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Critics Go Ape Over LeBron James Magazine Cover

OK...I had to come out of retirement for this???? Exactly the reason I left SpoFi... LeBron was trying to look fierce as a competitor (and ripped) and Giselle looking sweet and svelte, qualities of good bodies and attitudes- which is what the title and article suggests. LeBron and Giselle are fine with it, excuse me for my ignorance but where is the controversy? Annie Lebovitz, the photograher is reknowned and respected. But if everyone wants controversy you will get it. Are some people really that stupid? Never mind I already know the answer, which is why I am out again. GO GIANTS!!!

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Oklahoma crushes Missouri,

I vote for a Notre Dame-Duke rematch for the championship.

posted by urall cloolis at 09:58 AM on December 02

Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

jlh- Actually I am a college educated business owner in the sports industry. I know a lot of friends of Sean Taylor's and have met him once. None of them are close to being "thugs", they are all educated, compassionate people. That is why I take it so personally. As for my trailer park, at least I own it instead of living in mommy's garage and sponging off tax dollars. Now I am out for good. Have a nice day and enjoy talking to the wall.

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The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week 13

Unless the Giants are stupid enough to kick the ball to Hester (which they may be), there is no way the Giants lose to Rex Grossman and da Bears.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

urall cloolis .. you have to be the stupidest person in the world. does anything you say make any sense? a sporting challenge? well that will just change evertyhing And I am the stupid one? Actually I just wanted you to shut the fuck up and start backpedaling, which I have clearly done. The 5,000 amount was something I know you probably cannot afford to lose, but I can. The sporting challenge was because I KNOW I am clearly a better athlete than you. If you are going to talk about how you could have prevented getting shot in a home invasion (which you have done in a previous post) because of your strong military background I would have thought you also had some balls to back it up. LBB and others, my apologies, I did not mean to get into a pissing match and I clearly went about it the wrong way (including this post, which I couldn't resist). I am out, have a nice day.

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Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel dead at 69

He was one of the first real men! Evel did what a lot of men wanted to do but wouldn't dare try. A pioneer, a stud and a man with no equal in his time. He did feats that brought fame and opportunity to X-Games and all the extreme sports out there. And he did them without todays technology (and medicine).

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

And again...RIP Mr. Sean Taylor. You were a pleasure to meet and a lot of people cared about you! You will be missed.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

I will allow justgary, lilbrownbat, yerfatma or anyone else we both feel comfortable with to hold the money, judge the events and award the winnings.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

Joe (jlh) before you respond about how great you are- I have a challenge for you. We each put up $5,000.00 and play 10 sporting events, we each pick 5. The winner stays on SpoFi anytime they want and the loser shuts the fuck up forever and leaves. Are you willing to compete? If so, pick your 5 sports and when you want your plane ticket to arrive. If not shut the fuck up! I am serious. Ask mommy for the money and lets compete.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

i rest my case jlh- are you a fucking moron or just have no class. Because someone was in a house it does not mean the owner invited his own death. You brag about your marine background and how it could never happen to you- is that because no one knows your moms address and the garage you live in? Or because you are a Super Ninja that no one can touch. You are probably the guy that would have been the middle linebacker for the Patriots this year if your High School coach didn't hate you so much and bring you down. You probably still wear a jersey with "69" on the back so it makes you feel like a stud. You are either ignorant and uninformed about how Sean Taylor has grown and lived lately or just do not care because mom still buys your Froot Loops and Kool cigarettes.

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Five Arrested in Football Corruption Investigation.

When I read the story I was certain that Sam Allardyce and his son would be neck deep in this whole mess. Maybe it is just a matter of time since they are the biggest "bungers" that I have heard about.

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The count is up to four.

The video I saw on youtube was at a bad angle and not much leading up to the hit. I saw it from a different angle late last night and agree it was on the cheap-side, he had time to stop or change directions.

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The count is up to four.

I have watched the video over and over. Yes he was hit but it wasn't that devestating or cheap. One player skating full speed to deliver a check and he (Hartnell) definitely held up, another (Alberts) on his knees for little reason. There was no clear attempt to injure. What the hell was Alberts doing on his knees against the boards trying to control a puck when Flyers are arriving full speed anyway? It was a hip against a man on his knees...a hockey player on his knees has no reason unless he is a goaltender. Otherwise he is just stupid. The Broad Strret Bullies are baaaaaaack! Go Flyers.

posted by urall cloolis at 11:02 PM on November 27

Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

Sean Taylor has made mistakes, but haven't we all. When one of us passes I doubt that our darkest secret or worst mistake will be our defining moment or part of the grieving. Sean Taylor may have hit hard and had a scrape or two. but was a person that matured greatly. He didn't talk to the press because he was uncomfortable with it due to being a very shy person. He was LOVED by his teammates, family and daughter. Sean Taylor grew up in a rough section of Miami. He got himself a scholarship to a reputable prep school and got good grades, was polite and helped spearhead their fundraising. He supported the other teams and was by all accounts a great guy to be around. He was not in the clubs at night when he was injured, he was getting treatment and taking care of his family. On the news tonight they interviewed the local children from Taylor's neighborhood in Virginia. They were all devestated and spoke of what a great friend he was to them. "Thugs" do not regularly invite the neighborhood kids over to play video games and teach them how to fish in the pond behind his house. They do not invite their parents over to see where their kid is spending time and how. The parents and neighbors all spoke of how respected he was- not because he was a football player- but because he cared about them all and their well being. Sean Taylor will be missed by a lot of people, not only as a football player, but as a caring human being.

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Beckham beats Hollywood strikers.

United ingrained in him to always fight back for the ball, as they do all they're players, and I believe he does that conisistently when he's healthy Fighting back for a ball just lost and engaging in tackles while defending are two seperate parts of the game. We will probably never agree on this issue. He must not have been healthy at all for Madrid either. I rarely saw him engage at Madrid or his last year or so for United, that was a major big knock on his game that landed him on the bench at Madrid and United allowing him to go there. Both squads claimed he was too one dimensional-offense only. His big prowess has always been crossing and taking direct free kicks (not PKs). He should be able to defend against marginal talent in MLS, but we will have to wait until next year to find out whether he is willing.

posted by urall cloolis at 06:29 PM on November 07

Beckham beats Hollywood strikers.

he's one of the hardest-working skill players I've seen. When he has the ball that may be true. He rarely defends even moderately well and I have not seen him engage in a tackle for quite a few years. On top of that is his personal agenda which has nothing to do with MLS or the Galaxy, the team that is paying him 20 times his worth. And everyone thinks A-Rod is stealing money.

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Beckham beats Hollywood strikers.

Bis- awful convenient when he is always injured during club and training, then healthy when season over and looking for an England spot. It is becoming a pattern. He should feign taking his job (and contract) seriously and rehab to be ready for next season. But MLS bought him to sell tickets, merchandise and posters, not to play ball anyway.

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Navy Beats Notre Dame In Triple Overtime

Notre Dame gets special treatment because they have a huge fan following and they travel well. The bowls love them and TV audiences do too The Bowls love them IF they could qualify for one. NBC signed them to long term contract and are backpedaling and putting them on alternate NBC affiliates instead of national (at least in my area). Their target audience will get used to going to the golf course or playing Bingo instead of staying home to watch them if they keep playing crappy ball. They make the money due to their past and those shelling it out are not going to resign them. As for the BCS situation- that is as ridiculous as....the BCS itself.

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Beckham beats Hollywood strikers.

Becks can run his ass off against a Hollywood team but can't suit up for MLS or for England? I commend and applaud his efforts for putting this game together to raise funds, but his priorities are all screwed up as far as ever being a serious footballer again.

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Navy Beats Notre Dame In Triple Overtime

I am sure this is not what Notre Dame (1-8) had in mind when they signed Charlie Weis to a lucrative contract after two years of coaching Ty Willingham's recruits successfully. I find it encouraging for the Midshipmen to have finally won one of these games. It has been a long time.

posted by urall cloolis at 09:33 PM on November 03

Martina Hingis reveals she tested positive for cocaine at Wimbledon, announces retirement immediately thereafter.

I have to support LBB here. Hingis also provided a hair follicle sample and it turned up negative. Drugs stay in follicles a lot longer than in the blood, yet they would not accept that result. A female tennis player reaches her "prime" in early to mid twenties, so she just said fuck it, it is not a battle I want to endure. As for cocaine use in sports and whether it is helpful: I played on an elite college soccer team and we lost a game we were clearly favored in after a 7 game win streak. After the game I found out three starters used coke a few hours before the game. They played like crap and I sure as hell let them know about it. It made them play like Zombies, not like alert, focused, energetic athletes. Just my two cents on the subject.

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Trick or Treat

I actually like the Redsox, but I have to admit that the love they are getting on this site recently has been a little overboard. I actually do not like the Red Sox at all, but I will admit when a team or player does something that is fan friendly, especially for kids. I would prefer to see more stories about athletes doing the right thing than breaking the law. But then we would have to find something else to argue about. Just because I respect a player does not mean I am jumping on a bandwagon, lets definitely get that straight (Hawk- I know you werent singling me out- just my perspective on why I commented in the positive).

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Judge Hits Andy Reid Out of Bounds

At some point a child has to take responsibility for their actions. It sounds like the Reid boys have done that. Nothing they have done except tell the judge what he wants to hear supports that. They both got locked up. One was on probation, pulled a gun on a motorist while hopped up on heroin and driving. The other was also on drugs (and a drug dealer) and hit a car. Hell- one of them even smuggled 81 pills into jail. That is not taking responsibility for their actions. When facing severe jail time you will tell a judge anything that you hope will reduce your sentence (See Vick, Mike). I am sure it was a lawyer who suggested the words they use. Can't fault the guy for what happen, I've seen kids in the best of families turn out bad and/or into drugs. A police search found illegal drugs all over the house and the boys were overmedicated their entire lives. This doesn't sound like a kid stashing some pot in his underwear drawer.

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

My youngest is 24 years old and the proud grandfather of two. Wow your youngest must have bred young and so did his first kid. Does that make you a great grandparent? (*Sorry- I know thats not what you meant but I couldn't resist)

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Weedy- that was priceless.

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Trick or Treat

I agree with fraze- Freaking Awesome! He made the night unforgettable for all of those kids. What a great treat.

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Judge Hits Andy Reid Out of Bounds

I agree with the judge, the parents were enabling their GROWN sons by continuing to support them financially well into their 20's. Their comes a time when a parent has to lay down the law and say "It's our house (and reputation), live by our rules or you are on your own".

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I will be the one who asks "Nice shirt, do they make them in mens sizes". Sorry for the bust r8r. I just couldn't resist. To which I will promptly recommend a low-fat diet and daily exercise. Bloated and tired is no way to go through life, big fella. That would be funny if I wasn't 6'1", 190 pounds, 11% bodyfat and an athlete.

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I wear a medium (preshrunk), large otherwise. I usually go for earthy colours. When I see you walking down the street in your medium "Tough Love To Young Athletes" t-shirt, I will be the one who asks "Nice shirt, do they make them in mens sizes".

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Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired

If Dodger fans think they're going to have 13 years or so of Torre to be able to reflect on "What a great, classy guy he is," then you'd better think again. He was given everything he could possibly want in NY, and that's why he stayed around so long. I see him struggling in LA. There is no way Torre would go anywhere without the assurances that he can go after players he wants and ownership that supports it with deep pockets. He is not going to go after or sign for a job where he doesn't "get everything he could possibly want." He will go to a big market team with lots of money and that is why the Dodgers make perfect sense.

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Raptors fan sues for front row seats

I agree it is a bad move for the team. I stopped purchasing season tix in the DC area years ago for similar reasons (Bullets and Caps). I kept buying, they kept raising the prices and moving me further away. One year I went from seven rows away at about hashmark/ blue line- next year I was behind the basket/goal at an angle and 12 rows higher up. I thought the idea was to move closer as other people give up their tickets, but they try to lure new ticket buyers by getting them closer and just screwing them the next year. It is very shady. I hope he wins the lawsuit.

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

The coach is a serious asshole and should never be allowed around kids in any situation. Tonight he should have to post a sign on his front door "Home of a Child Abuser". These stories just make me sick to my stomach. He is supposed to be a teacher and role model, that is what coaches at any level are supposed to be. Man, I'm glad I don't have kids. The level of child-worship here is slightly disturbing and completely beyond my reasoning capacity. Is the kid in question hurt? Need a visit to the ER? Has he developed anxiety, anorexia, or amnesia as a result? Whether you worship children or not you should be able to see that something was VERY wrong with what this coach did. Violence to atone for violence is not the answer, but at least it would be an adult vs adult confrontation at that point and not Child Abuse. He deserves a jail sentence.

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Chief Wahoo: A Modest Proposal.

Howard, I think you mean offensive to Indians, not Italians. There is no proof to establish where Columbus was from, just that he was Caucasian and probably came from Europe. But I do appreciate your comments, as I said before- I like to hear what is and is not offensive to certain groups. I see the why the Celtics logo may not be offensive to some Irish, although it is what people think of when they think "Irish". Notre Dame, Celtics, etc... Not trying to make trouble, just trying to understand better what makes one mascot offensive and not all the mascots that take on stereotypes. For example what makes the Seminoles and Braves okay as names, yet the Tomahawk Chop they do at games is offensive. Does the name bring on negative stereotype in itself? If it even brings up negative connotations by its fans? Not an opinion, just a question. I think that sports names should have nothing to do with religion, race or nationalities. Just my two cents.

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Chief Wahoo: A Modest Proposal.

rcade...I am definitely no Christian Science Monitor fan. But thanks for giving me some history and reason why it is offensive. I have no reason to doubt that is offensive. I have always thought the logo/mascot was offensive, but that is why I referenced the Celtics logo/mascot. From the original post it makes it sound as though it was a tribute to a Native American that played for them. I know the history of the Redskins name and it is indeed offensive and support all of those that oppose the name and logo. Thanks for the information, I always appreciate education on any topic.

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Torre Leaving New York After Turning Down Incentive-Linked Contract

JustGary had it right. The offer was insulting for all Torre contibuted to the Yankees (and he is not even a Yankee fan). A 30% drop in salary would be insulting to anyone in the work force, regardless of your job. He has been the most successful coach of a baseball team in my lifetime. They were obviously telling him he was not wanted. As a result they will lose many good players that were supporters of his- ARod, Posada, Hernandez and when their contracts are up many other players will probably decide to go as well, depending upon the treatment Mattingly (or Girardi) gives them. Torre treated his players as professionals, you didn't hear of them getting into trouble off the field and they treated their jobs as such. Not only is Torre a winner, but he is a class act. Something NY has not had since Bill Parcells left town.

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Chief Wahoo: A Modest Proposal.

Joey- that is so politically incorrect I do not know where to start. That said, I could not help but laugh at it. I am definitely not defined by PC. I am not sure what the tradition is with Native Americans and the Cleveland Indians, so I will reserve my comments. I did find it amusing, whatever that means. I do know that the Washington Redskins are getting slammed, rightfully so, for their portrayal of Native Americans...the worst nickname in Sports. I know the (Boston) Irish are not mad about the Celtics mascot/ logo. I do know that Redskins is very inflammatory and since "little man" Dan Snyder refuses to budge the curse on them will continue. Or is it the curse from beyond the grave of Jack Kent Cooke?

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A dark day as National Lacrosse League cancels 2008 season.

Major League Lacrosse League . My bad, the league was Major Indoor Lacrosse League (MILL).

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A dark day as National Lacrosse League cancels 2008 season.

Tommy- I did not mean to piss on your post. I did not know such a league existed. It is not covered in my local newpapers or news stations. I have never seen it televised, covered or advertised in my area. I have never seen it in any major sports magazines that I get (SI, TSN, ESPN). I just learned there was such a league when I read your post. I knew there was a Major League Lacrosse League which had a team in my area and the league folded several years ago. I have not heard anything about professional lacrosse since. FYI- I have nothing against lacrosse or those that play it.

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Jimmy Kimmel Banned From Monday Night Football

Kimmel was entertaining and hilarious. I would rather have him in the booth full time than Kornheiser. I think Kimmel should get a satellite radio show on Monday nights and do commentary from there, live, so we can listen to him and mute the MNF broadcasters.

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A dark day as National Lacrosse League cancels 2008 season.

There was a National Lacrosse League? Did anyone else know about this or did they play behind closed doors in the middle of the night?

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24-Hour-A-Day Drama With #24

I am not a Kobe (or Laker) fan and have the papers and posts to prove it. But it is a bit premature to speculate in the first weeks of preseason. Kobe has played a hectic schedule for many years, including the World Championships this offseason. Perhaps he does need a little more time off. I will give him the benefit of the doubt in this case. Kobe knows Jacksons system, knows his role and does not need the stress of extra minutes on the floor in preseason to prove it.

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Former Dallas Cowboy Ron Springs has "no hope" of surviving.

I have met Shawn Springs on a few occasions. I have always been impressed with his spirituality and love for his family and friends. From all I have read and seen his father Ron is a great influence on that and I see where he got it all from. My best wishes go out to the entire Springs family, which includes the Walls family.

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Top 50 Sporting Injuries

Here is a quiz on odd injuries. Top 10 Wierd Sports Injuries

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Video Surfaces of Joey Porter-Levi Jones Fight

Joey Porter is a thug douchebag Do a Google images search for the term "thug". Almost all of the results are pictures of black people. I protest the word douchebag. Do a Google images search for the term "douchebag". Almost all of the results are pictures of white people. Google is so racist.

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Video Surfaces of Joey Porter-Levi Jones Fight

When I hear the term "thug" it has no racial overtones or suggestions whatsoever. I have used the term to describe Bill Romanowski (probably the biggest thug I can think of), Bill Laimbeer, Sammy "the Bull", and many others- some white, some black. I can now add Joey Porter to the list. Tupac and other rappers self describe themselves as "thugz", living the "thug life" to increase record sales and get street cred. If you have a problem with racial overtones of the term, lay the blame where it came from. It is not from those posting on this site, nor how most of us think. I think it catches my ear mainly because what I hear when someone from my parents' generation says "thug" is "young black male who doesn't dress nicely and scares me." When my grandparents use the term, they are usually describing mafioso.

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George Gipp Exhumed from Michigan Cemetery

Just like Al Capone's vault it will be a disappointment. All they will find in Gipp's coffin is the extra fat that Charlie Weiss thought he got liposuctioned out a few years ago. After second thought that may be the mystery of the 21st century...if Weiss got rid of all that fat, how did it end up back on him...don't tell me UFO abduction and reverse liposuction.

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Landis appeals

The chain of custody and testing procedures are always being questioned in cases, look up: Simpson, Orenthal James. It does not make someone innocent. Maybe it helps further testing, hopefully. There are loopholes everywhere in life and Landis is just exhausting all his efforts to find one that may stick with someone, somewhere that matters. It is called an aggressive defense.

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George Gipp Exhumed from Michigan Cemetery

There have been no results in the DNA test yet. Until then it is all speculation. CaveMan you seem to believe a man who had a legend's body exhumed just so he could tell whether or not his mom and grandmother was telling tall tales or not. And I thought all those that jump on the "Floyd is innocent after failing several times" were naive. This takes the cake.

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George Gipp Exhumed from Michigan Cemetery

Thank you Gradioc, you beat me to the punch on this one.

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George Gipp Exhumed from Michigan Cemetery

I heard it was Charlie Weiss that had Mr. Gipp's body exhumed. He wants to give the "win one for the Gipper and we put him back in the ground" speech since times are rough for the Domers. All kidding aside, it is a shame that things like this happen all for some schmuck to prove he is the illegitimate grandson of the great George Gipp (if the rumours are correct). May he rest in peace when this is all over with.

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Landis appeals

Would he have spent this much moola on defense if he was guilty? OJ spent a ton of money on his defense. Guilty people do spend money to defend themselves.

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Landis appeals

Landis, 31, of Murrieta, Calif., had questioned the cost of a CAS appeal after spending, by his estimate, $2 million on his appeal of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's charge he had committed a doping violation Where the hell did Floyd Landis come up with 2 million bucks to make his defense? MIchael Vick's lawyer would do it for half of that, nevermind, seems that didn't go so well so far (either). But here's a question I haven't seen on any of the many cycling sites I view. What happens if he does win and overturns the doping charge? Does Oscar Pereiro then have to give the yellow jersey back to Landis? Good point. Here is another question: If Landis loses will everyone shut the hell up about how he was screwed over? Will any of his supporters admit he is a cheater or will they continue to make excuses for their fallen hero? (as I have heard in McGwire, Bonds, Jones, Pacman, OJ, and Vick threads)

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Landis appeals

Apoch- if you don't agree with everyones point of view that is fine. But to attack jhkaplan because he does not agree with you is pitiful. Just like Landis and his attempt to "clear" his name and title. If you post a link expect that some people will not agree with you. He was not comparing the two as the same offense, just trying to point out that he believes Landis is just as guilty in his situation as OJ was in his. (Forgive me and correct me if I am wrong jhk).

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Bombed: New York Yankees Make Another Early Exit from Playoffs

Steinbrenner is an idiot. An open checkbook owner but still an idiot. To get rid of Torre is a disgrace for all that he has done. Torre did not lose the series, often times teams are outplayed for a series (or a season). The Indians played well, deserved to win and hats off to them from a Yankee fan.

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Nick of Time: Folk's 53-Yard Field Goal Caps Dramatic Comeback

No problem Bender...I do hope that they find a way to eliminate such coaching "tactics" which are very sleazy. I just do not want to see them eliminate coaches calling timeouts especially with instant replay in effect (and often the need for your booth coaches to look at something a few more times). Bending the rules is one thing but I agree I do not like the trend that coaches are taking to "ice" kickers. I have no problem with coaches that call the timeout well before the snap to give him extra time to think about it (and often more time to prepare, counterproductive). I have said since game one of MNF w/ Kornheiser that he is the worst ever. Every game proves it more. Just wait for another Redskin game to come on and listen to all the asses he kisses.

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Nick of Time: Folk's 53-Yard Field Goal Caps Dramatic Comeback

The difference here is that if a player on the field calls timeout, the other players on the field (and fans and coaches and anyone else for that matter) can see it as it happens. If the players on the field are looking around at players that might possibly call a timeout they are not doing their job. As I stated nothing would prevent a player warning an official beforehand he will be calling timeout and then just before the snap turning to the official and making the call. The kicking team if doing their job properly would not have the time to see it, stop playing and not take the kick. I do not agree that only players can call timeout. It wouldn't change anything in this situation. You would just have a player stand next to an official, warn him you will be calling timeout and do the same thing....but you can't change the rule without compromising a lot of other rules already in place. Bender- please do not chop up my statements and quote them. Quote them entirely, seperately or not at all or you give the impression that what you quoted was how it was said. Between the ... you quoted me on I agreed that I do not like the tactic and hope that it comes back to backfire against a coach.

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Nick of Time: Folk's 53-Yard Field Goal Caps Dramatic Comeback

The timeout is only allowed if it happens before the snap. The coaching tactic is to wait until seconds before the snap. They alert the official beforehand to let them know they will be calling one. Usually in a close game the kicking team doesn't realize the timeout until after the kick. You can see Jauron on the sidelines calling it before the kick and asking for it seven or eight times before the ref makes the signal. I do not agree that only players can call timeout. It wouldn't change anything in this situation. You would just have a player stand next to an official, warn him you will be calling timeout and do the same thing. I do not like the tactic, but you really can't change the rule. Only offense is allowed to call a timeout on a field goal attempt? What if defense only has ten players on the field? I hope it does backfire on a coach as Qatarian mentioned, but you can't change the rule without compromising a lot of other rules already in place.

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Stanford Knocks Off No. 2 USC

Wow, USC lost a game and it made the top of the list. They will rebound and do just fine. The play that won the game should have been offensive interference, but no sour grapes here. SC will end up in the top couple if not at the top. How is everyone elses team doing this year? Would especially like to hear from the Golden Domers.

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Hope Solo Kicked Off Team for Consolation Game

Fair enough goddam. I was going by memory and reading a bit between the lines. Sounded to me like Wambach was surprised but also did not want to undermine the coach on the eve of the game. I agree that there is probably a bit of old guard v. new guard rift, after all soccer is the most political sport I can think of.

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Hope Solo Kicked Off Team for Consolation Game

"Bri's ready," Ryan said. "Just wait and see." What a moron. We all saw it Coach and she was not ready.

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