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At 20, MJ was no LeBron

Lebron James is King James and the other guy... Well we'll always call him: HIS AIRNESS!

posted by LROD at 09:14 PM on February 18

At 20, MJ was no LeBron

Certainly Lebron James is not Jordan and for sure he will never be…Jordan was one of a kind and for as long as basketball exist that is how is going to stay. Lebron James is a great and very exciting player to watch and even though people are comparing his #’s to those of Michael Jordan, he will never be that one for whom we cherished and even try to imitate on the court. MJ’s style was unique and we all know it, even his archenemies admit it. His Airness carried basketball on his shoulders so it will be unfair to put Lebron James or any other player in that position, but at the same time he does remind us of the golden days when MJ used to delight us with his charisma and unbelievable moves which by the way brought the game to a new level worldwide.

posted by LROD at 09:10 PM on February 18

At 20, MJ was no LeBron

Already Lebron’s numbers are better than any other NBA player at that age including MJ’s when he was 20. King James is flying High and as long as he keeps practicing and taking the sport serious, keeping that flame within him burning for that challenge of being the best, staying out of trouble and of course injuries, I think he’ll flight as high as MJ. Who knows probably one day we’ll say: His Airness and King James the best Basketball players ever…. His Airness King James

posted by LROD at 02:40 PM on February 18

Canseco disputes news story on book

This came out in ESPN this afternoon...

posted by LROD at 04:36 PM on February 08

Canseco disputes news story on book

You are right WeedyMc, Canseco thinks these book is a pay back to the league because they have not given him the chance to come back....

posted by LROD at 03:25 PM on February 08

Canseco disputes news story on book

I know what you saying Garfield and I for one hope that sports in general scrub the already infested system as we know it now, but leave the matter to the investigators and the sports officials to take care of that. I mean people that are qualify. Canseco’s book -Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big are nothing but the resemblance of how players with money have used any means to cheat the sport. What is worse is that they got away with it and there’s nothing we can do. Garfield I’m not for the blind eye and let me tell you something, this book is coming out Feb the 14th and Jose Canseco should change the title and called it: I used steroids and cheat it, smash hits and got big.

posted by LROD at 11:54 AM on February 08

Canseco disputes news story on book

I personally think Jose Canseco is trying to make a buck out of this whole ordeal betraying his friends and even mentioning the President, saying that the president should’ve known what was going on with steroids back when he was the governor of Texas and owner of the Texas Rangers…Canseco please stop the drama and leave baseball alone!...

posted by LROD at 10:00 AM on February 08

Will Phil Jackson come back to the Lakers?

I have to say that it will be unprecedented given Phil Jackson’s trajectory as a coach to come back after leaving the job like he did, but if you take into consideration that he likes a challenge and this one looks like it would be a great one, if not the greatest for any coach to get this young talented player (Kobe) to listen and play at the level that Phil used to have in Michael Jordan and getting him to commit to the team will be very interesting to watch. On the other hand there is $$$$$$ and money nowadays plays an important role given the fact that most of the decisions in sports are based on $$$$$ lately, I would say there is a chance we might see it happened…By the way big Diesel say today that he whishes Phil the best if he decides to come back to the Lakers. Last but not least let’s remember the relationship with the VP which looks pretty solid given the time they’ve been together. The VP looks eager to see Jackson coach her team again and who knows if that might influence Jackson’s decision. In the end I think that after all have being said and done it is up to the Phil Jackson to make the ultimate decision, and that my friend is the truth of the matter in this discussion.

posted by LROD at 12:36 PM on February 04


If there is no holding allowed, I don't see Tyson getting anywhere here!...

posted by LROD at 04:52 PM on February 03

Will Phil Jackson come back to the Lakers?

No motivations, how about $$$$$$$$$$$ man!... If the VP made the comment it is very possible that they're already talking to him.

posted by LROD at 04:42 PM on February 03

Will Phil Jackson come back to the Lakers?

I feel that Given the fact that Jeanie Buss is Jackson's significant other anything could happen even though my brain can’t conceive the idea after all that has been said, but again women have a strange power over men....Who knows???

posted by LROD at 03:50 PM on February 03

Pittsburgh's Kevin McClatchy fears some Baseball clubs could face bankruptcy

Finally somebody is talking; it doesn’t take to much intellect to realize that sooner or later these crazy paydays are going to create problems one way or the other in the long run.

posted by LROD at 08:40 PM on January 28

Pedro looks headed to the Mets.

Rush of smarts to the head? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ lbb $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

posted by LROD at 09:15 PM on December 13

Pedro looks headed to the Mets.

Problably they thought Pedro wasn't worth it, but we'll all see what Pedro brings to the table next season . I for one wish him the best and hopefully with the Mets he'll win 10 or more.

posted by LROD at 08:02 PM on December 13

Pedro looks headed to the Mets.

I'll guess $50 mill will get you anything, I wonder why the Yankees gave up on him.

posted by LROD at 07:56 PM on December 13

Bryant says Malone's passes are pretty crisp

Kobe Bryant against Godzilla, comming soon to a thread near you!...

posted by LROD at 05:01 PM on December 13

Too Much Punting

Belichick is known for his unorthodox strategies Doc, it is interesting, and I have to tell you these Patriots are a very electrifying team to watch not only for how unpredictable they are, but also their defense is rock solid. It is true the way Football coaches devote themselves to studying the game all the time including long nights watching videos, in contrast much of the baseball coaches take the night off after each game.

posted by LROD at 03:24 PM on December 13

Bryant says Malone's passes are pretty crisp

Tmac and Kobe one on one, that should be very interesting garfield...

posted by LROD at 10:14 AM on December 13

Bryant says Malone's passes are pretty crisp

I’m shocked; this takes the wind out of my sails. I thought the mailman was a respectful person, I mean picking on somebody else’s wife is very low and disgraceful. I’m sure now the mailman didn’t this of Bryant as his friend after all!

posted by LROD at 09:59 AM on December 13

Fans find zero tolerance

I guess we all agree here that for years a lot of fans have been abusing the players’ verbally, same players who did not pay any attention to the fans yelling all kinds of defamation and condemnation and whatever you can think of. I for one thought that the player’s concentration level was so high that they could not hear the fans attacks, or if they did hear them they used them to build more energy, to play better and turn the negative into positive like Michael Jordan used to do, but I’ve being proven wrong throughout the years. Here is an example: “Latrell you allow more unopposed penetrations than Paris Hilton.” That’s what the lady said to Latrell Sprewell, Latrell then answered “suck my d***”, and then all hell broke loose. I personally think she had a good point on criticizing Latrell’s defense in that particular game. I want to ask you guys, do you think this kind of comment should be considered as heckling or should it be considered as performance criticism?

posted by LROD at 11:01 PM on December 12

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

avogadro, 2 month here doesn't mean month into the game. I've been fallowing the NBA since 1987.

posted by LROD at 10:18 AM on December 11

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

chicobangs, I'm truly sorry if I in any way offended you or the others. I just hope you understand my point.

posted by LROD at 10:11 AM on December 11

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

Maybe the disregard is part of the pose. That is the heck of a thing to write, especially from someone who doesn’t know me. Allow me to say something and not to you Uncle Toby, Gspm or you Dusted “I couldn’t care less what you guys think.” That nuisance the heck out of you guys and I know it but at the same time don’t take it to heart for it is just a saying. There are a lot of sports out there, a lot of choices and options so one might think not everybody likes the same sport and that is the same as saying that everybody likes the same colors, but that does not give one the right to reprobate and say the sport is not worth watching or that it needs to change to be good or because whatever the f*** the game is boring, if is boring probably you are watching the wrong game and should move onto something else. I for one say that Basketball is a great game with a lot of integrity and of course like any other sport you’ll find some players who are not fun to watch or you might think that sometimes they only care about contracts and don’t give a rat ass about the game. I say the game of Basketball is bigger than that. Basketball is a great game wherever is played in parks, the streets in your backyard in a video game anywhere. The fans who understand how difficult is to be able to play this game and how demanding of your intellectual judgement, skills and physical capacity this sports is, turn to appreciate it and if you play it long enough you’ll get to love it, like I do.

posted by LROD at 12:05 AM on December 11

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

Keep it for yourself dusted and if you don’t like it well I don’t care! I love basketball and for me is a disgrace to hear people talk about the sport that way, I might be taking it to serious but that’s just me and once again you don’t like it I couldn’t care less.

posted by LROD at 08:13 PM on December 10

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

What? , I can believe this guy chicobangs what the hell is you are talking about? . Stop grouching about the rules and the players and everything else, I mean what you are saying doesn’t make any sense ( two quarters ) that really shows the love you have for the sport, if you don’t like it fine! But there are some of us that do, look at baseball nine innings sounds kind of long but nine innings is the rule along with all the others end of the story. So you better get this in your head FOUR QUARTERS AND NINE INNINGS anything else is not professional.

posted by LROD at 07:48 PM on December 10

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

Sorry guys I forgot to add that T-Mac won last season scoring title also, making him the Ninth man in NBA history to win back to back titles.

posted by LROD at 11:16 AM on December 10

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

Humanity!, if this lyon awakes I see 30 points per game. Macgrady is unstopable, teams usually have to double team him but since he moved to the Rockets he's being very quiet. "T-Mac's problem is that he enjoys scoring way more than he does." lets not forget he was the scoring champion for the 2002-2003 season, Just give T-Mac the time to ajust to this team and you will see this scoring machine in action but for now is trancision time.

posted by LROD at 10:26 AM on December 10

Is Tim Duncan Better than Kevin Garnett?

Nowitzki and Duncan close to second?, why are you leaving kobe Bryant out of the map?. I'll pick Kobe on top of those two guys any day of the week!.

posted by LROD at 11:48 AM on December 09

Is Tim Duncan Better than Kevin Garnett?

Is hard to say if you look at statistics but I for one think that Kevin Garnett is better and lets not forget that those two gold rings came when David Robinson was around.

posted by LROD at 09:30 AM on December 09

Bruce Lee - film star or sportsman?

“Kimura then took Gracie down with an Osotogari followed by Kuzurekamishihogatame." Sound like anybody would give up to that, but not the Gracie’s they will go for the long run and even though that kimura guy used what’s being to be known as Royce best weapon the ARM BAR not even them Helio surrender. I remember when Royce Gracie fought Ken Shamrock, Royce got couple of broken ribs, almost lost an eye but when he applied that ARM BAR the fight was over!. Even though Shamrock made Royce retired after that terrible beating, I still believe that Royce Gracie was the best UFC champion ever.

posted by LROD at 07:09 PM on December 08

Marion Jones on the hot seat

Marion Jones has denied she used drugs even though Mr. Conte said he saw Jones inject a human growth hormone. The question is: , if she 's found guilty should the Olympic committee deprive her of the gold medals? , Or should she be disciplined and be allowed to keep her medals?

posted by LROD at 09:38 AM on December 08

Bruce Lee - film star or sportsman?

I'll bet on Superman lil_brown!.

posted by LROD at 06:37 PM on December 07

Bruce Lee - film star or sportsman?

Couldn't explain it better garfield, thanks for the help!.

posted by LROD at 06:16 PM on December 07

Bruce Lee - film star or sportsman?

Jeet Kune Do is a mix of boxing and grappling as well as kung fu and karate... don't be mistaken about this style of fighting for is not based just in chinese traditions, also Bruce Lee added 33 Known grappling moves to Jet kune Do before his death!, just for your personal Knowledge.

posted by LROD at 03:11 PM on December 07

The legend of Latrine Sprewell grows

Oh great, just what we needed sometimes I ask myself when is the NBA going to apply a more intense sensitivity training to these players or is it that the situation between players and fans wich is doing nothing but degrading the sport will continue?, by the way Latrell is going to make $14.6 mill this year and he is talking about needing money to feed his family to wich I aks, what the hell?

posted by LROD at 02:58 PM on December 07

Bruce Lee - film star or sportsman?

Bruce Lee known as the founder of Jeet Kune Do, which isn’t really a martial arts style at all (or wasn’t, originally). Jeet Kune Do was more a method of approach, a way of looking at the martial arts with the intention of bringing them out of what Bruce saw as a rather hidebound and stale situation. The essence of the Jeet Kune Do philosophy can largely be brought down to one sentence: do what works, and know why it works. Royce Gracie, one of the greatest fighters I've seen!( I've seen almost all his figths ) I might be wrong but his best grappling move comes from Jet Kune Do ( see enter the dragon, beggining of the movie) never forget that.

posted by LROD at 02:21 PM on December 07

Bruce Lee - film star or sportsman?

Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist ever not only for his time but also for the present and the future, he also did not want people to call him “ movie star.” He thought the word itself was an illusion. He wanted to be called a good actor or a good martial artist instead. My personal opinion is that he was a genius of martial arts and that his style and ways of fighting were real and don’t get me wrong I mean movies are all rehearsals but some of those moves he could perform in real life encounters, this guy was always looking for perfection and in some aspect of his short life he achieved it. I was amazed when I found out that Jackie chan was one of his stunt men ( see enter the dragon, the cave action ) and that he chose his funny style because he didn’t want to be in the shadows of the deadly fighter ways that Bruce Lee protracted. Jet Lee uses his face expressions but too much computer animation and special effect doesn’t make up for skills even though he has a lot of that. “ Bruce Lee the greatest martial artist of all time.” , I for one think so.

posted by LROD at 09:56 AM on December 07

On-field fatality

Tragic day for sports.

posted by LROD at 07:06 PM on December 05

McCain Wants MLB to Tighten Drug Policy

The goverment should keep their eyes in the war and the economy!, like they don't have their hands full right now.

posted by LROD at 03:41 PM on December 05

McCain Wants MLB to Tighten Drug Policy

To DrJohnEvans, I don't care if you read it or not, or if you say is the same article either way you don't bother me on the other hand you should be reading medicine articles if you are really a doctor and stop complaining so much. You don't like it, DON'T READ IT! < stop being a twitch>>>

posted by LROD at 10:24 PM on December 04

McCain Wants MLB to Tighten Drug Policy

To DrJohnEvans read it in the NEW YORK TIMES TOO!, you hater.

posted by LROD at 07:27 PM on December 04

McCain Wants MLB to Tighten Drug Policy

Oh great, now we have politics and congress trying to govern america’s past time sport, I say we are doomed and on the other hand we have Mr. conte saying that another undetectable steroid had already hit the black market ( soon enough we gonna have to get the DEA involve into this ) In contrast a professor from the university of Wisconsin said: he believed steroids should be legalized for adult athletes, saying medical risks are often overstated. Already, athletes are allowed to enhance performance by numerous artificial means, he noted. For instance, it is legal to stimulate oxygen-carrying capacity by training at an altitude or by sleeping in a hyper baric chamber, but not by using the endurance drug known as EPO. DAH! EPO is a drug Mr. Professor. My opinion is that an athlete that uses a drug to get superiority over another athlete in any sport is a cheater and should be disciplined for cheating period and for Jones if she or any other olympian athlete did it they should take the gold from them and give it to the ones that competed with integrity. In brief cheating must not be allowed in sports period.

posted by LROD at 07:23 PM on December 04

Report: Bonds Admitted to Using Substances

Hey, daddisamm is a visionary and I think some of these visions might become true... No wonder why the Red Sox won the MLB trophy last season, they really enhance their performance against my team the Yankees and them like it wasn't enough they enhance their performance against the daddisamm's Twins. I don't agree with the speculations lets go and get the facts. Lets test everybody and implement new rules were players can be banned from the sport like they did to Pete Rose.

posted by LROD at 02:25 PM on December 04

Report: Bonds Admitted to Using Substances

Did you guys see barry Bonds Lawyer, this is what he said: "He put together statistically one of the most remarkable seasons ever," Borris said in an interview. "There are people in this world whose sole purpose is to try and figure out ways on how to undermine the accomplishments of others." He said that regarding last year "PERFORMANCE". Well at least somebody is defending this cheater and is getting paid for!.

posted by LROD at 10:03 AM on December 04

Report: Bonds Admitted to Using Substances

I guess the big muscles weren’t hard work as some Yankee player described before, what’s hurt me is that back in the days players used to hit homeruns without the help of these substances, Now these braking records players are all a mystery. As for me I ask myself, can they brake records without using illegal drugs or is cheating part of the sport nowadays?

posted by LROD at 08:30 AM on December 03

Mets join Martinez chase

``Alex gave Pedro the pitch, he told him what the Yankees are about, how Joe Torre runs things, about the clubhouse atmosphere and what's expected,'' Martinez' agent, Fernando Cuza, said. Now how's that!, they are friends now.

posted by LROD at 03:35 PM on November 25

Mets join Martinez chase

I don't think the reason that the Yankees want to sing Pedro is to hurt Boston, but to make the team pitching roster better besides Pedro Martinez is one of the best and we all know that, so I advise crank to get that 'hurt’ Boston stuff out of his mind.

posted by LROD at 01:52 PM on November 25

Mets join Martinez chase

Now the Yankees are suddenly praising Pedro Martinez, I wonder how Don Simer sees all this after Pedro Martinez made him kiss the grass, one thing is for sure this guy is going to make a ton of money. Can somebody guess what team is going to end up with Pedro and is he worth it?. A Yankee fan wants to know.

posted by LROD at 06:13 PM on November 24

Follow the bouncing brawl

Arcade just wait for the ABA wanna b's to see this threard

posted by LROD at 11:31 AM on November 24

Follow the bouncing brawl

Hey 86 that was nice especially the NBC microphone on the floor . . . Talking about abstract art, well this is an example well done.

posted by LROD at 11:23 AM on November 24

Guess who's back?

Well is either play or the team gets 8.5 mill back..uh, what's it gonna be?.

posted by LROD at 11:17 AM on November 24

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

I hope Gspm lock keys remain as is and I blame the ABA wanna b's for the swinging.

posted by LROD at 11:10 AM on November 24

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

I think this John Green guy is a coward, I mean as a man you have to take responsibility for your actions, instead of Artest beating the alcohol out of this guy he gets the poor and I guess drunken guy next to him and who couldn't put his hand up to defend himself, probably John Green needed a telephone to fight face to face.

posted by LROD at 11:06 AM on November 24

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

Now that geekyguy is so smart he might be able to put that ABA team together!, he might be the point guard and I can give you an idea for the team's name too... the nitpickers.

posted by LROD at 07:21 PM on November 23

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

I apologise to you too squealy!

posted by LROD at 07:07 PM on November 23

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

Now that is a enlightened post, thanks yerfatma and I apologized to you because I didn’t take it the right way in your previous comment, I just think that this is very important since is going to bring a lot of changes and new rules to the league. I guess the Artest chronicles was getting to me. Once again my apologies to you and the other guys and by the way the ABA thing was just a joke gspm.

posted by LROD at 06:46 PM on November 23

Artest Calls Season Suspension Too Harsh

Now that is a post, thanks rcade and let put the past behind us!.

posted by LROD at 06:26 PM on November 23

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

I think gspm, DrJE, yerfatma and weedy have a lot of Stress, lighten up guys! And I am not a hater gspm.

posted by LROD at 06:24 PM on November 23

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl

Perfectly and sensibly I'll tell you the same thing, DON'T READ IT! And keep siding up with yerfatma, DrJE, weedy for soon enough you guys gonna have an ABA team.

posted by LROD at 06:04 PM on November 23

Artest Calls Season Suspension Too Harsh

Oh god, this Artest thing is really getting out of hands on and off the court and in both ends.

posted by LROD at 04:36 PM on November 23