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ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons from Twitter for Criticizing 'First Take'

Yeah, Skip Bayliss is a joke. Whooops, hope i don't get suspended from twitter.

posted by STUNNER at 07:37 PM on March 15

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons from Twitter for Criticizing 'First Take'

I'm a bit surprised that he was suspended for that. But then again it was only a suspension on twitter. He's usually pretty funny. I've read his columns for years.(even though I'm a YANKS/ LAKERS fan). Hopefully we see something in his weekly column which should be out today.

posted by STUNNER at 06:29 PM on March 15

U.S. Defeats El Salvador 2-1 in World Cup Qualifier

Well they are actually ranked 11th. But rankings really don't matter. We beat Spain who is ranked 2nd. So what does that tell you?

posted by STUNNER at 11:44 AM on September 06

High School Football Players Save Family After Car Wreck

Thats' great, Nice to see those kinds of things.

posted by STUNNER at 09:19 PM on July 14

New Tech Will Create Stats for Fielder Arm Strength, Baserunning Speed

Whats up with the hating on Jeter? Its harder for him wearing four rings in his hand. I think that should count for something :).

posted by STUNNER at 10:55 PM on July 11

Barcelona are European Champions

BornIcon, that is some funny stuff.

posted by STUNNER at 10:46 PM on May 30

China's Yao Ming linked with a move to Cleveland Cavaliers

No we don't want the raiders. lol. They are not a football team just a laughing stock. We already have the Trojans. lol.

posted by STUNNER at 10:39 PM on May 30

$50 grand buys a playoff win

Wow, really? After all the previous game in which the LAKERS were getting called for everything? BS. lol. This is simply dumb. Had to be from the denver post. Man, step your game up Denver. I think they have gone postal since they still can't believe Cutler is a bear. Haha.

posted by STUNNER at 10:33 PM on May 30

Grunting Girl Makes Quite a Racket at French Open

There is nothing wrong with the sounds she makes. That really shouldn't distract you while watching a tennis match. For me it pretty much isn't a women's tennis match unless you hear that. You even hear it in video games lol. I remember this Nintendo 64 mario tennis game. All the girls did that sound.

wfrazerjr : That picture is just hilarious. Haha.

posted by STUNNER at 10:27 PM on May 30

Texas cop delays Texans RB Moats at hospital as mother-in-law dies

I couldn't believe this when I first saw it. It is just simply amazing how the cop wouldn't let him go. Just stunning. They even had nurses, and the plano cop. Wow.

It feels good to be back, haven't been on here in a while. lol.

posted by STUNNER at 09:53 PM on March 27

David Stern Explains Late NBA Start Times: "That's what you jerks want."

Had to be from a Celtic's blog. I honestly have no problem with this. West Coast rules. It's quite convinient actually. The game will finish around 9:30 here so you can do other things after the game. You don't have to go to sleep right after the game. I wish every game started at 7:30 here. Or 10:30 for yall Easterners.

posted by STUNNER at 02:25 PM on June 05

Billy Crystal joins the Yankees.

What are yall talking about? One at-bat is make or break a players career in spring training,,, you have got to be kidding. I thought that people here on Sportsfilter would be smarter than that. It used to be that way, oh so long ago. I think this is a great idea by the way. It will be a fun day, plus the youngsters playing in spring training can say one day that they played with Crystal. They will probably exagerate about the event but it would be cool.

posted by STUNNER at 08:47 PM on March 11

Penis Surgery Makes You Faster!

Man, some of the things people can sink their teeth into??? People get a life... posted by Maynard_10 at 11:34 AM CST on January 4 Spoken by a person who just posted his/her first comment, EVER. Anyway this article was a lil funny. Thanx for the post. Maybe that would explain how santa is actually catching balls now, after his C surgery.

posted by STUNNER at 11:57 AM on January 04

For The Love of Sport: Thursday Night Football

You have some good points. But the thing is that well, mostly all the games that are live on the nfl network during those six weeks,,,, aren't really that good. Indy at atlanta the first week, you knew that was gonna be a blowout. Chicago at Washington, both teams sub-500. Then we got denver at houston, not an excitable matchup. Both sub 500 as well. Then we got the Cinci at San Fran, Do I have to say anything for this one? Pitt at St. Louis, Blowout. Dallas at carolina, blowout. You would have to wait till the last week to get a good game on the nfl network again. New England at NY Giants, semi entertaining game. I have the nfl network, but I rarely watch it. More into espn, but I do like to watch the PACKERS' Practices. And I did watch that PACKERS at cowboys game. So you are really only paying for two good games. Not that tempting. And another thing, the games on MNF aren't that good either this year. How do the broncos get three games MNF and the PACKERS only get one? W/e.

posted by STUNNER at 10:35 AM on December 11

ARod wins AL MVP award, but not unanimously.

Ying Yang Mafia, that must had been your worst comment ever I must say. It goes away from the clearly obvious. Its perplexing. A-Rod clear winner, should had been unanimously.

posted by STUNNER at 08:14 PM on November 19

Globetrotters end 20 year road trip with game in Harlem

grum@work I just read the word Globetrotters and automatically thought about the simpsons. Now that was funny. Good times, Good times.

posted by STUNNER at 11:30 AM on October 11

Take Back the Yard

WeedyMcSmokey "I suppose one could suggest that a large contingent of visiting fans gives your ball club that much more money to spend on fielding a team that will beat the club that those visiting fans come to see. Doesn't make it less annoying for the hardcores, but it's very much a good thing." Ummm,,, Just because they are getting more money doesn't really mean that they are gonna put it to good use. I mean their team salary isn't that low is it? They can just over pay players.

posted by STUNNER at 12:06 AM on July 14

Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

Bill Simmons is the S***. On the link from this article for his running diary for the NHL entry draft: "Anyway, Chicago GM Dale Tallon is "proud" to introduce tiny Patrick Kane as his No. 1 pick. This kid looks like an altar boy. I'm not kidding -- he actually looks like an altar boy. I hope his tremendous upside potential involves puberty. More importantly, what the hell happened to the NHL? As if things weren't already bad enough, the league's No. 1 overall pick is an undersized American who looks like the third singer in a boy band? Can we start sending them FEMA money or something?" Wow!!! Haha

posted by STUNNER at 10:45 PM on July 07

NFL folds Europe league, to focus on regular-season games abroad

Wow, $30 Million a year for Sixteen years? Better than the A- Rod contract.

posted by STUNNER at 12:19 PM on June 29

The Rocket Lands In New York...Again.

I think, jg, you meant 'haha.' (Past that... not going to waste my breath with anyone who thinks that alleging that this place is 'run by redsox fans' is a meaningful or interesting contribution. Let me know when the morons have gotten bored and moved on...) posted by tieguy at 12:21 PM CDT on May 7 HAHA As Nelson from the Simpsons would say. Anyways tieguy, refering to your comment, have you gotten bored and moved on? Got'em. (high five).

posted by STUNNER at 06:09 PM on May 07

The Rocket Lands In New York...Again.

Dont we do this with the yankees to much. They start slow, everyone panics, they go on late season tear and win the division. posted by Debo270 Exactly! They start slow They haven't started this slow in a long, long time. Their pitching staff is not just beat up, but historically beat up. So this is different. Is it different enough that Yankees fans should panic? Probably not. But it is different. posted by tieguy On May 7, 2005, the Yankees were 12-19 and in 4th place. Before today's games, they sit 14-15 and in 2nd place. posted by The Crafty Sousepaw Tieguy's comment was quickly disposed of. Haha. Wow sportsfilter seems to be run by redsox fans. Most of these comments have been by redsox fans. They act like if they dont care, saying that they didnt need him. But we will see at the end of the season, as always. Haha.

posted by STUNNER at 12:09 PM on May 07

Cavaliers complete sweep of Wizards

Come on BornIcon, you have almost been a member for a year. You should know what the guidelines are. As soon as I saw the name of the link, I thought it was another newbee.

posted by STUNNER at 02:39 PM on May 02

Private eyes are watching you?

r8rh8r27 and BornIcon, Good stuff guys, this was way more entertaining than the link itself. Anyways if this really was such a big deal, this probably would had been on ESPN such as that stupid Curt Shilling's bloody sock "controversy". Teams should know who they are drafting. I feel more sorry for Russell because he will probably be a raider, being followed cant be one millionth as bad as being a raider.

posted by STUNNER at 11:17 PM on April 27

MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs

Why can't you guys and girls just stop whining about it? It's really become tiresome. Let the guy hit all the HRs he can. He hasn't been proven guilty. After all, we live in a country where it is "Innocent until proven guilty" not "Guilty until proven Innocent." Barry will break the record, he will do what records are meant for. After he breaks it and somehow evidence is found that he did cheat, strike him from the record books and that will be the end of that. The record is still going to be broken by A-Rod, so all of your complaining will be worthless in twenty years.

posted by STUNNER at 08:17 PM on April 27

West Virgina Wins the NT.

This was pretty messed up. I had seen it on ESPN, and the analyst got it more closer to "vagina" than igottheblues could have ever had. steelergirl : "Doesn't anyone proofread anymore? Sheesh!" What is this "proofread" you speak of?

posted by STUNNER at 07:28 PM on March 31

How 3-4 Teams See the Draft

The Tribster: "Do you mean the teams that are picking 3rd and 4th in the draft? or teams that play the 3 -4 defense?" Wow, I must ask again. What has Sportsfilter come to? Tribster you've been here since last April and still don't know that you should click on the link if you're going to post something on the thread. Just amazing. Anyways, real good article. The 3-4 is really making a comeback to the game. Liked how the analyst went into detail of the different types of the 3-4. I can see how teams are being more succesful with it. As Debo270 explained, in college the 3-4 isn't used a lot because its more complex than the more used 4-3. It is really harder to find the 3-4 type of players in the draft because the 3-4 is rarely used. However, you can still have much success with the 3-4, it is a great defense. A huge Nose tackle is defenetly needed. But I still hate that 3-4 defense on Madden.

posted by STUNNER at 05:27 PM on March 19

March Madness Bracket Challenge


posted by STUNNER at 06:45 PM on March 13

Death Race 2007

What has Sportsfilter come to? (cavwa, squirrelone)

posted by STUNNER at 06:35 PM on March 13

Death Race 2007

The winning time was 1:12:35 by Vito Graffagnino. Jim Caple finished in 3:43:03

posted by STUNNER at 12:56 PM on March 13

Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season

holden: "STUNNER -- Maybe I'm misreading your comment, but I prefaced my statement with the "I'm not a Packers fan" bit because the quoted text from the article stated that Packers fans got "an unexpected jolt of good news." Maybe as a Packers fan, you could confirm whether this is "an unexpected jolt of good news." lol. If your a PACKERS fan you can see this as good news or bad news. If your not a PACKERS fan you can see this as good news or bad news. Come on man. And it is not just good news, its great news.

posted by STUNNER at 03:08 PM on February 04

Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season

blarp: "Killing his team's chances so that he can break some records? Nice." How is he killing his team's chances? Plz do further into detail. You must not had been following the PACKERS this season. They had a ton of injuries on offense. They need to get him better weapons, well actually at least some weapons. He cannot do it all on his own. holden: "I'm not a Packers fan, but I don't know whether this should be interprets as "good news." What does that have to do with you been a fan or not? lol.

posted by STUNNER at 12:35 AM on February 04

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Postseason Week Two

Cave_Man: "Oh well. I guess one bum prediction is as good as all, for the unthinking. On the Chargers-Pats game, the Pats will slow the run and force the young Chargers QB to beat them, he will make critical mistakes and fall well short. The Pats should have a number of picks in the upcoming game. Tomlison will get his yards, but most will be meaningless and have no impact upon the final result. " You really must be a caveman to be have that kind of prediction. How exactly would LT get his yards if they "slow" the run??? If LT gets his yards, its pretty much Game Over. It is a huge impact, it wont be meaningless. cl: "No need for that, rcade. I think frazer has erected his very own Judith Light monument." Haha...

posted by STUNNER at 04:41 PM on January 13

Nuggets-Knicks brawl ends with 10 players ejected

What a huge vocabulary vito938. I almost didn't see "punk-ass" being used every other word. apoch: "So I feel free to criticize Carmelo for pulling a hit and run. I feel free to criticize the Nuggets for poor sportsmanship by keeping the starters on the floor with a twenty point lead, and for wearing those awful uniforms." LMAO. Good stuff apoch.

posted by STUNNER at 10:09 PM on December 17

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week Fifteen

Psycho: "I say Detroit anything over the Packers. Besides, lets let the Lions have a win, the Packers aren't going to the playoffs anyway." The Lions aren't going anywhere. Come on, don't you want to see the Lions getting a high draft pick? Don't you want them to get a chance to draft Calvin Johnson from GT? Psycho: "I don't know what is going on with Manning, maybe he and Favre have been hanging out." What are you talking about? That cannot be. If that were true, Manning would be way better.

posted by STUNNER at 07:38 PM on December 16

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week Eleven

Well wfrazerjr, too bad the giants lost. You are not $400-$500 richer. Better luck next week?

posted by STUNNER at 11:54 PM on November 20

Corey Lidle's Plane Crashes into New York City Skyscraper

I had heard about the crash about midday here in the west coast, but I didnt know who was in the plane. I later learned that the pilot was Cory Lidle. This is a tragedy, and being a YANKEES fan it feels even more terrible. He left behind his wife Melanie and his 6 year old son Christopher. My heart goes out to all of the people that were affected by this tragedy.

posted by STUNNER at 07:28 PM on October 11

Culpepper may play in Dolphins exibition opener,

You must be a dolphins fan because that is far away from happening. Don't count on it Cyr78.

posted by STUNNER at 10:02 PM on August 07

Are you ready for some football?

HATER 187: "There is nothing more boring than a poorly played football match." There is nothing more boring than a poorly played 0-0 soccer game. Sadly, these kinds of games happen so often.

posted by STUNNER at 01:39 PM on August 04

Tiki Barber ready to exit for right opportunity

nate : "Redsoxrgay, you are on the money. Go G-men. Giants will go all the way and that's a fact jack. You can take that to the bank." That's a fact? Are you for real? lol. Just face it, the Giants are not going anywhere.

posted by STUNNER at 10:53 PM on July 29

Is the current roster on USA Basketball the new Dream Team?

Kobe should had been the MJ of this team, too bad he had that surgery.

posted by STUNNER at 10:34 PM on July 26

Harold Reynolds Leaves ESPN

"Too bad, I like Harold's wit, humor, and insight. I, for one, will miss his presence, and, I hope Mr. Gammons can make it back to the booth eventually." I hear you mjkredliner. I really like Harold, he was cool with me. I hope Gammons comes back soon. tieguy: "...which made him pretty unique at the modern day ESPN, which is full of people who are either complete fakes, complete idiots (Kruk, Morgan), way over the top (Stuart Scott)... " SS is cool man. He's just spirited about his job. That's cool with me.

posted by STUNNER at 10:14 PM on July 25

Excited Fitzgerald ready to watch Cards rise from ashes

ggermanctl@sbcglobal: "Is this a joke? Cards finish 8-8 this year at best. With no O-line they will go nowhere, Warner sux under pressure. Plus they play the Seahawks twice so thats a garaunteed two losses. Go Hawks!" What a slanted point of view. I actually think that the cards could be a lot better than they did last season. They just really need to work on their O-line. They will probably beat everyone in their division twice except for the Seahawks, maybe they will slit with the hawks.

posted by STUNNER at 11:20 PM on July 24

It's All About The Benjamins Baby

tim: "Reggie Bush is a low class idiot. The most overrated player in the history of college football. And now he is taking advantage of the vulnerability of the city of New Orleans to get more money. What a piece of trash. Take advantage of a natural disaster to get more money when there are other people who need it. I hope this idiot waits until 2007 because then he will be completly worthless and his NFL career will be over so he can go back to the street corner and beg for money." This has to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. I think someone else is the real idiot here. Anyways, RB has every right to get as much as he can. Every other player tries to get the best contract possible, why shouldn't he? It would be fun to see what team he would end up with if he did sit out this season and sign up for the next draft? It would be hilarious if the Saints would end up having the #1 pick next year.

posted by STUNNER at 07:21 PM on July 24

Not quite 10¢ on the $1.00

This is either smart of the Pacers or stupid of the Hornets or maybe a little of both. Good move by Indiana.

posted by STUNNER at 11:27 PM on July 17

Man says he's tired of being mistaken for MJ.

The best parts of this article: "Even when I go to the gym I'm being accused of playing ball like him (Jordan)," HA HA HA,,, LMAO What made Heckard decide to file suit against Jordan and Knight for $416 million each? "Well, you figure with my age and you multiply that times seven and then I turn around and I figure that's what it all boils down to." Uhhhhh ... WHAT!? How did he find such a stupid way to figure out how much he should be suing for?

posted by STUNNER at 07:02 PM on July 13

Big Ben the newest Chicago Bull?

BornIcon: "Actually, the Bulls offered Ben Wallace $60 million over 4 years. The Pistons were offering $49 mill over 4 years and an extra $12 mill sure works for me. " I think you mean an extra $11 milllion. mgobluefan: "I think this is definitely Ben's loss. Joe Dumars and the recent nucleus of pistons are no fools. They may miss his image but his talent for that price is easily replaced. These are a bunch of hard working guys that will pick up where they left off and be a formidable force again next year. I don't think chicago can even come close to what the pistons have even without big ben" Dude, wtf are you smoking? You need to hook that up. "They may miss his image but his talent for that price is easily replaced." How is that easily replaced? Do you even know what the NBA stands for?

posted by STUNNER at 01:20 AM on July 05

Big Ben the newest Chicago Bull?

This is totally surprising. I thought he wanted to stay in Detroit.

posted by STUNNER at 08:59 PM on July 03

Angels designate pitcher Jeff Weaver for assignment; Club recalls pitcher Jered Weaver from Triple-A Salt Lake

Ying Yang Mafia: "It's about time. Now if only I had been able to grab him off the free agents in my fantasy leagues..." One step ahead of you. Somehow, in the middle of last week, I just happened to pick him up. Really good timing.

posted by STUNNER at 11:03 PM on June 30

Lamar Odom's infant son dies

When I first heard this yesterday, I was stunned. This is just saddening. My thoughts are with him and his family.

posted by STUNNER at 10:54 PM on June 30

Gammons in ICU after surgery for brain aneurysm

I was stunned when I first heard of this. This is one my favorite analysts. He really does know the game of baseball. I hope he gets better soon.

posted by STUNNER at 10:50 PM on June 27

Prefer a language you don't understand over Dave O'Brien?

Thankfully I speak Spanish too. I have always watched soccer on Univision. The announcers there sound more exciting and more into the game. They actually know what they are talking about. Soccer to them matters more than a lot of other things.They are not anouncers for other sports; “I’m a baseball guy,” says O’Brien, who calls ESPN baseball.”

posted by STUNNER at 08:36 PM on June 27

Greatest of all time?

Especially Derek "Look at me totally misjudge the ball and still get a blow job from the announcers!" Jeter. BullpenPro: "More on your man at MetaFilter. Go to a soccer thread on a non-sports site, and they're still bashing Jeter. I got no freakin' refuge, man. No freakin' refuge at all." I hear ya. People will always be hating on the YANKEES, their organization, players, etc..(even on a soccer thread, sadly) Why must people hate the best?

posted by STUNNER at 08:09 PM on June 27

Die-hard baseball fans will soon have a way to be close to their favorite teams in the afterlife.

grum@work: "Stick someone in a Yankees anything and ya know where they are going. To the bank with a big fat cheque?" Yeah, that sounds about right.

posted by STUNNER at 05:20 PM on June 26

Die-hard baseball fans will soon have a way to be close to their favorite teams in the afterlife.

CB900: "Stick someone in a Yankees anything and ya know where they are going." CB900 would you be able to tell me where they are going? I would really like to know being a YANKEES fan and all.

posted by STUNNER at 02:41 PM on June 26

March Madness Times Two?

Expanding to 128? That is way too many teams. Maybe they should just try expanding it enough for those bubble teams. "Now that the NCAA controls both postseason tournaments, coaches think it's time to include some of the bubble teams that annually complain when they are left out." I think that would be best.

posted by STUNNER at 10:32 PM on June 25

Beckham spills guts for England;

Over : 28 sounds pretty good. I think they can at least get 28, if not more.

posted by STUNNER at 10:21 PM on June 25

Die-hard baseball fans will soon have a way to be close to their favorite teams in the afterlife.

This actually seems pretty cool. Maybe they will also go on and get licensing from the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.. Then maybe combine some teams? That would kick ass.

posted by STUNNER at 10:14 PM on June 25

Who Says a Tie is a Bad Thing?

psmealey: "I was really disappointed when NCAA football moved to the circus-trick shootouts to settle draws. " You have got to be joking. The NCAA's football OT, is way more thrilling than the NFL's OT. Typically, whoever gets the ball first in the NFL's OT, ends up winning the game. Who can forget that classic 2003 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? Yeah, Miami did get screwed with that Phantom pass interference call, but it was tremendously exciting. Mr Bismarck: "I was impressed at the way nine Americans outplayed ten Italians for large periods of the second half." Was I watching the same game? How exactly did the 9 U.S. players outplay Italy's 10? Italy dominated most, if not all, of the second half. But anyways, I was very impressed how the U.S. played being one man down. They looked nothing like that way they did in their first game. Even though there were some stupid mistakes, cough**Pope**cough, it was a good game. dviking: "Soccer makes golf on tv look exciting." Soccer is in no way that bad.

posted by STUNNER at 07:00 PM on June 18

Coaches face suspension for wins of 50-plus points

Thanks commander cody. As you said, it really was nice to have a civilized talk over amateur sports.

posted by STUNNER at 12:21 AM on May 26

Coaches face suspension for wins of 50-plus points

Well said CB900. I think that continuously running down the game clock would be a much better policy. Coaches shouldn't be punished because their players are simply better than the other team's players.

posted by STUNNER at 11:13 PM on May 25