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Sixth Man Infraction Spotted, 19 Years Later

So in 2028, they'll finally call that too many men on the ice penalty on the Penguins from the Stanley Cup Final?

posted by stevis at 02:17 PM on October 25

Why Wrigley Field Must Be Destroyed

jg, you are correct, but I do feel rather passionately about Fenway's inadequacies. In most cities, one is able to walk up to the ticket window on the day of a game and have some surety of getting decent seats. Not so with Fenway. The club advertises that it has seats available from turn-backs of season tickets and the like, but you are taking a chance that there will be anything left in your price range. I live about an hour by car from Fenway. Parking is limited and expensive, so public transportation is preferred and still requires some driving to get to it. Ticket availability on line for advance sale offers only the worst seats in the park, if any are available at all. I'm not about to make my way from NH to Boston, get to Fenway, and find out that I can not get a seat in my price range or one that actually offers a view of the field rather than the bullpens.

I occasionally go to Boston on business, cruise to Stubhub, and get a perfectly reasonably priced single. Yes, I drive to a transit locale. I am utterly failing to see your difficulties.

I like it when people state that Wrigley should be torn down. It's the mark of someone whose opinions I no longer have to take seriously.

posted by stevis at 08:09 AM on May 17

Phoenix Coyotes' Raffi Torres Suspended 25 games

Weber had never been disciplined for his play in the NHL

Actually, yes, he was fined $2500 for boarding earlier this season.

He should have gotten two. Changes the character of that series, and I really think it sent the signal that suspensions weren't coming in the postseason, which gave the oxygen to all the Penguins/Flyers crap. Torres probably would have pulled this shit, regardless.

posted by stevis at 10:24 AM on April 23

Plummer to Tebow: A Little Less Jesus, Please

I wish Tebow would take Matthew 6:5 a little more to heart.

posted by stevis at 07:33 AM on November 23

Plane crash kills ‘majority’ of KHL team Lokomotiv

grum, I saw on Baseball Think Factory some years ago an article from someone who'd gotten the look at MLB's plans. It's pretty much an immediate dispersal draft, where teams get to protect 15 or so players off their 40 man, and a few more each time they lose a player. It's a well thought out procedure, so at least they wouldn't have to improvise in the face of tragedy.

I have doubts that the KHL is so prepared, but we'll see what they do.

Salei had a kid last spring. This is just horrible.

posted by stevis at 12:04 PM on September 07

New Maryland Uniforms Shock and Awe

With those uniforms, they should be snuggling up to Mr. J and plotting how to take down Batman.

posted by stevis at 09:01 AM on September 06

Bryce Harper Ejected from Class AA Game

I'm just not getting why this is such a big deal. He behaved poorly, but not outlandishly so, and received the appropriate punishment.

posted by stevis at 08:12 AM on August 12

Bad Blood in Epic Verlander/Weaver Pitching Duel

If he stops and runs over to fight you, he's outside the base path and automatically out, nullifying his home run.


"Basepath" only exists as a concept when trying to avoid a fielder with the ball attempting to make a tag. If you want to run out and high five the right fielder on your way around the basepaths after a home run, that would be legal.

I believe, after an ejection, a substitute would be permitted to run out your award (similar to the case where blow out your ACL stepping on a base.)

posted by stevis at 10:15 AM on August 02

NBC, Versus win NHL TV rights in bidding war vs. ESPN

ESPN has acted like a petulant child since the NHL went to Versus, burying coverage in between exhaustive dissections of every basketball highlight from both college and professional games,

They did that when they had broadcasting rights. Screw 'em. They only wanted the NHL back because the NBA will miss a half-season, as soon as they get the hot-dog no-team-game league back the NHL would have been fourth fiddle to them again.

If you're still watching ESPN for anything at this point...stop. NHL/NFL/MLB networks do a much better job of highlight coverage, and are not any less independent than ESPN has become, only with fewer segments brought to you by watery "beer."

posted by stevis at 10:36 AM on April 20

The count is up to four.

Hartnell clearly rotates so that his elbow is lined up with Alberts. Given that he did that, he could also have spun away and missed or (just grazed) him. Awful and completely disrespectful of his opponent. I'd suspend him 10-20 for that, and it's time to start suspending the coaching staff too. If their paychecks are hit maybe they'll start corralling the idiots they put on the ice.

posted by stevis at 02:17 PM on November 28

Small-market NHL teams crying poor again

how can a small minority of teams get anything voted into a CBA? IIRC, Bettman insisted on a supermajority approval of any new labor deal (like 75% or something like that) to insure that the reasonable owners couldn't break ranks during the lockout.

posted by stevis at 08:51 AM on November 08

Record 7 40-year-old pitchers to start on Wednesday.

Old Man, of course there "aren't many individuals that could have made it yesteryear." There aren't many individuals who did make it yesteryear. You're selectively remembering the ones who survived the physical trials.

posted by stevis at 01:21 PM on June 27

Top ten sports brawls in sports history.

No 3/26/97 Wings-Avs? Not a list worth reading then.

posted by stevis at 12:03 PM on May 16

Sosa makes history in Rangers' loss

Sosa's currently hitting .224/.278/.448. Nice power, but not getting on base enough to be productive.

posted by stevis at 09:02 AM on April 27

Urlacher fined $100,000 for Super Bowl hat

Urlacher should hold a press conference to discuss the fine, wearing his Vitaminwater gear. And mention "Vitaminwater" at least once a sentence.

posted by stevis at 10:22 AM on April 19

Nationals Honor Virginia Tech, Fall to Braves

I was there, it was pretty cool. It was such a last minute job they didn't get the caps there until the Nats took the field for the second inning. They pretty much cleaned out the store BornIcon mentioned, and had to dig a box out of the back, I heard. The players in the game at the time all had the same style cap on, but the coaches and bullpen (and one bench player) ended up with different ones. So at least at first, the team in the field looked uniform. And kudos to MLB for not being obstructionist on this. I suspect the NFL would have shot this idea down.

posted by stevis at 10:18 AM on April 19

Panthers' Belfour and Peltonen arrested

Too bad he doesn't have a billion dollars to get out of it anymore.

posted by stevis at 08:49 AM on April 10

Cleveland vs Milwaukee

drezdn, go. I went to the Florida/Expos game in the Cell in 2004, and it was weird, surreal fun. Of course the Marlins were both chasing the Cubs for the Wild Card and fresh off of beating them in 2003, so the Pale Hose fandom was taking joy in rooting for them. I doubt that will happen as much as with this one.

posted by stevis at 02:49 PM on April 09

2 pitchers for the price of one?

You're thinking about Adam Greenberg, dyams.

posted by stevis at 09:45 AM on April 06

Why don't I subscribe to Extra Innings?

rocketman (and others), don't forget you can get all the radio feels on for $15/year. Honestly, compared to Extra Innings, I think that's a steal (unless you're already paying for XM.) And unlike XM, you get your pick of broadcast teams. You can even listen in Spanish, if your team has such a broadcast.

posted by stevis at 01:15 PM on March 30

Barton Wins D2 basketball championship in amazing fashion

A lot of coaches would argue for not calling the timeout there in the college game, figuring your guards have a better chance against a defense that isn't set. They can dribble through the chaos and either find someone on the wing, or get a shot for themselves. Particularly in a tie game, when if they don't get off the shot, at least you're going to OT. Unless, of course, you forget the lesson of Gold 5. ("They came...from...behind...")

posted by stevis at 12:04 PM on March 26

Say it is so, Joe!

BornIcon wrote: If he was doing such a horrible job, maybe they shouldn't of had him employed there for such a long time. That was pretty much the point of my "slap in the face" comment. He wasn't necessarily doing anything right to stay employed; he may just have had pictures of the correct people. Who knows? There's no "If" about it, he was doing a horrible, joyless job the whole time.

posted by stevis at 11:52 AM on March 26

Say it is so, Joe!

Honestly, the slap in the face is ESPN making us listen to Theismann for 20 years. He's has no insights, and he's not fun to make up for it. He's just whiny and cranky--good riddence. Jaws has a sense of fun and he knows how to communicate his football beyond cliches.

posted by stevis at 09:49 AM on March 26

Veterans Committee picks no one for Hall

Santo: 162 game average: 82 runs, 163 hits, 26 2B, 25 HR, 96 RBIs, .277/.362/.464 15 seasons: 9 All-Star selections; 5 Gold Gloves; 1.23 MVP shares (0 wins); no post-season appearances My guy: 162 game average: 79 runs, 177 hits, 26 2B, 13 HR, 80 RBIs, .292/.346/.410 11 seasons: 7 All-Star selections; 3 Gold Gloves; 1.5 MVP shares (1 win); Rookie of the Year; in 30 post-season games: 19 runs, 9 2B, 3 HR, 22 RBIs, .357/.378/.496, 2 rings This totally fails to account for offensive context. Santo's peak in the 60s, a horrible offensive era. Munson's was the 70s, an easier time to hit. And Santo still put up better obp/slugging numbers. Santo's OPS+ (on base + slugging, as a % of league average) was 125, Munson's 116. And Munson, through no fault of his own, had no decline phase to bring down the numbers. Santo's was quick and brutal, thanks to the diabetes. You can give Munson some credit for playing a more taxing and imporant position, but 3b is not dh or 1b--it takes talent--and you'd have a tough time making up that offensive difference just by positional defense, when Santo has 5 Gold Gloves of his own.

posted by stevis at 09:54 AM on March 01

Veterans Committee picks no one for Hall

I am with Holden. I want to see those 10 players better than Santo. He doesn't get enough an stat adjustment for the run environment of the era, usually. Oddly enough, luther, the base on balls is a huge point in Santo's favor, as he was one of the better OBP guys of the time.

posted by stevis at 03:41 PM on February 28