doesn't have that problem. He knows how to endure when things get messed up.

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SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Today, I'll get to see something that will remind me of the Bud Grant era of my youth: the steamy crowd vapor rising from an open air stadium in Minneapolis at noon on a bitterly cold January day, as it once did at old Metropolitan Stadium.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

"Omaha is code for drugs"
"UPS is for my wife"
"Substances you taste so good"
"Put you on my Papa John's"
"Chicken parm go fuck yourself"
"Al Jazeera infidels"
"Holly Holm will seek you out"
"Turn you into turkey leg"

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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

That's what you get when you change the name of a facility that was once known as Reliant.

Folks in Houston, not to worry. Monster Jam is coming to the stadium in a couple of weeks. You'll get to see what that goal line running play with Watt and Wilfork was supposed to look like.

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Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

rcade's gonna need a personal Cratchit or go editable to keep up with this

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Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

Out of the 60 picks so far, 11 have been home teams

It might have been 10, but the Packer offense is so short of red blood cells at the moment that I felt compelled to pick Warshington.

Plus, I want to see Gruden do just well enough to keep his job, so a more worthy coach won't get sucked into the Snyder storm drain. Gruden is a fair match for that situation even though Tomsula is now available and would be an ideal hire for the benefit of those who are actively placing curses on the DC franchise.

If Snyder ever hired Millen, I'd go out and get an ice cream cone. And have a talented person in a blue dress from the Weather Channel pour Irish whiskey all over it and set it on fire.

Added thought: Marshawn will fumble at a critical time trying to extend a run in zero degree weather.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Despite appearances to the contrary, Chip Kelly will not be coaching the Texas Longhorns.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

After getting canned near Camden (home of Campbell's soup), some folks thought Chip Kelly would be interested in returning to the Pac 12. Him going to the Niners would fulfill that prophecy.

When Kelly is described as a "splash" hire, it's unclear what type of splash they're referring to. There are a lot of possibilities.

Of course, it took almost a year for people to find out why Tomsula was described as a "fart" hire.

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Play SportsFilter's NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Contest

QB with most passing yds: K. Cousins (Wash.)
RB with most rushing yds: A. Peterson (Minn.)
Player with most receiving yds: A.J. Green (Cin.)
Player with sack: Mercilus (Hou.)

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