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UT tells woman she cheers too much

the woman sitting behind me had a cow bell Must have been a stupid Sacramento Kings fan.

posted by LA-4-Life at 06:01 PM on October 13

Coach Offers Kid Money to Bean Autistic Player

what I do not understand is the mob mentality that thinks that an 8 year old throwing a baseball at another kid is a jailable offense. Are you retarded? You don't think that hitting someone in the head with a baseball is assault? Wake up man. You're right, the kid wasn't seriously injured (thank god), but I'm sure if I hit you or one of your children with a baseball (with the intent of hurting them) you would want to see me do some jail time. What do you consider a "jailable" offense? Murder? Rape? Or are you sympathetic to the situation because you have had similiar thoughts? I hope you stay away from youth sports and children in general.

posted by LA-4-Life at 05:51 PM on October 13

Coach Offers Kid Money to Bean Autistic Player

Its another example of the "Al Bundy" syndrome. I mean, move on with your life buddy. So you never made the varsity baseball team in high school, boo-hoo. People like this should be castrated. I hope someone in the jail he goes to finds out what he did and f*cks his a^* up. Literally. From what I hear, most prisoners don't take kindly to people who hurt women and children.

posted by LA-4-Life at 09:25 PM on October 12

UT tells woman she cheers too much

As long as there is no profanity or racist rhetoric being spouted, then everyone else should sit back and have a laugh at the crazy bitch. She enjoys football, obviously a lot more than the people around her. Fans are supposed to be loud. It sounded like she was just cheering (albeit pretty stupid cheers) for her favorite team. If you want quiet, stay home and watch the game on mute. Otherwise have the balls to ask the lady to shut up or just deal with it. Everyone has choices. Also, she seemed like the type of person who would have responded quite well to a nice " Could you please keep it down a little, you're interupting my enjoyment of the game." She sounded remorseful for bothering the people at the game. It also sounded as if she had no control over how she cheered because she would rather avoid the games then try to attend and watch it quietly. She could come sit in the "Black Hole". The Raiders could use all the support they can get.

posted by LA-4-Life at 05:36 PM on October 12

White Sox home games to start at 7:11pm next season.

You obviously do not shop at a 7-11 on the south side. Everything's free with the gun you carry in, the tickets are a bonus. We get the same discount in LA.

posted by LA-4-Life at 08:40 PM on October 11

New NBA Rules

I would admit that this rule would have the most effect on a cry baby like Wallace, however I seriously doubt that the NBA came up with the rule because of or for Rasheed Wallace.

posted by LA-4-Life at 05:21 PM on October 11

New NBA Rules

I would admit that this rule would have the most effect on a cry baby like Wallace, however I seriously doubt that the NBA came up with the rule because of or for Rasheed Wallace.

posted by LA-4-Life at 05:21 PM on October 11

New NBA Rules

I am 100% for this rule change. Obviously someone noticed that players were arguing more frequently with officials and decided that it has a negative impact on how the sport is perceived. I agree. The funny part of this article is Rasheed Wallace's comment about this being a "Sheed Wallace Rule". I'm sure the NBA is not concerned about making rules for a guy that averages 14 points a game. Someone should have spanked that kid while he was growing up.

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:37 PM on October 11

A tough workout before the day off.

By the way LA-4-Life, what kind of 'youth league' has kids calling officials MFer's? LOL I used to coach an 8-10 year old team for my local park and rec and you would be suprised by the things that I heard those kids say. how many times did Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or even Magic Johnson go and talk to a ref after being given a foul? Just because they are some of the best players ever doesn't mean that they are immune to making mistakes. Also, there is a difference between talking and arguing. For example, you might say, " I know that was a foul, but what can I do next time to avoid the foul." instead of "Man, that was a f'd up call you son'a biatch mf'er. I'm gonna kick your ass after the game you little piece of sh*t." I'm sure you would not get a technical or ejected for the first one.

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:31 PM on October 11

A tough workout before the day off.

Now there's talk of players recieving a technical foul if they so happen to disagree with a call. If they started instituting this in the youth leagues as well, I think it would have a benefitial impact on the game. Arguing with the referee is pointless. You can disagree with whatever you want, but arguing is not going to get you anywhere and honestly makes the complainer look like an ass. It seems that now days every time the ref blows the whistle someone is crying or yelling or stomping. Its all really B.S. I can agree that in some instances it seems as though the officials are taking control of the game, however it is their job to make sure that things don't get out of hand. Also, I'm pretty sure that they make the same money regardless of the outcome of any game. Arguing with the Ref and calling him a m*th*r f*ck*r should be reserved for the fans. The players also make the same money regardless of the outcome of the game.

posted by LA-4-Life at 01:07 PM on October 11

Carpenter shuts down Padres

If it weren't for that, the Padres wouldn't have gotten to where they did. Actually, if they didn't have the benefit of playing against the other weak teams in the NL West, they probably wouldn't even have broken .500.

posted by LA-4-Life at 04:22 PM on October 09

NBA - Playing with old balls

If someone came to your work and changed your computer system without asking you about it, I can guarantee you would all be crying about it. I've seen it happen at my office, with chairs. One day we come in to new chairs (which I actually liked) and a few people were threatening to quit by the end of the day. I now it sounds ridiculous but its life. People have a natural tendency to avoid change at all costs.

posted by LA-4-Life at 04:20 PM on October 09

The New Monsters Of The Midway

Is Pittsburgh as bad as they appear? Ben Rothlesburger is the most over-rated QB in the league. He has had success in terms of W-L record, however he is not a great quarterback like Palmer or Brady. Now that they can't run the ball, he is in big trouble. Can the Raiders get any worse?

posted by LA-4-Life at 04:17 PM on October 09

LCS Pick 'Em

Tigers in 5 Cards in 6

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:58 PM on October 09

Carpenter shuts down Padres

How could the Cards look so awful the last couple of weeks and then take out the Pads like it was no big deal? The Padres couldn't hit their way out of a paper sack. If you put more than 4 runs up against them then you win. Simple as that. The Cards just had wayyyyyyy to much fire power. The NL West is just obviously the weakest Division in baseball.

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:55 PM on October 09

The New Monsters Of The Midway

The Bears seem to be for REAL this year. It seems like Chicago has had a little magic on their side in the sports dept. (sorry Cubs fans) Maybe the Bulls will be next???

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:45 PM on October 09

Yankees, Looking Powerless, Face Elimination

If Liriano had been I healthy, I can't help but think the Twins would still be playing. Someone else would still have had to win a game. It seemed as if the Twins used all their magic to catch the Tigers and had none left for the post-season. But this is coming from a Dodger fan whose favorite team is 1-14 in the playoffs since we last won the title.

posted by LA-4-Life at 08:58 PM on October 08

The Importance of Being Civil

Anybody ever heard of the saying that you have to gain respect. Your not just born with a right to it.

posted by LA-4-Life at 08:25 PM on October 07

NBA changes ball despite player gripes

Gotta be the worst free throw shooter of his era. Hell, maybe of all time. Chris Dudley routinely shot in the 40% range on his free throws. I wouldn't call Shaq the worst of all time though. I think its the sheer number of free throws that he actually attempts that makes it seem worse than it really is. Doesn't Bruce Bowen shoot like 40-50% from the free throw line?

posted by LA-4-Life at 08:22 PM on October 07

Coach Sets High School Bad Sportsmanship Record

wah, wah, wah... Why don't they just quit like that other team that was 0-4 and constantly getting their brains stomped in.

posted by LA-4-Life at 06:26 PM on October 06

Pacers new line-up, watch out for the Heat

But do you really think us mere mortals would be treated the same if something were found in our car? If you got a prescription like me you'd be o.k.

posted by LA-4-Life at 06:22 PM on October 06

Coach Sets High School Bad Sportsmanship Record

If I was on the losing side of this game I think I might have had to go "Albert Haynesworth" on the running back. Or at least "Romanowski" like bust his finger backwards. Hell, I'd even think about hitting him with a chair. I guess in Southern California we just have more evenly matched teams. I've never heard of anything like this before. Why would you even waste the time of driving to the game?

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:34 PM on October 06

NBA changes ball despite player gripes

Its because of Kevin Garnett. They don't have the money to pay for the leather any more. If any of you have ever touched a really nice indoor leather basketball, then you know there is nothing else like it. Not quite brand new, but not beat to shit, just right. If the ball is "plastic" feeling as Shaq is quoted as saying, I wouldn't be suprised to see more turnovers and lower shooting percentages. Also, anyone who wants the rim lowered needs to hit the gym and work on their hops cuz you must have never been able to get up there.

posted by LA-4-Life at 12:48 PM on October 06

Pacers new line-up, watch out for the Heat

These guys have money to waste anyway. They wanna be RapStars or Gangsters so they gotta go to the strip club and throw some $$$ around and carry their little guns. Otherwise they might lose their "street cred".

posted by LA-4-Life at 12:42 PM on October 06

"The Red Sox were in the playoffs every year from Mohegan Sun to Citgo."

which was that the football-style pregame ritual known as tailgating doesn't happen around Fenway or probably any other park in the middle of a city. Your not allowed to tailgate at Dodger Stadium or Edison Field (Angels), which is total B.S. However, I went to a Charger's game last year and people were definately tailgaiting and the stadium is definately right in the middle of the city.

posted by LA-4-Life at 05:08 PM on October 05


How do the Yankees ever lose with that line-up? They should be scoring 10+ runs a game.

posted by LA-4-Life at 04:56 PM on October 05

Talk about getting kicked in the teeth!

I think the comparison was made as, "would a roughing the passer penalty be worthy of criminal charges?" So is it no different if a player hits the quarterback 1/2 second after he releases the ball, then if he waits till the play is over and the quarterback is walking to the huddle and then "sacks" him? In my mind the second part of the above would subject the offender to possible criminal charges, while the first one would be a simple "roughing the passer" penalty. I can agree that when the whistle is blown would only be important on a case by case basis.

posted by LA-4-Life at 11:46 AM on October 05

Chelios, et. al., v. Saskin, et. al.

Just pull the plug on the NHL. Its been dead since Gretzky retired. They need to get rid of the offside penalty (same with soccer or futbol) in order to increase scoring and fan interest. In Hockey the most exciting plays are the break-aways and the penalty shots. Ok the fighting is pretty cool too, but watching a 1-0 game is booooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg.

posted by LA-4-Life at 06:40 PM on October 04

Should Duke Drop Football?

Duke has a football team?! :? My thoughts exactly. Whats with all these links about quitting because your team sucks. In order for some teams to be good, other teams have to be not so good. I mean, there has to be a loser in order for there to be a winner, right?

posted by LA-4-Life at 06:36 PM on October 04

I swear my mom! My home!

got sunburnt so bad I had water blisters on my back (worse). Golfing without your shirt on? Ya might be a redneck if....

posted by LA-4-Life at 06:30 PM on October 04

I swear my mom! My home!

and I thought I was the man for getting a birdie on my first hole of golf....

posted by LA-4-Life at 09:44 AM on October 04

Bears, Best Team in the NFL?

I bet Favre wishes he had retired after all. I bet he wishes he demanded a trade. The Bears defense is awesome and their offense is definately improved, however we're still talking about Rex Grossman...

posted by LA-4-Life at 09:49 PM on October 03

Talk about getting kicked in the teeth!

I just think there is a big difference between what happened here and a simple "roughing the passer" penalty as some have likened it to.

posted by LA-4-Life at 09:44 PM on October 03

Police Examine Barton's Backside.

Thank god Randy Moss had more restraint than this dude.

posted by LA-4-Life at 09:11 PM on October 03

Talk about getting kicked in the teeth!

it is irrelevant to actions that are not legal at any time, as in this case. Unnecessary roughness, roughing the passer/kicker, facemask violations, all happen before the whistle is blown, f'rinstance. I'm sorry, I didn't know there was a "kicking a dude in the face" penalty. Please enlighten me.

posted by LA-4-Life at 01:44 PM on October 03

True Hoop Wiki.

The question I have is do you think there is a cornerback on any team as bad as Ahmad Carroll? The Raiders have at least one. Nde Asamouah!

posted by LA-4-Life at 01:40 PM on October 03

Talk about getting kicked in the teeth!

I think a lot of people are missing the point of this whole story. The guy kicked another guy in the head AFTER THE WHISTLE had blown. A routine big hit happens during play, a late hit is a tackle a little after the whistle.... Kicking someone in the head, after their helmet has fallen off is obviously assault with intent to cause great bodily injury. Anyone who can't agree with that needs to take some law courses or go see a psychologist for your anger management issues.

posted by LA-4-Life at 01:08 PM on October 03

100 Reasons

Here's to hoping the Dodgers don't get swept right out of the playoffs as they usually do.

posted by LA-4-Life at 01:05 PM on October 03

A Resigning Cub Man's Last Request

Cubs fans have too long of an off-season every year. Thats the only explanation for that song.

posted by LA-4-Life at 02:19 PM on October 02