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Patriots Win Super Bowl 0x31 After Epic Last-Second Interception

posted by smithnyiu at 11:48 AM on February 03

Patriots Win Super Bowl 0x31 After Epic Last-Second Interception

and it had dancing palm trees and sharks.

Can't believe the same media that brought us 'deflategate' didn't create a storm over the fact that the fucking trees and sharks were lip-syncing.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:01 AM on February 02

Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

Yeah so I'm with dyams on this one. I am a big follower of Sprint car racing and even co-sponsor a car here in Tucson. Tony was in this race because Sprint car racing is his first love, and if he had his way and could make a living at it, would only race Sprint cars.

What he did was deliberate and calculated.

The laps previous to this, he and Ward were racing hard, and Tony drove him into the wall. To those that don't think Ward should have been out of the car, this is what they do in a caution. And they also call out the clown that put him in the wall. That's racing. Tony comes up, sees this kid calling him out, and tries to fishtail him.

Like dyams said, Stewart is a hothead who was pissed this kid was calling him out. He tried to show him up with that dick move and killed the guy.

IMHO, that's exactly what happened. It will haunt him for the rest of his life. I was a huge Smoke fan, but now hope he never wheels a car again.

posted by smithnyiu at 10:51 PM on August 10

Red Sox Write Love Letter to Cardinals

I guess I'll be in the minority here, but I think it's a classy move. And the St Louis fans have enough class to appreciate the gesture.

Don't want it to become a thing.

Looks like it is. Didn't it start with the Blackhawks to the Bruins, post Stanley Cup?

posted by smithnyiu at 03:35 PM on November 05

Red Sox win the World Series.

I was completely at peace with the baseball universe, watching my team coast to victory and a World Series title. Everything was perfect ... then I saw him; Breslow, warming up. Killed my buzz, started thinking about a possible game 7.

posted by smithnyiu at 06:39 PM on October 31

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Yeah, I'm in trouble now.

posted by smithnyiu at 01:37 PM on August 22

Slate Won't Call NFL Team 'Redskins' Any More

I wonder what the popular opinion was in 1962 when Marshall fought the Kennedy administration to keep black athletes from playing on his team? They were the last team to integrate.

As a white male American, I have, as part of my DNA, the requisite amount of guilt relating to what my race did in the past to build this nation. Of course it's an offensive name. Change it and let's move on.

And since we're talking about new names, I like the Washington Purple Dragons.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:09 PM on August 09

Peyton, Eli Manning star in rap video: Football on your phone

Andy Samberg/LonelyIsland should sue ...

posted by smithnyiu at 01:09 PM on August 07

Seattle Wins on What-the-Hell Mary

You should totally do this.

Yeah, bad analogy. I totally would.

posted by smithnyiu at 02:37 PM on September 25

Seattle Wins on What-the-Hell Mary

These replacement refs aren't clowns.

I have to respectfully disagree.

I am a pilot but not checked out in an F-16. Should I try to fly one because someone asked me to replace someone that refuses to fly?

posted by smithnyiu at 12:01 PM on September 25

Seattle Wins on What-the-Hell Mary

So once touchdown ref overruled interception ref, that was the whole ballgame.

Actually once the clown with the white hat didn't huddle up with the clowns with the black hats and make his judgement call one second after the play ended, that was the whole ballgame.

posted by smithnyiu at 09:43 AM on September 25

Tebow Traded to New York Jets

Manning to agent: I want to play in Denver.

Agent: Yes sir, Mr. Manning. Denver will have parades, erect statues and sing songs about you around campfires.

Tebow to agent: I want to play in Florida

Agent: Shut the f**k up, you circus freak. You're going where we send you.

posted by smithnyiu at 01:42 PM on March 21

Andy Pettitte Returns to Yankees

If I had a choice between $2.5 mil + pitching in pinstripes, and killing my wife and kids, I'd have to flip a coin.

posted by smithnyiu at 08:31 PM on March 17

'Where's Your Green Card?' Chanted at NCAA Tourney

Like my dad always used to say, "Son, the only thing worse than a racist is a Peurto Rican".

posted by smithnyiu at 08:16 PM on March 17

Rays, Cardinals Win Wildest Wild Cards

As Pap got two outs, then two strikes, I literally covered my eyes because I knew what was coming next. Their body of work for September told me it would. And it did.

posted by smithnyiu at 02:55 PM on September 29

MLB Considering Realignment

I say we expand NCAA football to 162 game seasons and get rid of every other sport on earth. And I'm not leaving your lawn. There's a keg here and a port-a-potty.

posted by smithnyiu at 05:07 PM on June 14

Matt Millen praised for work with Detroit Lions


posted by smithnyiu at 10:16 PM on November 21

CBS Developing Colin Cowherd Sitcom

Desperate times call for giant douchenozzles.

posted by smithnyiu at 05:47 PM on November 21

Celtics Drop Heat in South Beach

I find every loss noteworthy since I heard Van Gundy predict they would win 73 games. Doesn't look good, Jeff.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:51 PM on November 12

Dwyane Wade Brings Terrifying Back

Spoke in clipped sentences and looked serious a lot.

Fuck me that's funny.

posted by smithnyiu at 07:13 PM on November 03

Legendary Tigers/Reds Manager Sparky Anderson dies at 76

Was growing up in Michigan during the "Roar of 84". He became one of my heroes then. For anyone who hasn't read "Bless you Boys", it gives great insight into his genius of just letting his kids play, as he puts it. Can't stand the thought of losing him like this.

posted by smithnyiu at 06:35 PM on November 03

San Francisco Giants Win The World Series

Did you see him in the prom jacket and bow tie before the game?

WTF? Is that a prom jacket and bow tie? Think classy, you'll be classy. If you win 20 in the show, you can wear any Dennis Rodman outfit you want and the press'll think you're colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you are a tool.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:22 PM on November 02

San Francisco Giants Win The World Series

I just love watching Lincecum pitch.

That's got to be the ugliest man boy in baseball.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:08 PM on November 02

Graphic: Why Eric LeGrand is Paralyzed

or Chuck Norris.

posted by smithnyiu at 06:00 PM on October 25

Giants Take Game of 1 of NLCS 4-3 Over Phillies

"This guy stinks"? Seriously? That's all he could come up with?

posted by smithnyiu at 12:58 PM on October 17

Lions Cornerback Alfonso Smith Does a Carlton

This bag over my head had been on so long my wife made me put it back on until I shave and hit a tanning bed.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:17 AM on October 13

Lions Cornerback Alfonso Smith Does a Carlton

There was no penalty.

Typical smithnyiu, doesn't read before opening fire.

posted by smithnyiu at 01:41 PM on October 12

Lions Cornerback Alfonso Smith Does a Carlton

I love it. I can't believe that garnered a 15 yard penalty and possible fine from the NFL. I thought that was just for group celebrations?

I'm proud of the Lions for validating the fact that they knew they were a better team this year.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:14 AM on October 12

Yankees' Bleacher Creatures Sing 'Why Are You Gay?'

This makes me appreciate a Yankees loss even more. Go Rangers Rays.

posted by smithnyiu at 03:33 PM on October 11

Soccer Player Fails to Tap Female Referee

What the hell is Leo Dicaprio doing there? Now he's a German soccer ref? A female German soccer ref?

posted by smithnyiu at 11:40 AM on October 08

Raiders Draw Worst Crowd Since 1967

Raiders threads also draw the worst crowds.

posted by smithnyiu at 06:11 PM on October 07

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Bitter resident of Reno, where sports are nothing more than things to be bet on


Bitter resident of Tucson, where sports are nothing more than Eastbound and Down, season two.

posted by smithnyiu at 05:42 PM on October 06

Lebron Plays Race Card Over Decision Criticism

I think what LeBron was talking to was the Q score and how a disproportionate number of whites jumped on the negative side (from 24% to 44%) where blacks, not so much (14% to 15%). He probably thinks to himself that nearly half of white america hates him. Maybe to someone living in a bubble it's a black and white issue.

posted by smithnyiu at 04:48 PM on October 01

NASCAR Winners Asked to Be Less Boring

I was once in a bowling league, took it pretty serious until one day at the alley I looked around and it occured to me that these are not my people. I think that's what happened here.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:54 PM on September 30

Women's Pro Tennis Turns 40

What a shame. To honor the 40th anniversary of the most successful woman's sport, this clown writes about how it lacks the intrigue of the men's tour? There are millions of fans that would disagree and would more like to hear about the evolution of the sport since Billy Jean and others signed their $1 contracts. The great personalities, great matches and how much it has been a part of all of our sports history through the years. Why always compring to the men? Why not compare it to other women's sports and why it remained so good through the years? Just sayin.

posted by smithnyiu at 03:21 PM on September 24

College Photographer Gets Iconic Shot

posted by smithnyiu at 08:41 PM on September 21

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Ballhawking, my new favorite hobby.

posted by smithnyiu at 05:12 PM on September 16

Derek Jeter Admits Faking Hit-By-Pitch

It sure looked like a HBP to me.

Wait, the trainer is coming out for effect.

posted by smithnyiu at 03:11 PM on September 16

Derek Jeter Admits Faking Hit-By-Pitch

What dyams said.

Even in little league we were taught to "lean into" a pitch if we desperately needed runners. Few had the balls to do it, though. Another thing we were taught was to never admit it, Jeter, you noob.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:34 PM on September 16

Rays Take Lead in AL East

It's hard to expect a consistent fan base when the only people that grew up Rays' fans are 12. Give it 80 years or so.

posted by smithnyiu at 06:13 PM on September 14

Fans Brawl at US Open Match

I had the exact same conversation with my Mother at church last week. I felt bad about giving my Dad the PZ (Pedro-Zimmer) takedown, but he bumrushed me.

Gotta side with the kid on this one. Even though I think his "why do I care about anyone else?" attitued is an epidemic these days, he didn't deserve to be attacked. She should have just gone to security and made a case.

posted by smithnyiu at 12:26 PM on September 04

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I stopped watch my BoSox in fear that I, too, would get injured.

posted by smithnyiu at 02:20 PM on August 30

Decisions Are Never Easy

beaverboard, as retired USAF and former USAF Thunderbird, I have never heard someone so completely wrong and out of touch about military aviation. I could list your points and give facts refuting, but I think it would be a waste of time.

Wait, the one about being bright and being promoted *snicker* "right out of the airplane" is too hard to pass up. Nah. Nevermind.

I predict this guy will choose the NFL, because judging by his size he will probably fly heavies, which is a completely different comparison that the one they paint in the article.

posted by smithnyiu at 09:42 AM on August 30

Canadian Medical Association Urges MMA Ban

To say you are going to "urge the country" is a pretty agressive stance. My advice to Canada is to pack up your shit and move en masse to North Dakota, which is vacant right now, before things get out of hand.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:13 AM on August 29

I really should workout more

You're right. The director should have shaved their heads to avoid making anyone feel bad, then produced an equal number of videos of out of shape ugly women in the name of "balance".

Don't poke the bear, JJ.

posted by smithnyiu at 01:05 PM on August 26

Michigan High School Practices at Midnight for Ramadan

Wait, muslims play football?

posted by smithnyiu at 09:33 PM on August 17

AP source: Yankees on verge of acquiring Berkman

Maybe Berkman can hit ARod's 600th for him.

posted by smithnyiu at 03:13 PM on August 01

Ryan Moore: Pebble Beach US Open 'Makes Me Hate Golf'

I'm totally on board with wfrazerjr on this one. I've always felt this way about altering a course for the open. When the best player in the world hits a quality drive with a fairway wood, it splits the fairway, but then rolls through the pavement-hard fairway off a cliff, I just laughed. That's not the golf they play week in and out. A quality golf shot should not be a 2-stroke penalty. I, too, eventually turned it off because I was sure I would watch a relatively unknown par his way to a victory.

posted by smithnyiu at 08:32 AM on June 22

Record-Seeking Teen Sailor May Be Lost at Sea

I bought my wife the entire Abby16 lingerie line in pink because that's how I roll.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:00 AM on June 11

Danica Patrick Booed by Indy Fans

Those aren't boo's, Danica. They're saying, "Danica ! Danica !"

I don't see why people always make comparisons to Anna with the attention she gets. Anna with her perfect tan, her young body glistening in the hot sun as she lost set after set to juniors and people with disabilities. Danica, in contrast, is in heavy fire suit with a helmet, in a car as she drives the wrong way or puts it in a wall. No comparison. One is worth watching, one is not.

posted by smithnyiu at 02:20 PM on May 27

Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys for Game 2 vs. Spurs

By the way, please show me your proof of citizenship

Actually what the cop will ask anyone of any color is, "Can I see some ID?" as he's filling out his report. Then the legal citizen yanks out his/her driver's license and he goes in to kwiki mart to get his cigs.

I totally get what will probably happen is a car full of hispanics will get pulled over more frequently because now they can, legally, and be asked to show ID. I know that will happen, and I ask what else can be done? How else can we stop the flow of illegal traffic and drugs coming up I19 into the US? I have no doubt this can be twisted around to look like racial profiling for no other reason than the color of their skin, but unlike other cases where it did happen, there is a reason. Almost every single person that is trafficking people and drugs illegally here in Arizona, is from Mexico. How else do we approach the delicate subject of race in this case?

But let me back up to my original point at the top of the thread. It's not Arizona's job to protect the rest of the country. This law was passed to get the federal government involved in securing our borders. Now I think they will.

posted by smithnyiu at 07:28 PM on May 06

Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys for Game 2 vs. Spurs

What is a reasonable suspicion that someone is illegal?

I can't believe people are actually still asking this question. Like the law enforcement here has no clue what they are doing. All they are doing is enforcing a law that already exists. Previously they didn't have the right to ask for citizenship WHEN DETAINED FOR ANOTHER REASON. Now they can. I can't believe how wrong the whole country is on this whole issue. And they will probably ask "brown skin" people the question more often if they can't speak english. No kidding, that's the number one reason. They ask for citizenship in spanish. Boo fucking hoo, let's all cry for human rights.

What should an American without a passport be carrying with them at all times to prove citizenship?

A driver's license, work permit, green card, or any US government issued ID card is all you need.

It is like apartheid.

Bullshit. Arizona is just shortening a process where we deport illegal aliens on an air-conditioned bus back to Mexico. Comparing this to attempted genocide is just fucking stupid.

posted by smithnyiu at 02:47 PM on May 06

Ex-NFL Great Lawrence Taylor Arrested


posted by smithnyiu at 02:17 PM on May 06

Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys for Game 2 vs. Spurs

Fair enough and point taken about the spending. However, I honestly fail to see how this law addresses the $1 billion being spent on illegal immigration or how it will fix the state being broke.

Because it will be federal money being spent, not state money. It will take the equivilent of a handful of people with their finger in the dike the size of the Hoover dam and make it a national issue with more resources to work with. Our state spent more money combating illegal immigration than educating our children last year.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:53 AM on May 05

Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys for Game 2 vs. Spurs

This is not an immigration law. It is a racial profiling law.

OK, this is what I expected to hear. All of your points are valid and I agree with you across the board, as do most people here in Arizona. So how did this law get passed? It has more to do with the bigger picture of politics.

You see, we have a free spending government right now, and we in Arizona need help, but our requests for assistance are falling on deaf ears. The immigration issue is a localized issue for the border states, but none are hit harder than Arizona. We spent over $1 billion dollars last year fighting this issue. Now that this controversial law was passed we are on the forefront. I predict there will be national immigration reform passed before this law actually goes into effect in October.

The biggest part of the bill is what happens to businesses if they are caught hiring illegals. That doesn't get discussed in the media because it's not necessarily a human rights issue.

Now, on the issue of racial profiling; whatever. The law enforcement and border patrol here know exactly who they need to detain. The are experts in this issue, and if innocent latinos are asked to show proof they are not illegal, that is, for lack of a better term, a casualty of war. Out of 22 million illegals in this country right now, over 17 million are latino. And most of those come across the border in my back yard. And the biggest issue with the flow of illegals is the drug war going on right now in Mexico. There is an all-out war with the Cartels and law enforcement there, and it is spilling over into Arizona now as I'm sure you've heard in the news.

I feel for the poor from a human standpoint. I really do. If I were in their shoes I would try to make a better life for my family too. I would do exactly what they are doing, so I don't hate latinos. But our state is broke. And now with the potential of federal help we might win this war. Because right now we are losing. Badly.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:10 AM on May 05

Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys for Game 2 vs. Spurs

The law is stupid.

How so? I want to hear someone's viewpoint that has an educated opinion why they think this law is stupid. Then I'll share my viewpoint from someone that is in the middle of an Arizona city overrun by illegals.

posted by smithnyiu at 09:44 AM on May 05

Player Rejects NFL Offers Because He Wasn't Drafted

Full disclosure: I live in New Hampshire, but have little loyalty to the local teams.

My Son goes to UNH and feels the same. I don't get it.

posted by smithnyiu at 06:12 PM on April 28

Bradford, Suh Lead NFL Draft's First Round

My Lions got Suh. I just have to savor this moment. Millen would have picked a punter.

posted by smithnyiu at 11:50 AM on April 23

Man Intentionally Vomits on Fans at Phillies Game

I never said I liked it here. We're just nice to children.

posted by smithnyiu at 01:50 PM on April 16

Man Intentionally Vomits on Fans at Phillies Game

Unfortunately, a**holes grow everyplace...Like weeds.

Not here. The name Tucson, loosley translated, means "nobody vomits on children".

posted by smithnyiu at 01:46 PM on April 16