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Team Me Up Scottie

How about some old timers come out of retirement to play in the NBDL in the name of boosting the quality of play Ooh, that sounds fun. I'd pay to see not-quite-good-enough 19 and 20 year olds go up against Scottie and Michael.

posted by callmejay at 01:29 PM on February 16

Maybe they could name it after Vlade: the Divac Decree.

They should review video and fine them outside the game.

posted by callmejay at 01:08 AM on January 26

Nuggets-Knicks brawl ends with 10 players ejected

Teams that are known as tough teams don't give up lay-ups and they rebound. "Not giving up lay-ups" is a funny way to phrase "tackling anyone who takes a lay-up."

posted by callmejay at 12:32 PM on December 19