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USA 2-1 Mexico

I'm a USA-firster but yeah, Canada should have been in the finals.

posted by awrigh01 at 09:35 AM on June 25

Did Roger Clemens deserve a trade back to the Red Sox?

Agree with grum . . . Maddux was great in his prime, but Clemens is a once in a lifetime power pitcher. When all is said and done, he will be one of those irreplacable pitchers. There will be others, like Maddux, who have great careers, but either lack the power or the consistency of Clemens.

posted by awrigh01 at 03:15 PM on August 01

What are the odds

I dug-up the randy johnson video, if you guys want to see it . . . Rady Johnson video

posted by awrigh01 at 04:06 PM on June 07