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All-Star Shakeups

Capuano is my favorite young pitcher and he's been great this year, but most of his damage has been against the Cubs. He has a 0.00 ERA in 26 innings against the Cubs and a 4.01 ERA in 103 innings against everyone else. I understand, but its not like the whole Cubs lineup was on the AL team.

posted by youngflippa18 at 02:13 PM on July 08

Heat 98, Mavericks 74

The Mavs seemed like they were gonna run away with the title, but i guess the Heat proved that they were better than what they showed in the first two games. I think the way the finals are set up to have "home-court adv" is flawed. The team w/ the the better record would get the full benefit of home-court adv. if they had three games in a row at home, then three in a row away, then the last at home. The way the games are set up now pretty much make for a lot of game sevens.

posted by youngflippa18 at 02:39 AM on June 16

Gatlin breaks world record held by Powell

somewhere in the world the is an undiscovered talent capable of being the fastest human alive

posted by youngflippa18 at 11:07 PM on May 12