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Beilein takes UM job.

To me the football should always overshadow the basketball - football is our national game in the same way soccer's England's national game. Basketball is an indoor non-contact joke, and in the words of a friend of mine, "raise the basket two feet, and I'll consider watching it". Any sport in which five seconds can be drawn out to last ten minutes is simply not cricket, as they say. I love to rant on about sports, of any kind, in case you haven't noticed. I found a great website while surfing the other day, and on it you can sign on and create your own blog, in a couple of really easy steps. The site's url, Myself and a couple of buddies have got into a great blogging mode through this site, which also offers a music and theater build-you-own-blog, too. But back to basketball, I think the "golden era" is finished now, Jordan and Rodman and O' Neal, and God forbid! magic Johnson....all our bigtime heroes are dead and gone, man.

posted by Mothman at 09:05 AM on April 04